Sirius Gets Serious About Android: XM Radio On Its Way


The streaming radio pool is booming on Android, and Sirius is ready to take a cannonball dive right into the middle of it all. Today, Sirius announced that they’d be bringing an app to the Android market to supplement their subscription service. The app itself is free, and users will get to check the service out with a free 7-day trial that comes with the installation.

The press release – and the Android information sign-up site – says it’ll be coming to “Android-powered smartphones”, however they keep mentioning the Motorola Droid and Google Nexus One, specifically. I’m not sure if this means it’s exclusive to Android 2.1, exclusive to just those phones, or if those of us on older firmware versions will be able to experience the love, too.


Alluding to that confusion, they mention that those phones would be getting exclusive Sports and Entertainment talk show channels, as well. We’ve contacted Sirius to get some clarification on all of this.

In any case, it looks like streaming radio on Android comes to no end with all of the options available. Are any of you guys Sirius subscribers? If not, are you planning on taking advantage of the free 7-day trial to check out their service and app? Let us know in the comments. If you are a Sirius subscriber wanting details on what you can use on your phone – or would like to help make sense of who will be able to  use what – check the press release out for yourself.

NEW YORK, April 23 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — SIRIUS XM Radio (Nasdaq: SIRI) today announced that a free application for Android-powered smartphones will be available in May, giving consumers access to over 120 channels of sports, talk, entertainment, news, comedy and commercial-free music on the DROID by Motorola and the Google Nexus One.

(Logo: )

The free SIRIUS XM App for the DROID and Nexus One will give mobile consumers the freedom to listen to SIRIUS XM Premium Online content on the go on their smartphones over cellular and WiFi networks.

“SIRIUS XM will make it easy and convenient for DROID and Nexus One users to access our superior programming and exclusive content that they can’t get anywhere else,” said Scott Greenstein, President and Chief Content Officer, SIRIUS XM Radio. “We are happy to add the DROID and Nexus One to our growing portfolio of Apps for smartphones that bring subscribers the best in mobile audio entertainment.”

The SIRIUS XM App will give subscribers to SIRIUS or XM Premium Online who own a DROID or Nexus One the ability to access exclusive sports talk and entertainment programming from SIRIUS XM’s satellite radio service. Exclusive programming includes MLB Network Radio, SIRIUS NFL Radio, NHL Home Ice, PGA TOUR, Mad Dog Radio with Chris Russo, CNN, Fox News Talk, NPR, MSNBC, The Foxxhole channel presented by Jamie Foxx, Blue Collar Comedy Radio, The Virus featuring Opie & Anthony, Playboy Radio, Rosie Radio, Oprah Radio, and Martha Stewart Living Radio.

SIRIUS and XM Premium Online subscribers will be able to listen to commercial-free music featuring exclusive programming from SIRIUS XM’s satellite radio service, such as Bob Dylan’s Theme Time Radio Hour and Tom Petty’s Buried Treasure. Premium Online subscribers can also hear a broad array of 24/7 artist-branded music channels such as The Grateful Dead Channel, Eminem’s Shade 45, Jimmy Buffett’s Radio Margaritaville, “Little Steven” Van Zandt’s Underground Garage and Outlaw Country channels, B.B. King’s Bluesville, Willie Nelson’s Willie’s Place, Elvis Radio, Siriusly Sinatra, and Metropolitan Opera Radio. In addition to the artist branded channels, Premium Online subscribers have access to commercial-free music channels from every genre, such as, dance channel BPM, new country music channel The Highway, and indie rock channel SIRIUS XMU.

Premium Online subscribers will also have access to exclusive online-only showcase channels that feature multiple plays of exclusive programming from SIRIUS XM’s satellite radio service, including such acclaimed shows as Rosie Radio, The Jamie Foxx Show, specials from Blue Collar Comedy and Raw Dog Comedy, selections from the Artist Confidential series, and selections from exclusive live SIRIUS XM music performances, including pop, rock, hip-hop, country, jazz and more.

Certain programming, including MLB Play-by-Play, NFL Play-by-Play, SIRIUS NASCAR Radio, and Howard Stern, will not be available via the SIRIUS XM App for DROID and Nexus One. Listeners will continue to be able to access that programming through the SIRIUS XM platforms where they are currently offered.

The SIRIUS XM App for DROID and Nexus One will allow users to:
Listen to over 120 channels of SIRIUS XM Premium Online programming on the go, even while surfing the web or checking email.

Bookmark SIRIUS XM Premium Online channels for fast, easy access through a “Favorites” function.

View the current channel plus what is playing on all other available channels via the “Lookaround” function.

The SIRIUS XM App for DROID and Nexus One will be available as a free download through the Android Market on the handset or by visiting After downloading the free App, users will then be able to register for a 7-day free trial to SIRIUS XM Premium Online on their compatible smartphones.

To sign up to receive an email with a link to download the free App when it is available, users can also visit

There will be no additional charge for listening to SIRIUS XM’s Premium Online programming on an Android-powered smartphone once a user becomes a SIRIUS XM Premium Online subscriber or subscribes to the Company’s Premium Online service in conjunction with their satellite radio subscription.

For more information on SIRIUS XM, please visit

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  1. Seems like they’re doing exactly what I thought would be the drawback of the Android platform. They are probably mistakenly trying to tie Android as a whole to a couple of particular popular phones instead of just saying Android. For the iPhone they can just say iPhone. They risk people not understanding what they mean when they say Android. But I think that problem is quickly going away as the Android becomes mainstream.

  2. I have sirius in my car, and I have rhapsody on my phone (1.5 hour commute to and from work everyday).
    In my car, sometimes I want the random radio play of sirius, which I like better than pandora (more predictable), and sometimes I want to listen to whatever I want to listen to over bluetooth, which is why I have rhapsody.
    I’ll be excited for this app. This means that I will be able to listen to tunes at work the same way I do in my car with only one device. Not bad.

  3. Funny how they make it so hard to find a price anywhere on that site.

  4. Glad they are finally adding Android after they finished the iphone and BB apps. I listen to XM in my office via a Myfi with a antenna so this will make it easier.

    My guess is this works on all Android phones and they are just targeting the two biggest phones out for advertising.

  5. Online streaming was free on XM before the merger….. now it’s an addon to your account for like $3-$5 a month.


    I don’t think they offer standalone online access anymore.

  7. long live slacker radio

  8. I used to be a SIRIUS subscriber and loved it. Cancelled my subscription after my hardware started to fail. Gave up because I got frustrated with poor customer service (which had been excellent to that point) and because I didn’t feel like upgrading my device all the time.

    I loved SIRIUS programming, however and would seriously consider going back if their app is reliable and playback is good.

    I’d say Slacker is ahead of the game, though. I’m very happy with Slacker. I would likely only switch back to SIRIUS if I knew I could get NFL Network and some of their other programming on my Droid. And the price would have to be right.

  9. No Howard Stern, no deal. Totally boggles my mind why their most popular performer isn’t on these apps.

  10. Yeah, they just took the included/free online access away from XM subscribers after the merge. After all the talks of not creating a monopoly and giving subscribers more choices without reaming them…

    Mel Karmazin is a liar. Done. I love the fact that you still won’t be able to listen to Stern with this app. Hehe. Your mom’s box!

  11. So how much to listen to opie and anthony on Virus 202?

    RON AND FEZ 11-3 !!!!!!!

    CANT WAIT!!!

    I have all the music I want on my Droid. MP3s, Pandora and Slacker just to name a few and they are all FREE! Why would I pay even $1 a month if I don’t get NFL MLB NASCAR or Stern?
    The answer is simple; I wont !

  13. They have been charging additional fees for listening over the internet. If they are going to do the same with mobile access, then I’ll pass. It is hard for me to believe that they should get more money for internet access to the content. Streaming over the internet can’t possibly cost anywhere near as much as maintaining a satellite. I believe the current app doesn’t carry Howard Stern anyway. By the way, if they don’t resign Stern, I’ll be canceling my subscription without hesitation. Outside of Stern, their content is nice but not $13 a month nice.

    I think that all of these non music radio shows should be broadcast over the internet anyway. Not sure why we need Sirius. The only possible benefit that I can see is that the people creating the shows don’t have to manage the money. But if you have a popular show like Stern does, there has to be more money in dealing directly with the advertisers. Why share your profits with Sirius? All you have to do is post an mp3 to a blog and collect money from the advertisers. Most shows don’t need to be real time anyway. The shows that do could stream if they wanted to.

  14. I really don’t care about sirius. I don’t pay for music. Music and Water should be free everywhere. That’s what keeps us moving.

  15. I was excited til they said NO stern mlb or nfl, JOKE.

  16. @mikeyis009

    Couldn’t agree more.

  17. Pfft, why would I waste money on Sirius radio? You PAY them and there are still commercials every 20 minutes, I pay 99 cents a month for Pandora and I hear maybe 2 for the entire month. This, just like satellite radio itself, is doomed imo.

  18. I’ll stick with ORB and SiriusXMstreamer until Howard is on the app

  19. The ONLY reason i have Sirius is for Howard Stern. I don’t think i listen to any other stations. therefor, this app is an epic pre-release-already-FAIL

  20. It’s $12.95/mo for internet streaming. Couldn’t find a listing of what channels that includes, tho.

  21. I agree with mikeyis009, its worthless. The only reason why I have Sirius in my truck is for Howard Stern and Sports, and since Stern owns all of his content, it is likely that will never be an option. I can listen to all the music I want for free with Pandora. I know some will say that there is other content, but most of it is just not that entertaining.

    If for some reason the excluded channels become available, I would definitely reconsider for $3.00 a month.

  22. @DannyJD,

    I don’t think they do either.

  23. It’s about time we get this app no more need for my iPod touch oh and on the app for apple there is no Howard or baseball either so at least we can multitask you can’t do that on the app for apple it turns off when you try to listen and do something else on it

  24. It really boggles my mind that the number one reason why millions of people joined Sirius Satellite Radio- Howard Stern, will not be available on this app.

    I can listen on my laptop but not on my mobile device? Please explain that logic to me… some lame excuse about licensing rights. Get your head out of your @ss Scott Greenstein.

  25. No Howard Stern on the iphone app and not on the android either. No more bull$%#t. Welcome to the revolution.

  26. No Howard??? FAIL. Not even worth downloading if you can listen to the king. FAIL FAIL FAIL Sirius.

  27. I have subscribed to Sirius solely to listen to Howard, although I was also excited at the prospect of listening to baseball games while I’m on the road. I can’t imagine why they would exclude their most popular offerings – this app will be useless to me.

  28. The press release is pretty clear that this is just for the DROID and Nexus One. I’d guess that really means 2.1 — can’t imagine this won’t work on the EVO or Incredible.

    Ya’ll Howard monkeys need to give some of the other content a chance. I have the BB app on my work BB, and it is a good selection. The comedy stations kill, and the music selections are great. Of course, I’m already a Sirius subscriber, and these are the same restrictions as their online streaming (no NFL, MLB, or HS). So if maybe you weren’t already a streaming customer this wouldn’t be a good draw for you.

  29. I used to be a huge XM fan, way before it was destroyed in the merger. I (stupidly) stuck around for a while, hoping that things would get better and watching as they didn’t. I finally jumped ship and went to Slacker and haven’t looked back since. Too bad Sirius/XM is hellbent on running their once-promising services into the ground rather than giving people what they want.

  30. Wow. If there’s no Howard, there’s no point.

  31. I’m with the Stern fans on this one. I’ve been waiting for Sirius/XM on my droid since I got it release day. Terribly disappointed to find no Stern on my droid. I listen to lots of other channels but having Stern would have made this app a no brainer. Guess it still is, just a no brainer to NOT download!

  32. what about if we are subscribed through dish network?

  33. no howard lame, I’ll just stick to stream furious

  34. NO NFL = FAIL! The whole reason I even keep my Sirius subscription is for the NFL play by play and NFL network stations. Now that I have the NFL network App I wont even need my Sirius subscription anymore. What’s the point, I can already stream any music I want! Sirius you suck!

  35. No Stern? No thanks.

  36. I can’t wait to listen to Norton & Friends on the HTC Evo when I finally get to dump my stupid Motorola Q9C this summer. :D

    Scissors up!

  37. I never liked the idea of paying for radio. its been free for a hundred years. Rhapsody is nice with the ability to create your playlists but I don’t like paying a monthly fee for music. I’ll stick to my mp3 library,.

  38. treefq-

    your missing the point, it’s not just music… they have original content that should be/ has to be paid for. Otherwise what’s the incentive to start a new business? You can’t give away everything… do you pay for cable or just use the digital “rabbit ears”?

  39. This Is A Dream Come True!!!!! Thank You Sirius

  40. I subscribe to XM in my car, would love to have the android app. I will not pay extra above what I already pay. If they tack on more fees for mobile listening (like they have for web listening) I won’t use it. Sorry, 10+ a Month is already enough!

  41. What!?!? No Howard stern? what the hell am i going to listen to on Sirius??? not music i got Pandora & Slacker,..
    dont care about sports as i always subscribe to NFL sunday ticket..whats the point of this app? so u can pay to listen to music on…the..Go? useless really..

  42. I’ve had XM since the beginning. There is nothing like it (except Sirius) I have used the portable device with docks in car, business, home, cottage. All for one price. Anyone can do this for pretty cheap and get all the channels.
    For those who don’t want an after market gizmo velcro’d to their dash, the $2.99 isn’t such a bad idea. Since, once again you can use it anywhere. (w/unlimited data or wifi)Of course it will be easier with the Ford products with Sync or any other auto with bluetooth audio. We have a Flex and the music streams very nice through that system.(streaming music from Droid, not XM yet)
    Of course, I’m a music junky, it’s worth it to me. Pandora is nice, however as stated before, VERY predictable and repeats content. There will come a time when you just want to be entertained without downloading song after song and listening to your same old playlist over and over. That is for kids with a lot of time. When you get older it’s better to just flip on the switch and get a massive library of music to be entertained by.

  43. If you want STERN, we need to contact Sirius XM and make it known that the only reason to get this app is the ability to listen to the Howard Stern show on a mobile device.

    [email protected]

  44. Ridiculous. You have to pay sirius for their Premium internet radio package for over a C-note a year. Bullshit. I already pay extra 3 bucks or whatever a month for internet streaming. WTF should i have to pay more for if i want it on an android phone instead of my laptop?

  45. As far as i know you shouldn’t have to pay more if you are already set up to listen online. All you should have to do is just login like you would do if you were on your computer at home

  46. I hope my reading of this article is right, if you are already a subscriber to sirius/xm, then there will be no additional charge….guess we will find out tomorrow.

  47. Howard Stern SUCKS. The only reason I got XM was for the Grateful Dead Channel, but there is so much more music to listen to. It’s worth 10$ a month just for the Dead. No need for xtra bucks on Oprah, Martha Stewart or Pottymouth Stern.

  48. I am looking forward when 1CLUB.FM Internet Radio launches their Android app in a few weeks. They have the best radio stations out of all of radio.

  49. Howard Stern got most of the subscribers to sirius radio, and his name is not even in that app. Fuck the rest of the channels. We need to contact Howard to see what the fuck is this all about.

  50. Sirius/XM US charge extra for web access,
    you either pay for web access, getting on your computers and mobile devices (BB, iPhone, Android) – They are accessing using the web version as well, or you don’t

    Its not in addition to the online access, it is the online access fee.

    Sirius Canada gives online access as included in the sub fee.

  51. I was ready to buy a year subscription. I as giddy as a young child on Christmas morning. I was on the edge of my seat during install. I lunge right in and…..wait what??… Mother Hubbard!!-where the heck are they hiding the NFL NETWORK. You know, that 1 and only reason I can justify being ripped off paying for radio. I have been wanting to cancel… and now I will be doing so. I wait for this app and it is bullshit.

    Get NFL on my Droid or get fucked Sirius.


  52. There getting Howard stern on there. Be patient. Comes 2011.

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