Quickoffice Connect Drops into the Android Market


Quickoffice has just released their Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite for Android, bringing the Microsoft Office document editor into the cloud. You still get all of the same functionality in editing Word documents, spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentation, but with a few added touches that should make the mobile experience more refined.


Quickoffice connect features a full-function PDF viewer and the ability to edit attachments directly from your Android e-mail client. All files can be natively synced up with cloud-based storage services such as MobileMe, Google Docs,, and DropBox. No more dragging and dropping files between your phone and computer or e-mailing them to yourself. Convenience at its finest. If you want the files on your device you can do that too, choosing between phone storage or microSD options.


If you have an Android 2.0 handset you’ll also get multitouch support in the PowerPoint editor and flick to scroll. How much PowerPoint editing you really want to do on an Android phone is another story entirely. The new Quickoffice Connect is available in the Android Market now, but it won’t come cheap. $15 bucks little man, put that cash in Android’s hand.

[via QuickOffice]

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  1. Docs2Go is better in my opinion and it’s currently $15 as well!

  2. Did you just close an app review with a Jay & Silent Bob reference? I don’t know whether to applaud or feel dirty.

  3. I see a pattern here. Google has the nice online services with very little in the way of integration with Android. No Docs or Picasa integration. Either they are going to have to step up the mobile apps or step up their HTML 5 “desktop apps” work and knock one out of the park pretty soon.

  4. Docs2Go is not better – I used to have it and after downloading Quickoffice – I can certainly say for sure – Quickoffice is way better!

  5. Well I tried this one today just for the hell of it and the quality sucked, it was force closing all the time, especially when trying to open email PDFs. Also, the “online services” interface is kinda sucky, but to top that, it asks for your Google user/pass instead of using the built-in android google apps login.

  6. is there a feature chart between docs2go and quickoffice on whats better and which features are offered by which app?

  7. Docs2Go much better…hands down. Don’t fool yourself:)

  8. Samsung is going with thinkfree office. it would be nice to see a head to head matchup.

  9. Quote:”Did you just close an app review with a Jay & Silent Bob reference? I don’t know whether to applaud or feel dirty.”

    Lol, I thought the same. Should I have known where that reference was from? :D

  10. Documents to Go opens some excel sheets incorrect. Quickoffice do it right.

  11. Hey, thanks, everybody, for the li’l reviews. Having some reliable feedback (well, relatively reliable) makes the original article that much more valuable. Cheers!

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