Cisco Announces Cius 7-Inch HD Android Tablet


Today Cisco has unveiled the Cius, a 7-inch business tablet capable of capturing and displaying high-resolution video among a bevy of other business oriented tasks for which the device is geared. With collaboration and communication portability in mind, the device weighs in at 1.15 pounds and supports HD video streaming, multi-party conferencing, and all the messaging and browsing you could ever need for business use. Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity insures employees in the field can easily stay in touch with headquarters.


The Android-based tablet won’t be available until 2011, though consumer trials will begin during Q3 of this year, but you probably can’t expect to see this tablet available directly to the consumer. Sales of the device will be targeted toward business and enterprise users through Cisco, which is a bit of a shame considering some of the truly cool features this tablet offers. I actually really dig the office phone docking station, too.



  • The Cisco Cius is a lightweight portable business computing tablet offered with an optional HD audio station equipped with a telephone handset speakerphone, HD DisplayPort and USB ports.
  • The Cisco Cius tablet features a front-mounted 720p HD camera which refreshes at up to 30 frames per second; a seven inch, high-resolution widescreen super VGA touch-target display for real-time and streamed video, and single-button TelePresence interoperability that can be utilized either when the tablet is docked, or being used remotely via Wi-Fi.
  • The tablet has a 5-megapixel rear facing camera that can transmit streaming VGA quality video and capture still images, and dual noise-cancelling microphones for audio conferencing.
  • Cisco Cius features an eloquent contacts-driven user experience, designed to enables users to quickly reach their important contacts.
  • An on-board accelerometer readily orients applications for viewing in portrait or landscape modes as the user rotates the device to their preferred viewing orientation
  • Cisco Cius supports 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi for enterprise campus mobility and 3G cellular services when off-campus. 4G services will be available at a later date. Bluetooth and Micro-USB means users can work untethered and share data with a PC.
  • A detachable and serviceable battery offers eight hours life under normal usage.
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  1. WOW! I WANT IT!

  2. really cool!

  3. so this is how to bring android into the enterprise…

  4. this is great but when are they going to launch the android version of their VPN client. It kills me at work not having it.

  5. “Cisco Cius helps ensure a more secure mobile collaboration experience by leveraging Cisco AnyConnect VPN Security, part of the Cisco Borderless Networks architecture.”

  6. Key quote from the product page: “Android operating system, with access Android marketplace applications” … Does access to the Android Marketplace mean it is a full Google Experience device??!

  7. and that is fine with it on this device, but everyone isn’t going to buy this device, we need it on other devices. the iPhone has it.

  8. true but it does mean that Cisco is seriously interested in android for the enterprise and doesn’t regard it as just a consumer OS.

  9. there is another flash video that you can see on

  10. That, makes sense.

  11. “Collaboration applications including Cisco Quad, Cisco Show and Share, WebEx, Presence, and IM “

  12. Oh boy..another small tablet. I really don’t want to buy an iPad, but it seems its still the only decently sized tablet. I want a 10″ Android tablet damnit.

  13. I’m sure this will cost a pretty penny…

  14. My hands on with Cius was awesome!

    Cius next to iPad

    Cius Hands-on

  15. @craig, Companies consider this an investment especially since more and more people work from home. Besides with free open source software I’m sure the price can be contained. Besides the market is business meaning enterprise small money to them. $$$$$

  16. Looks pretty cool. But I wonder how many people would really buy it rather than go with the ipad.


    Good product, why not just sell to end users, i see companies buying for only top executives.

  18. not in a million years! and especially not for the targeted pricetag of 1,000 USD!!!

    no specs about RAM, SSS, SOC ??? and only a LCD-screen? S-AMOLED/AMOLED is the future!

    I rather buy a Samsung GALAXY TAB for my corp’ that this Cisco piece of junk.

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