Rumored Samsung Android Media Player to Be Called Galaxy Touch?


Remember that could-be Android-based media player listed as a Samsung device? The Samsung YP-MB2 looked to be a mobile internet device with all the trappings of the Samsung Galaxy S, and it looks like that just might be the case. The device is now rumored to be coming to market as the Samsung Galaxy Touch, as the line of Galaxy Android phones and devices grows.


What you should be getting is what amounts to a Galaxy S sans phone connectivity, very much like the iPod Touch in relation to the iPhone. Throw in Samsung’s Galaxy Tab and you have a little family of devices that almost mirrors that of Apple’s. If only a company that didn’t use the TouchWiz interface had beat them to it…

The Samsung Galaxy Touch is most likely dropping in August for around $330.

[via AndroidGuys]

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  1. Bahhhh $330? Too much Samsung if you wanna go at it with Apple iPod Touch, I would love a media device challenge to apple with android, not too many besides the Zune but that’s not the OS I want. Put it at $200 and this thing would be awesome.

  2. Can someone explain what exactly is the big problem with touchwiz?

  3. $330… well if it has 32GB or 64GB internal memory and an SD card slot besides every other spec from the Galaxy S except the sim part, the $330 is not that much for a serious competitor to the iPod touch. But for $200 that thing will probably go out faster than they can make it…

  4. If this thing gets rooted and Froyo I am all over it like white on rice. Android PMP w/ Galaxy S like specs + Froyo and FLASH / AIR. That right there would be a DREAM!

  5. don’t forget the divx :)

  6. I’d much prefer if Android came up with their own version of iTunes and then let hardware developers go nuts – that way I could have my Moto Droid PMP to go with my phone.

  7. I was interested in it, but not over $130 and with Froyo !

  8. @ ari-free Thats a good question. Maybe TW2.0 was garbage(i never used it) but this TW3.0 looks great to me.

    So basically Samsung is doing exactly what Apple has done with the iPod/Phone/Pad… I LIKE IT! Where else does this seem like a realistic possibility for Android?? No Moto, No HTC, No LG is tackling this field so far.

  9. The only thing that IMHO sucks about Samsung lately is their support for products and the fact that they’re designing their stuff like iCrap look-a-likes. The hardware usually sounds nice on paper though.

  10. If it plays Apple Lossless, I’m interested. Otherwise….not. BTW, I’m done buying iPods and the sort. But I’ve got 17k songs in Apple Lossless.

  11. If this is true I’ll dump my ZUNE HD for this.

  12. @Wilco, why don’t convert your songs to FLAC
    you’ll have much more freedom using a free format than a proprietary Apple format

  13. Galaxy? = no support

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