SIRIUS XM Android App Available Today


SIRIUS has announced availability of their Android app today. By heading over to, you can get a free 7-day subscription to SIRIUS|XM to try the app out for yourself. As far as I can tell, the app is only being offered through their website, as they ask you to enter your email address.


There, they’ll send specific instructions and a download link to get the app on your device (I couldn’t find it in the Android Market). I know many of you have been waiting for the app for a long time now (even if you can’t get your Howard Stern), so be sure to head over there now to begin downloading the APK file.

Supported Devices: DROID by Motorola, DROID INCREDIBLE by HTC, DROID ERIS by HTC, HTC Hero, T-Mobile G1, Motorola CLIQ, and Google Nexus One models

Unfortunately, if you’re running a locked-down AT&T Motorola Backflip, you will not be able to install this app. You might want to do some soul-searching (or Google searching) to figure out how you can get this and other “non-trusted” applications installed to your device.

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  1. No, thanks. Why pay for something twice? There are plenty of free streaming media outlets available already. Having to pay for the service for the car and add a premium for streaming to the phone? No. It’s not a viable pricing model.

  2. i a sirius subscription ONLY for Howard. Therefor, this app is a fail in many, many ways.

  3. Been listening to the music channels for about 15 minutes now. The sound quality is not great on this app. There appears to be some background popping and static in the music that you don’t get with Pandora. And of course the absence of the Stern channels is a huge downer.

  4. This will be great for me. I don’t listen to Hoo Hoo Howie and don’t need the service for the car if I can get it streaming to the app. The radio in my car has not been active for some time now as I have been using my phone as my primary listening device anyway. It’ll be nice to listen to Opie & Anthony again, and I hear Jimmy’s got a new show.

    Tip: You don’t need to pay for the service twice if you will be using the app (and internet streaming alone). There is an streaming only payment option. If you do use both it’s only $2.95 extra to add the streaming option. It has been this way for a long time on XM.


  6. Sirius please give us Howard! Then it would be worth paying for.

  7. They can’t give Howard… it isn’t in Howard’s contract. And who knows if he’ll be staying longer than this December. I can’t believe it’s been 5 years already…

  8. Howard has complete control of how his show is distributed. If Howard is not available then people need to complain to Howard.

  9. So I cant get the app to play the music.. it keeps telling me “unable to aquire data connection”. the data connection is fine.. incredible signal although Edge. It’s getting the program info, i.e., what song is supposed to be playing, what songs are playing on other channels however it will not play. Yes I’ve restarted the phone.

  10. i cant get this to download on my samsung moment 2.1… they emailed it to me i opened it on my phone, downloaded it and then it tells me its an “unsupported file type”?


  11. Maybe it’s a noob question but…does it require a data plan or does those phone somehow support xm radio and bypass the 3G connection? I keep hearing about great music streaming software for my android phone but here in Canada…data plans are freaking expensive…I only have 500megs per month so streaming over my data plan is out of the question…


  12. ITs a perfect app for those who ALREADY HAVE A XM/SERIUS ACCOUNT. Dont hate on the app just cause you dont want to pay for it.

  13. Holy crap when did this become a hoo hoo Howie comment. Sounds like a great app that needs a little work. So chil.

  14. Actually, the App seems very well polished, and offers *alot* more content than Slacker, at first glance. Hm might have to keep this.

  15. Are you able to use your phone to access the Sirius “player” online via (on the browser) and stream via the website? Or do you HAVE to install the app to listen to Sirius on your Android? If not, is it a Flash thing?

  16. Anyone able to tell me if it streams over the data plan?

  17. You will need a data plan or at least a wifi connection to use this app. The app streams the content over the data connection; it does not add Sirius/XM hardware to the device to receive the signal via the satellite.

  18. Win for me… Working good on my Moto Droid. Worth $3 a month extra to listen to Sirius NFL in my house.

  19. Thanks for the update and the link, rushed over, got it and am happily listening to my Sirius on my DROID! Too bad no Howard, but we’ll see if he even sticks around. I listen to the Stern show almost exclusively, maybe when Flash comes we can use the online Sirius Media Player…

  20. So pay twice? I feel so stupid for excitedly awaiting this app

  21. Listing right now on my Samsung Moment with 2.1. Does make it slower. A few loss of data but does work.

  22. Anyone else having trouble listening? Everytime I try to play one it says data connection reset retrying

  23. W.t.f!!! I have a data connection, but keep getting this data connection lost pop up. I am on a mt3g. Dude from previous post, what phone are you on?

  24. It’s an extra $3 a month for subscribers, get over it. I’ve had it for quite some time and love being able to have access to it online and now on my Incredible. Think of it as having two accounts if it helps you sleep at night, one tied to your Sirius XM device and a floater for your phone or pc.

  25. I’m pumped for this app, screw hoo-hoo howard. I can listen to all the MLB network radio i need to away from my car and computer. its an extra 3 bucks a month. think about how many bullcrap themes you buy for 2$ a pop. the subscription is well worth the cost.

  26. @b-ron I buy no themes at all, for $3 a month I can use pandora and buy a game each month.

  27. @jon – yes – same issue – will not connect

  28. Works great on my Droid, but it doesnt put on icon for me to open,How do you open after downloading.

    Baseball package isnt included @b-ron

  29. works with wifi on cliq but not 3g or edge.

  30. I’ve download the app and can’t find it any where on my htc hero???

  31. AHHHH, I found it, Kept looking for it under Sirius or XM, buts it was under online, works great

  32. Faction is the only station I listin to so it works perfect for me. Sound is fine no connection problem running great on my Incredible… Only wish there was a widget hope it is to come in future updates.

  33. I have the Internet Streaming package on my account, but everytime I try to log in to the app it says my subscription has expired, which isn’t true. Is there a glitch in their system?

  34. This would be really good news if Sirius didn’t freaking charge for this service that I already pay for in my cars. Ridiculous.

  35. I remember Howard Stern… is that guy still around???

    WTF?! Seriously Sirius? Offer it free as some kind of peripheral to anyone that already has Sirius XM. Then offer a free lite version with subsidized with ads (maybe not in retrospect) to everyone else.

  36. Back when I had XM, the internet listening was free. Glad to see everyone winning with the merger and prices coming down!

    And why don’t you guys call Howard and ask him why he won’t let his show be on there? I’m sure he’ll give some lame excuse.

  37. I cannot get this app to work over 3G. Wifi is fine, but over 3G (HSPA+) it says I have not data connection but all other web related apps work fine. I contacted their CS and they were idiots.

  38. Not for me. Won’t work over 2g. Even on wifi is messing up. Slowing down my phone a lot. Just not for me.

  39. Not sure how much space this app requires but it won’t run on my G1. The download file is only 3 MB and I’ve got 14 MB free but it keeps saying that I need to clear up space on my phone. Any ideas?

  40. I only wanted this for music, I personally could care less about talk radio…Works pretty good on Droid, but the screen doesn’t switch to landscape mode (maybe an update will fix that which would be cool). But, it’s too expensive. I could just reactivate my xm subscription and use my car stereo receiver again…Change the price to compete with Slacker and I’d switch. But until then, this app will be removed after my 7 days are up. What a shame…

  41. Data connection error when used with T-Mobile 3G on a Moto Cliq. It works with Wifi, however.

    Someone in the net land says the problem lies with T-Mobile, not Sirius.

  42. I’m using Nexus one and I have the same problem “Data Connection Lost” “Trying To Reacquire Connection” I have called Sirius customer service they couldn’t help me. They said that i have to call my phone company which is ball sh..t

  43. Hi i downloaded the app to my g1 phone…works fine over my wifi connection but when i switch to 3G i get a pop up saying failed DATA CONNECTION LOST, TRYING TO REACQUIRE CONNECTION, im running droid 1.6, i called tmobile they telling me its not their problem and i should call xm, i give up.grrrrr

  44. Tried the app on the MyTouch Slide. Works fine over Wi-Fi, on data (both 3g and EDGE) I get “Data connection lost – unable to acquire a data connection.” Called their “Tech Support,” was told to reinstall the app and if that didn’t work to call my carrier. My data connection is fine, plays just fine. Sirius is worthless garbage. Uninstalled.

  45. Works ok after installing, but once you turn the app off there is no shortcut or icon anywhere to turn it back on. Not a good feature!!!! Yes, and of course, no Howard Stern, which is the primary reason I have Sirius!!

  46. I can’t find it on the app market on my G1, am I just searching on the wrong thing? or am I missing something?

  47. Wow… 3 whole O&A fans in one place…

    zero…. point…. zero. Nice ratings!

  48. Mike its not on the app market. Only on

  49. Finally… got some others running into the same issue. I just tried home wireless and works fine – 3G has not connected yet since installing.

    Failed calls to Sirius, TMobile, and Motorola, none who could tell me the answer. I see nothing in the help, faq, or anything that says wifi is required?? I remember something about this for the iphone where it wouldn’t work unless you were on wifi but seriously saw nothing so thought it would do it over the phone data plan (especially with the disclaimer at the start).

    I’ll try it on my wife’s G1 to see if it does the same thing, but for now on my Cliq it’s done nothing but give me that error, until I tried wireless. If ind it weird that it even gives me channel info and song details but when it goes to stream it cops out.

  50. @pbrocali shortcut is “Online” company is Sirius|XM and app name is “Online” so it shows in the program list under the O’s

  51. @Mike not on the app market

  52. I got an email back from SiriusXM and they said the app does not support 3G. Quote from XM:

    “We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and disappointments. Upon reviewing our resources, we found out that XMRO on Mobile only supports WiFi connection. To provide you the best customer service, we invite you to contact XM Listener Care on the number below.”

  53. @Brian

    Thanks for the post. That’s just plain stupid that it will only work for WiFi. I’m usually in front of a desktop or my laptop when I’m using WiFi… so why would I want to use my N1 to listen to Sirius/XM when I could just use my PC?? C’mon SiriusXM… make it work on 3G or I’m not coming back…

  54. The app is ok, but no launch icon is present on the droid phones…that bites.

  55. It worked fine on Samsung Moment when first downloaded BUT once I shut it i found NO way to access or open it again. I spent 25 minutes with Sirius Tech and they had no answer to the problem so I have uninstalled it and am waiting almost an hour on hold to cancel the upgrade to premium. What genius created an app for which there is no way of opening it?

  56. I have a Samsung Moment (running 2.10), and the app crashes 100% of the time. Once a category is selected, I get a blank screen and within 20-30 seconds, I get a notice that the app has died. Gotta stick with Slacker for now.

  57. How do they have a 0.0 if sirius xm doesn’t release ratings?

  58. I have a Samsung Galaxy T-Mobile Vibrant and I am having no luck as of August 16, 2010. I can download and open the app but cannot get a connection.

  59. “I have a Samsung Galaxy T-Mobile Vibrant and I am having no luck as of August 16, 2010. I can download and open the app but cannot get a connection.”

    SAME HERE, You have to be connected to wifi for the APP to work!!!! UGH WHY ? It works on 3G with the EVO !!WHY NOT THE VIBRANT

  60. I am a Sirius XM subscriber. When the app was released, I called Sirius to tell them that I wanted to change to the streaming connection only. I pay quarterly and my quarter was up. Was told that I could not do a streaming only connection. I no longer use my XM radio in my truck any more. On top of the fact that the app sounds like crap and drops the data connection almost every song (on. Verizon, with full 3g + full 5 bars). It is not with $50 + per quarter for an inferior app. That is too bad… I have been an XM subscriber from the beginning. I changed over to Pandora, and I even paid for the service, even though I didn’t have to. Pandora is 300 times better.

  61. The idiots at Sirius can’t even get the app right. Its not in the market, listed under “online” instead of “Sirius” in apps, and of course no Howard. The company is doomed without Stern.

  62. Yeah, works great over wifi but no connection over 3G. POINTLESS

  63. so let me get this straight….Sirius will only work with wifi???? Come on now…..Is it not “Satellite” radio? so why does it not just run off satellite regardless of 3g/4g or wireless? i have many apps that just run off satellite…….so confused on this. I def. will not be keeping this app. I will pay 4 it when it doesnt require wifi.

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