Samsung Behold II to Receive Update Beginning June 28



Remember when Samsung apparently did a double take on their suggestion that the Samsung Behold II would receive an update to Android 2.1? As a response to outcry from Behold II owners, they at least promised the phone would be seeing Android 1.6 — a marginal upgrade, but an upgrade nonetheless. And that would be it for the Behold II, as it apparently can’t stomach any more tasty desserts past Donut. And while the timeframe  for the update hasn’t been officially announced, we have it on good authority from a source that wishes to remain anonymous that the Samsung Behold II should be seeing it starting June 28th. It’s no Android 2.1, but, hey, at least it’s something, right?

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  1. 1.6 is still pathetic. All Android devices need to be 2.1 or above, and I’ll never buy a Samsung phone or tablet so long as they choose not to stand behind their products and provide updates they deserve.

  2. This makes me want to seriously re-consider picking up a Galaxy s. I have 2.2 on my nexus 1 right now, and I would hate to revert back down to 2.1 and only receive the Samsung tease in terms of updates. Only reason I still consider it is the front facing camera. The epic battle between hardware and software.

  3. @ MIke

    Stay away from the Galaxy, it’ll be the same thing, trust me I know! Samsung does not believe in upgrading thier phones, they tend to believe that you will just keep buying the next one out. Dumb but true. Stick with a Nexus if you want all the upgrades!

  4. @ Mike and they still can’t confirm if there will a camera flash or not on the Galaxy.

  5. Yeah the Samsung Behold III will be shipping with 2.0.1 and the Behold IV with 2.1. By then Android v10.0 will be out on our quad processor wetware phone using quantum biological processors embedded directly in our brains and using our brain for data storage and eyes as cameras.

  6. i must admit the samsung behold II was an horrible choice but i believe in the galaxy being something special think about it their making a whole series of S electronics and @Mike i dont believe its going to have a front facing camera

  7. @samasun05 it will have a front facing camera according to their own official promo site check earlier phandroid posts today for the link

  8. Until Samsung has proven themselves in android phone development, like Motorola has or like HTC has….. stay away, stay far away…. how’s that famous saying go? “fool us once, shame on you, fool us twice….”

  9. Wow.. i’m glad I got rid of my Behold 2 for the Nexus One! Best choice I ever made, though I should of never gotten the Behold 2 to begin with!

  10. wow, really 1.6? thats pathetic

  11. @James According to a lot of comments I have read on other websites there are a good number of fools who want this phone. They makes us Android users look dumb with their comments, they talk trash to anyone who tries to help them. Also the ones on T-mobile are the worst since they keep saying this is the only good Android phone available to them, there by further proving they are retarded because either they forgot or choose to ignore the Nexus One but thats OK I don’t like to share my Froyo with idiots.
    Rant over :)

  12. This is pathetic, and a huge disappointment to Samsung users. I might consider not getting a Galaxy S just because I dont trust that they will properly support it software-wise

  13. The SGS hater flood gate has just been opened lmfao. BH2 is Fail and SGS is FTW

  14. @jdog Appearntly you must be stupid.. the Nexus one was released through GOOGLE.COM/PHONE not through t-mobile specifically. Most of us CAN NOT afford to through down 529 + taxes on a phone, which is the only option if you have a family plan.. So really don’t say T-mobile has the Nexus One until it is available in stores. Also i believe the Galaxy S will be dealt with differently considering this phone is basically a World Wide launching phone. I don’t believe Samsung will be dumb enough to not support their flagship device available in over 110 countries.

  15. look at Motorola Cliq and Cliq xt they are still android 1.5… and i’m using XT right now and i am not happy at all i’m going back to BH2!!! i rather use BH2 than Cliq XT

  16. Well the people that say Samsung will not upgrade their phones are not completely true. The Galaxy Lite or Galaxy Spica got 2.1 in March and 2.2 is apparently in the testing phase at Samsung. And the problems with Hardware is known. The Galaxy does not get an update either because the ROM is not big enough to hold the entire Firmware (apparently). And with the hype of the Galaxy S, I truely believe that 2.2 is not the last update it will see. Samsung has promised a 2.2 update for that phone.

  17. @dave: stop buying kids phones and you might see updates.

  18. They really should be updating it to 2.2 instead of 1.6 since Froyo has the new JIT compiler. With the speed increase, the behold 2 should be able to run most parts of 2.2 as long as there is room on the internal ROM to store it. Even if 2.2 was their last update, at least people who have the phone would get a much longer lifespan out of their device than they will with 1.6. I would be upset if I had this phone too.

  19. 2.2 is really the necessary upgrade for all android devices because of the ability to store apps to the sd card. I can’t believe that google let android ship without this feature. It really sucks to play the app shuffle game whenever I want to install an application.

  20. @AndroidRRR I make people like you look like an ass on a daily basis, example – on Tmonews.com I made a comment about how buggy windows 6.5 was on the HD2 and got bashed by like 100 comments and then 3 days after they got their phone they were crying about how their phones were messing up. I am sorry if you have a family plan and you are right on that part and I will admit it when I am wrong about something.

  21. This is the reason I would never consider the Galaxy S, regardless of how sexy the screen and specs are.

    Because what makes Android look bad, makes bada more attractive. Samsung does not want you buying into Android.

  22. This will be my first and last Samsung device, better switch to a MOTO or HTC phone.

  23. I only have the Behold ll because its all T-mobile would give me after I went though about 8 G1’s because they kept breaking. I’m already on my second Behold ll and it desperately needs more than 1.5 and I don’t think that 1.6 is going to be much of an update for it.

  24. Not only boycott Samsung, we all should switch from Tmobile to ATT or verizon.

  25. @nguyenmod

    Woah woah hold on there not with their data prices and lack of android phones. AT&T sucks but I would go with verizon if it came down to it.

  26. @AndroidRRR If you cannot afford $500 how can you pay for a data plan? If your answer is “well all at once” then you fail at personal finances.

  27. Don’t touchwiz on the Android fence

  28. @Steve i said $500 on a phone 200 more and i could buy a laptop, and whether i could afford or not the fact is that in todays economy most can’t. If the iphone was sold the same way do you think it would have been as successful? No. the facts are straight Google’s business model failed, which is why they soon plan to end the online sales only. If i wanted to save up for the Nexus One i could have, but didn’t because its a phone, the support for it hasn’t been the best, and what about the touch screen and 3G issues? @jdog i commend you on admitting when you are wrong, I shouldn’t have said you were stupid either :). Also i never said that Samsung will 100% support the phone i just said it would be very stupid and unprofitable if they do, as they’d lose all confidence when dealing with #android. Even @eurodude pointed out that the other samsung #androids have been supported over seas not to mention the Moment on sprint which is currently running 2.1. T-mobile was basically screwed over again with the Behold2. I hope the new CEO will no longer stand for crap devices and deals… *cough* CliQ v.s. Droid *cough*.

  29. They can keep their update am believe me I have switch to sprint and purchased a htc evo . I will never look back. You hear me samsung.

  30. @AndroidRRR Yeah I just read eurodude’s comment and if that is correct I think that Samsung is keep down their current U.S. Android phones on purpose because the majority of Android phones are bought in the U.S. and if they give people here 2.1 then why would they want to buy the Galaxy S and since in other countries don’t really buy as many they went ahead with their update. So Europe gets updates to satisfy them and we get a new super phone only since we are more likely to spend money and buy the phone. Does this sound crazy?

  31. Behold 2 was the teeny bopper phone with the silly cube UI. I don’t understand why people are so excited about it. It’s like complaining that the Kin can’t be upgraded to WinMo 7.

  32. I love that Samsung screwed the Behold II owners. It just means I have to compete with one less person when I go to purchase one on launch day. Seriously guys, the Behold II excuses are played out. I guarantee half of you morons never owned a Behold II. You just want to talk shit because you can’t handle the fact that this phone is more powerful than your Nexus One, Incredible or Evo you just bought.

  33. @ObsceneJesster I owned a behold 1 for two weeks before I got the G1 worse 2 weeks of my life. Also I don’t know if you have ever heard of this new thing called the internet it makes people look like idiots http://www.androidspin.com/2010/05/27/motorola-shadow-blazes-through-benchmark-test/

    My Nexus One pwned you and the Galaxy S. Learn to read before you talk smartass.

  34. Obscenejester you idiot, go and buy That POS CALLED THE 3GS you deserve all the touchwiz propriety bullshi?t Samsung can shovel into your stupid mouth. Do you people really think there thought process haS changed? The only difference is they will have 110 countries pIssed off at them. AND quite frankly it serves them right. If they can’t support one phone from one country how they gonna pull this off? Answer is they wont and they will Say. Well duh you should buy our bada handsets they so much better. Keep drinking the coolaid of fools and buy another android from samsung. YOU GET WHAT YOU DESERVE!

  35. @ ObsceneJesster

    Um…well I owned one and it sucked. I managed to have some money left over from tax time and bought the Nexus One and I’m glad I did. The BH2 should have never been released with all of its problems and the fact that Samsung is refusing to support only ensures I won’t purchase from them again. So what are you going to do if the Galaxy S follows suit? Cry about it I imagine.

  36. I don’t get what the big deal that people complain about 1.6 vs 2.1… can you name the differences without doing a search in google? I didn’t think so. The biggest one for me, was that 1.5 did not support google nav. Some people here remind me of the directv commercial with Jessica Simpson “1080i, I don’t know what it is, but I want it”. In the future, when you buy a phone/gadget/device, buy it for what it can do when you buy it, not for what it can magically do in the “future”. If you are really aching for 2.x, go to xda developers.

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  38. Us original Samsung Galaxy owners are in the same boat, Samsung just don’t like updating, preferring instead to just bring out newer phones.

    Sorry Samsung, but I won’t be buying another one of your phones. Shame, because the Galaxy S looks very nice, but I’m not buying another android phone to stay stuck on the version it ships with.

  39. @ObsceneJesster us morons that just bought the evo would like you to know that your preciouse samsung galaxy s will be obsolete in a couple of months when htc or motorola come out with a better phone . samsung flopped the behold with out advertising it. How is a company going to advertise a phone after 6 months of bein released.samsung knew exactly that the behold would flop.

  40. @jdog….Yes, your right..The internet does make people look like idiots. I have already seen that benchmarking post. Your the moron who can’t see that the Nexus One is inferior to the Galaxy S. Or did you just look over the fact that the Nexus One that’s running 2.1 Android (The Same as the Galaxy S) is slower. The only thing that benchmark shows is that once the Galaxy S has 2.2 it will blow the Nexus One out of the water just like it did when they both were running 2.1. Maybe your dumb-ass should take a look at it again.

  41. Yea as an ex-BH2 owner I will never buy another samsung phone no matter no good it is. I was told by store reps and saw their ads for BH2 stating 2.1 would come on the BH2. that was the only reason why i would get the BH2 since it was 1.5 stock. Battery life literally lasted 6hrs in my POCKET sleeping. Super duper lag with a topping of more lag on their crappy TouchWiz UI interface. Luckily one dev took interests in the BH2 and mod the phone to its full potential which honestly put samsung devs to shame. But since he had heard samsung will not support BH2 further than 1.6, he sold the phone and bought something else. I myself is currently looking for another phone also. But all in all this phone will probably stuck at 2.1 forever or 2.2 if they feel generous enough.

  42. @ObsceneJesster You will never get 2.2 and most people agree . If you don’t know how to read the stories about Samsung then go ahead and get this phone, I’m always right but your one of those people. Your just a typical fanboy who talks crap and can never include a link to backup what he is saying there by making himself look like he pulled all his facts out of thin air. Let me guess about your next awesome prediction “the sky is falling the sky is falling”.

  43. @jdog….Yea, I’m a fanboy. I am using a myTouch and a TouchPro 2 currently and that makes me a Samsung fanboy how? I don’t even know if I am going to get this phone. Now your just going off speculation that the Galaxy S won’t get 2.2. Nice tactic after I just proved you wrong. BOTTOM LINE…WITH THE NEXUS ONE AND GALAXY S RUNNING THE SAME OPERATING SYSTEM, THE GALAXY S WINS HANDS DOWN AND THE BENCHMARK YOU POSTED PROVES THIS. THANK YOU!!!

    Oh and your a bigger moron than I thought thinking Samsung won’t upgrade there first high end smart phone which is being sold in 110 country’s.

  44. Hmmm @jdog your euro talk doesn’t fully justify your aurguement.. I’ll say it again *clears throat* THE Samsung MOMENT on Sprint has been upgraded to 2.1. As far as i know Sprint doesn’t operate in Europe. So that argument fails. The Behold 2 was junk that Samsung sold to T-mobile with a pretty screen. Then the junk failed to sell as most junk does. So they decided to dump the Junk for free and provide it with a rumored 1.6 upgrade to appease the few poor souls who bought or got the Junk for free. One last thing the behold 2 was also only released on T-mobile so Samsung had a much smaller market to take a dump on. The GalaxyS(not junk but Diamonds) will be World Wide, taking a dump on the whole world would be a hard stinky mess to clean up.

  45. Alright kids, time to weigh in…ObsceneJesster is right, this is Samsung’s high-end, flagship “IT” phone. Consider it their version of the Droid, iPhone, N900, EVO, or whatever other high end device I’ve left out.

    AndroidRRR is also correct. The Behold II was a PoS. A few mins with it in the store would have told you that. If you were dumb enough to buy one, well, that’s your bad. Yes, it does suck that your phone is already outdated, but you can upgrade on TMobile USA after one year with a smartphone plan, so at worst you gotta suck it up for a few more months. The reviews sucked, the device sucked, and it tanked. Consider the “Behold II” Sammy’s equivalent to Nintendo’s “Virtual Boy”. Ouch. Yet true.

    So…quit your whining about what could be, should be or would be. Crap products will NEVER be supported long term. Consult historical news on the Yugo, Windows Millennium, Sega Saturn, New Coke, etc. so you can join millions of other wronged people over the ages.

    And then please remember that human history is filled far greater and much more severe unfortunate events than somebody buying a lame item. If you still feel bad, just think how much better off you are than of all those immigrants who got off the boat at Ellis Island and then offered up their life savings to buy the Brooklyn Bridge. Kind of puts it all in perspective, doesn’t it? :)

    Sales numbers means support. If your championed item doesn’t sell, it doesn’t get upgraded. Something that earns money will replace it. Now somebody sell me a damn Galaxy S, I want that Super AMOLED screen!

  46. OMG DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE, i foolishly purchased this phone from the website after losing my previous one, thinking i was cool cause i was getting a smartphone that had just come out with the droid network and a 5 mp camera…i have felt like an idiot ever since, i wish i had gone to the retail store and played with it first but alass it is a 3 hour drive and i was content ordering online. i have just finally had to replace this one after only 4 months (unfortunately same model is the only thing tmobile will give me for now) and i am just a sucker stuck with a PoS phone for a while, DONT BE LIKE ME LOL…horrible but true, but maybe the new one will be awesome and make it ALL better, somehow i doubt it. if you do buy this phone let me just say youd have been better off buying a razor.

  47. Android 1.6 or higher coming so late to the Behold 2 isn’t Samsung’s fault. From what I have heard, Samsung sent the 1.6 ROM to TMO months ago, TMO is the one who held it back.

    As far as 2.0 or higher on the handset, it doesn’t make sense as the handset is running just a 500Mhz processor. You can prolly accomplish it by rooting the handset, but i’m sure everyone has had sluggish experiences running 2.0+ on anything less than 800mhz

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