US Cellular Joins the Samsung Galaxy S Bandwagon


Let’s see: US Cellular announced they’d be getting four Android devices before year’s end. We knew about Samsung’s entry-level Acclaim, we know US Cellular’s planning on carrying the HTC Desire (whenever AMOLED shortages can be resolved), and now they’ve gone ahead and scooped up the Samsung Galaxy S, as well.


There’s no word on if US Cellular’s receiving a slightly different version of the Galaxy S like most American carriers seem to be doing, but the fact that they haven’t stamped their own name onto the device tells me we could be seeing the same international version that we’ve been seeing since CTIA Wireless. The device will be available in the carrier’s retail stores sometime this fall. We hope to hear more details from US Cellular very soon.

DALLAS – June 28, 2010 – Samsung Telecommunications America (Samsung Mobile)1, the No.1 mobile phone provider in the U.S., and U.S. Cellular, today announced the upcoming availability of a Samsung Galaxy S™ smartphone. The Android™ 2.1-powered Galaxy S™ smartphone will bring users a fully integrated entertainment, messaging and social networking experience packaged in an alluring, streamlined design surrounding a stunning 4-inch display.

“The Samsung Galaxy S™ smartphone coming soon to U.S. Cellular customers is a premium Android device equipped with Samsung’s Galaxy S class of features,” said Omar Khan, chief strategy officer for Samsung Mobile. “The Galaxy S™ series of smartphones offers users superior features, including a Samsung 1GHz Cortex A8 Hummingbird Application Processor, Samsung’s Super AMOLED touch screen technology, along with entertainment, messaging and social networking applications.”

Samsung’s Galaxy S™ family of devices represent a new breed of smartphones powered by the open and innovative Android platform, with full support of Google Mobile Services including Google Search™, Google Maps™, Gmail™, YouTube™, Google Talk™, Android Market™ and more. The Galaxy S smartphone features Samsung’s Super AMOLED display screen technology, a Samsung 1GHz Cortex A8 Hummingbird Application Processor and Samsung Social Hub, a feature that integrates the user’s social networking services, messages, personal and business email, calendars and contacts.

“We are excited about the release of this Android-powered smartphone,” said Ed Perez, vice-president of marketing and sales for U.S. Cellular. “The Galaxy S delivers on our customers’ need to have popular applications at their fingertips while keeping them in touch with those who matter most.”

The Galaxy S™ smartphone provides a premium viewing experience on its large, brilliant 4-inch display powered by Samsung’s Super AMOLED touch screen technology. Super AMOLED technology yields thinner displays, delivering one of the thinnest, most responsive full-featured smartphones in the industry. Samsung’s innovative display technology makes watching movies, viewing videos and playing games come to life like never before, even in bright light and outdoor environments.

In addition, the Samsung Galaxy S™ smartphone is designed with a six-axis sensor that combines the smartphone’s accelerometer and gyroscope to provide a smooth, fluid gaming experience when the user is tilting the device up or down or panning the phone to the left or right. The Galaxy S™ smartphone’s user interface also supports a series of advanced touch screen gesture capabilities including multi-touch pinch, long tap and zoom and vertical and horizontal swiping. This series of versatile gestures provide easier and quicker access to many applications including location-based services, Web browsing and digital photos.

Powering the Galaxy S™ smartphone is a Samsung 1GHz Cortex A8 Hummingbird Application Processor, which produces amazing 3-D graphics, faster upload and download times of HD-like multimedia content.

The Galaxy S™ smartphone keeps users connected with Samsung’s Social Hub, which is built around Messaging and Contacts, both of which initiate the sending and receiving of information, whether it is e-mail, instant messaging, social network updates or SMS messages. Additionally, calendar information from portal calendars, such as Google Calendar™, and social networking services are displayed together in one calendar with two-way synchronization. The familiar text messaging experience is enhanced with group messaging and “reply all” functionality for up to 10 contacts, a threaded conversations format, a consolidated inbox, and enhanced multi-media display.

Not just for social networking and messaging, the Galaxy S™ smartphone truly brings your home and office computer to the palm of your hand with support for push email and integrated calendar services, including Google™ and Yahoo for consumers and small businesses and ActiveSync for enterprise users. Messaging is simple and easy with the Galaxy S™ smartphone’s virtual QWERTY keyboard with Swype technology, which allows users to input text faster and in a more intuitive way with one continuous finger motion across the screen keyboard.

In addition, the Galaxy S™ smartphone features best-in-class entertainment features, including future access to Samsung Media Hub, a library of video and literary content powered by some of the biggest names in entertainment. Samsung Mobile looks forward to sharing additional information about Media Hub in the near future and the Galaxy S™ smartphone will feature a temporary app that can take users to download Media Hub in the future. The Galaxy S™ smartphone features Samsung’s All Share application, which enables inter-device connectivity through DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance), allowing users to send video content wirelessly to other DLNA-enabled devices, such as TV’s, monitors and computers, allowing for a rich, interactive entertainment experience.

The Galaxy S™ smartphone is packed full of features that enhance users’ daily life, including a 5.0-megapixel camera/ camcorder with auto-focus and HD video recording (720p), MP3 player, 3.5-millimeter headphone jack and expandable memory for photos, videos and music, up to 32 GB using microSD. Additional key specifications of the Galaxy S™ smartphone include Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n), full HTML browser with multi-touch pinch to zoom, Bluetooth® 3.0 technology, daily briefing widget, which offers instant access to weather, news, stocks, and the calendar and a feeds and updates widget, that lets users get updates from social networking sites instantly.

The Samsung Galaxy S™ smartphone will be available in the fall at U.S. Cellular retail locations or at www.uscellular.com. For additional information about the Samsung Galaxy S™ smartphone visit www.samsung.com.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Does anyone who reads this even have US Cellular? Regardless, this is an epic win for Samsung, having Galaxy S devices across the board.

  2. awesome, Samsung Galaxy S available everywhere. I think Android activations will go increase to 2.5L per day in july. Samsung is deadly serious.

  3. Yes, we do Dylan :) I’m in Northwestern California, and USCC is the coverage leader, though Verizon is CLOSE on their tail, and has in-market roamiing on USCC to boot. Wherever they have service, they usually have the best coverage.

  4. How is US. Cellular’s Service?

  5. @2FR35H
    Here in Western Maryland, US Cellular is the only carrier that has consistent service, even when driving town-to-town. I currently have an HTC Hero on Sprint, and might plan on dropping Sprint and returning to US Cellular if they have decent enough Android phones.

  6. I’ve used US Cellular for years- good coverage, great customer service- but mediocre phones. I’ve been waiting forever for them to get an good Android phone, and it looks like we’ll finally have a couple to choose from. It’s gonna be a long wait until this fall, but the Galaxy S looks like it’ll be worth the wait.

  7. I’ve been a satisfied US Cellular customer for years. The only problem has been crap phones, until now. Also, where I live in Iowa, they are the only providers with 3G coverage.

  8. Its crazy. I never even heard of this carrier couple of months ago and now their lineup completely trumps that of the second largest carrier in the nation.

  9. When google announced the nexus one, I thought it would revolutionize everything. Imagine having the same android phone available on every US network? It was a major letdown when it was later revealed it would only come to t-mobile (and very limited at that). Now we have a phone that is available for every US carrier and around the world. That means a game developer in france can optimize their games for the hummingbird and gyroscope that’s in a US Cellular or Verizon Samsung phone.

  10. I have USCellular and read this site all the time. I keep my service because many times I have been able to get a connection when others with the supposed 3 or 4 biggies cannot. Yes, those of us who have USCellular do read and follow the android info.

  11. I am a us cellular customer and am so excited about the andriods. I was planning on getting the desire in august, but it sounds like the galaxy is going to be worth the wait!! I am happy that I have 3G now in Missouri even on my old samsung delve smartphone, but it will be completely more awesome this fall with the droid! US Cell seems to have the most coverage everywhere. And they are one of the carriers that have been around the longest.

  12. I have been with US Cellular for 7 years…and i love them. My roommate as a $400 phone from Sprint..and seriously the fact that she drops calls or could not even get calls in some areas…like inside a casino speaks volumes about US Cellular service. I am and will always be greateful they finally got a great phone to match their great service and customer service.

  13. U.S Cellular for me too. Covers us Farmers Great! :-) I have been with them for most of 14 years. (A breif stint with Verizon) They came out here to the sticks, and put up alot of towers. Took care of us, early on. We have all been using antique Moto’s though, all this time. My Bag phone is still in the Closet, ready to go! :-P — I want an Evo. But will make due with a ‘Desire’ or Smasung S for now.

  14. I have been with US Cellular for about 6 years and their service In Chicago is amazing. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe I heard US Cellular is based in Chicago. But anyway, I love the service everywhere I go, even out of Illinois. Their costumer service is THE best and friendliest out there. I am so happy a Galaxy S is coming to US Cellular because I was thinking about switching to T-Mobile (sadly) just for the Galaxy S. But I don’t have to now!! Thank god, and it WILL be worth the wait too. I’m so glad they are getting higher end phones. And I know I am on an android site, but I also think it would be awesome for US Cellular to have a CDMA version of the iPhone too. I am a huge Android/iPhone fan.
    Oh and I typed this all from my blackberry curve from US Cellular:)

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