Jun 9th, 2010

In case you didn’t know, we’re holding a pretty big contest rewarding the author of the best app/game review of the day a brand new Android Phone. So far we’ve had HUNDREDS of reviews pour in and we wanted to take some time to not only announce the winner of today’s contest, but highlight the type of reviews we hope to see in the future.

PandaThe Winner of Day 1 is FrozenIpaq for his review of Slacker Radio! It was thorough, organized, hit on the positives/negatives/quirks, had pictures and video, and summed everything up in nice conclusion. Not only that but he recorded TWO videos specifically FOR this review:

Congrats to FrozenIpaq – send a PM to Rob on the forums to set up the collection of your prize! Don’t forget that if YOU see a review that YOU like on AndroidApplications.com – give it a thumbs up! Same goes for apps themselves!

We want to take a moment to thank EVERYONE who spent their time writing up an excellent review. Here are a few of the MANY that deserve to be highlighted – for those wondering what types of reviews we’re looking for… follow the lead of these authors!

There was also a fair share of super-short and not very useful “reviews” that would be more accurately classified as “comments”. The Android Market already handles “comments” pretty well so we’re making a little change: from now on “reviews” must be at least 100 words and if they are not, you’ll receive an error message. If your review has a video, there won’t be any minimum number of words required as the video itself could be great enough content on its own.

Congratulations to FrozenIpaq, thank you to EVERYONE who has submitted an entry thus far… and LET THE GAMES CONTINUE! We’ll announce another winner tomorrow (whose review must have been submitted today).