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As if you already didn’t have enough options when it comes to streaming audio on your Android, WunderRadio has jumped into the fray, bringing the popular streaming app  by Weather Underground over from the iPhone, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile world. With WunderRadio you get access to over 50,000 radio stations ranging from AOL Radio to the BBC.


While it won’t be your go-to app for finding your favorite artists and creating stations around them, you will be able to search the plethora of stations to find exactly what you’re in the mood for. For all of this streaming action you will need to spend $6.99, not as cheap as some of the other streaming service but you won’t face a recurring fee. Go ahead and grab it in the market now.

Press Release:

Android Owners Can Now Listen to Over 50,000 Radio Stations and Shows on WunderRadio – Available in the Android Market for $6.99

SAN FRANCISCO, CA–(Marketwire – June 17, 2010) – Weather Underground today launched its popular mobile application, WunderRadio, for the Android platform, providing users with the same interactive features and reliable radio streams that iPhone, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile owners already enjoy. The application is available in the Android Market for $6.99.

Awarded the title of Best iPhone Radio Application (terrestrial division) at last year’s MacWorld Expo and dubbed the “Best radio hub around” by Rolling Stone magazine, WunderRadio has already been downloaded by over 400,000 iPhone users who use it to listen to AM/FM and Internet radio stations from across the world. The Windows Mobile version of the app won Handango’s award for Best Entertainment App in 2009.

Android owners can now browse the enormous directory provided by RadioTime, to find radio stations that meet their needs and tastes, searching by location and over 400 different genres such as music, talk, sports and entertainment. Users can save presets for faster tuning to their favorite stations and use the RadioTime Guide to automatically detect what is airing on their local stations, browse by affiliates like the BBC, AOL Radio, Bloomberg or Sirius and search for specific programs or on-air personalities.

“The multi-tasking capabilities of the Android platform showcase the many interactive features of WunderRadio,” said Josh Carroll, President of Jeyo, the developer of the Android version of the software. “Users can access the built-in Twitter directory to connect with an on-air DJ, while streaming their favorite station in the background, and never miss an e-mail or phone call.”

WunderRadio for Android provides playback of more media types including global broadcasts and podcasts and easily connects to your Bluetooth speaker system or headset. It also allows users to listen to radio in the background while using other applications on the phone and elegantly handles incoming calls. Additionally, when listening to music, the application provides song information and convenient links to the iTunes Store.

“With the addition of the Android version, WunderRadio is now accessible to the majority of smart phone users and continues to set a new standard for listening to radio on mobile devices,” said Alan Steremberg, President of Weather Underground, the developers of the original application.

Bill Moore, CEO, RadioTime, explains: “WunderRadio leverages the RadioTime Guide to provide a wider selection of stations than any other tuner available for Android. Everything that made WunderRadio for the iPhone and Windows Mobile so popular is available for Android: the most comprehensive worldwide channel list, a wide range of audio formats, reliable listening and integration with your device.”

If you would like a free version of WunderRadio for Android to review, please email [email protected].

About Weather Underground
The nation’s first online weather service, Weather Underground is committed to delivering the most comprehensive, reliable weather information possible. In addition to serving free online weather information to millions of web users, Weather Underground delivers custom weather services to an array of businesses and media clients — both online and in print. WunderRadio was initially developed to play local weather radio streams but evolved to include RadioTime’s full directory of stations. More information is available at

[via IntoMobile]

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  1. Why is this $6.99? Should be free like iHeartRadio.

  2. Here’s a tip: We can’t send you tips as your “Tip Us” page’s Captcha is not showing…

  3. Weather underground is an odd name for a company. The weatherman set off bombs to destroy property, but not terrorists like some claim since they specifically avoided killing people.

  4. @Bill correct Sir!

  5. Doesn’t iheart already do this? 6.99. Really? Most radio stations play live on internet for free already. I’m sorry but 699 is really steep

  6. A free version would be good for competition.

  7. Can someone who dropped the 6.99 for this comment on the selection of stations versus the official RadioTime app which is 2.99 (I think).

  8. I bought it. The free comparable version of this app is Cherry rplayer.

    All in all Wunder Radio is a lot more stable and faster than Cherry Rplayer. The app should be free still, but if you want to listen to any of these stations Cherry Rplayer might be good enough for you. $6.99 isn’t a lot of money so if you stream audio a lot it’ll be a good investment.

    It should be free because there are a lot of CBS owned radio stations and they should be promoting this app similar to how CLear Channel station promote iHeartRadio.

    I don’t have a Sirius or XM account so I couldn’t test those features.

  9. I unheart Iheartradio

  10. Already snagged it. It’s great for streaming virtually every radio station. I use it for my local sports station in Dallas.

  11. No offense, but if Android is going to come into its own as an O/S, and you like it, not *every* app is going to be free. If it’s a valuable app, I’ll pay for it. I might give this a trial seeing as I can get a refund within 24 hours of my downloading/buying. Geez people.

  12. My comment got deleted! All I did was comment that Wunder Radio is to CBS owned stations as what iHeart Radio is to Clear Channel owned stations. They collect ad revenue from sponsors so why do I need to pay for this app? Also Sirius and XM features require a subscription.

    Cherry Rplayer is very similar when it comes to what channels are available, and it’s free. Wunder Radio is a lot better; buffers is a lot faster, sounds better, better navigation. If you stream audio a lot it’s worth it, if you only occasionally stream audio the free app will do.

    Still think this app should be free. I did pay for it and will be happy with it and would’ve never thought of it again , but obviously my opinion is not wanted here.

    If you’re going to be deleting comments of people that visit this site then this is my last post.

  13. I agree with joshai, if we want people to develop good apps for android, then we have to be prepared to pay.

  14. If it’s as good as the iPhone app, I will happily pay and download it…. except it doesn’t show up in the Market for me. Is it only for Android 2.1 or something?

  15. Radiotime app is much better!

  16. So, what is the difference between this and the RadioTime app?

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