T-Mobile and Samsung Working on a “major” Product Launch this July?


BGR’s reporting that one of their Samsung sources tipped them regarding a “major” product launch for the month of July. There were no other details to be had, but we should note that this rumor comes just a day after we learned T-Mobile has something big planned for June 19th.


Whatever’s going on, we can’t help but believe T-Mobile’s got a pretty hefty Summer coming up. Is this the Samsung Galaxy S confirmation we’ve all been waiting for? If BGR decides to divulge us with more information, we’ll be on hand to bring it to you.

[Note]: I should probably mention that there has been no indication that this could be an Android phone whatsoever. We can only go by what we know: and that’s that T-Mobile is definitely the biggest candidate to get the phone first in the US, and that we’re expecting it sometime this Summer.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. After the Behold II update fail you reported earlier, why would anyone who pays attention to this stuff buy a Samsung. Think I’ll still with HTC or Motorola.

  2. Also, Quentyn Kennemer, you are way better than the other guy who is supposed to post news.

  3. Maybe this is the free replacement phone for the behold 2 I was hearing about

  4. It’s the Galaxy S.

    Samsungs under the delusion that the Galaxy S will be a runaway hit. Nerds don’t trust them, from their horrible support and glitches to their now new reputation of ending device life too early with lies (“can’t be upgraded further.”) It’ll sell as little as the Behold2. Just another Samsung. Just another phone with a iClone UI trying to be an iPhone. And an embarrassing member of the Android family.

  5. @ Jonathan I hear what you’re saying man and I would’ve completely agreed with you a few weeks, before desperation for a new phone kicked in. My G1 took water damage back in December and it’s been glitching it up ever since, I’ve been dying for a new phone but refuse to shell out money for another mid range when im so close to launches of high end phones… Also you have to give it up for the specs… the phone is a beast and alot of people have been waiting what seems like eternity for a high end device to come to tmobile. I just dont know if i have the patience to wait any longer for the next Beastly HTC phone to finally come to Tmobile…

  6. @jonathan

    BS… Nerds don’t drive runaway hits. From one nerd to another, I plan to pick up both the evo and the galaxy S and keep the one I like more. Manufacturers are still learning the ropes. Samsung gets plenty of slack from me because they hold the keys to the most advanced tech out there at the moment.

  7. Come on T-Mobile. Bring us some LOVE!!! If I don’t hear anything about good phones coming to T-mobile before next Friday, I will go down to a Sprint store to be tempted to buy the EVO. It may not be a GSM, but it has good coverage and good speeds even without the 4G in my area.

  8. @Fahad – You don’t have to have the patience wait for an htc beast to hit tmobile!?! I am so sick of hearing people say this about tmobile, have you ever heard of the Nexus One?!?!?!? The only phone out right now running froyo?!?!?! Currently the fastest phone on the market?!?!

  9. @jason

    When no one cares about your phone, you don’t have a hit.

  10. I think everybody is tripping talkin about the Behold II and the Galaxy S in the same sentence. Two WAAAAY different phones. It was Samsungs first gen Android phone and it was hella expensive and had that stupid looking Cube on it. This thing deserved to be dropped off at the park never to be retrieved. There’s no possible way that the SGS will be left out in the cold because there’s almost no way that they can or have a good reason to try to top this device as fast as, lets sa Moto is seemingly trying to do to the Droid. Eclair > FroYo > Gingerbread and your asking for a lot if you want passed that. Like they OWE us updates or something ffs.

  11. @ricknexus – two strikes against N1. It doesn’t have a front facing camera, which is what I would like to have on my phone, and it is having issues with the touch screen. However I don’t know if they have fixed this or not. (as in multitouch)

  12. @ricknexus, agreed. The Nexus One has been, arguably, the best Android phone available ever since its launch almost five months ago. Now, with the FroYo update being pushed out as we speak, there’s no argument at all.

    I bought mine, unsubsidized, as soon as the 850/1900/2100 version came out, and I’m currently using it, unsupported, on Telus. It’s a joy to use, and it was completely worth paying the full cost. When other people (including iPhone users) see it, they are impressed and/or
    jealous. A couple of my friends have already bought one of their own.

    The Nexus One is a beast, in an incredibly compact and attractive package. T-Mobile customers should consider themselves lucky to have access to the subsidized version.

  13. @swehes – I agree. I would have bought it if it had the front facing camera. Now that the google phone store is closing down, ill have to wait for a Nexus1 with a front facing camera to hit tmobile stores.

  14. doing forget that with touchwiz samsung cant release the kernel and they wont so it makes it really hard and nearly impossible to make a custom rom of a newer os so font expect to see froyo or gingerbread on it

  15. @pimpstrong, I disagree. They may be two completely different phones, but they are still produced by Samsung. The Behold II wasn’t the first time that Samsung has had such shoddy customer/device support, just check out the comments on the other articles. Also, the Galaxy S has the same proprietary interface layer that the Behold II has: TouchWiz. They may call it “Smart Life” or whatever, but it’s the same thing, just without the cube. Aside from being hideously tacky and bloated, it means that Galaxy S owners will NEVER have its source. This phone will never be completely hacked. If you can look at Samsung’s track record in the face and still go and buy the Galaxy S, then you are a new kind of gullible. Don’t get me wrong, Samsung builds phones with beautiful hardware, but they screw it up by attempting to dumb down their smart phones to feature-phone status through their UI and by providing some of the worst support in recent tech history. Trust me, I’m a Behold II owner.

  16. So is the Galaxy S supposed to be different from the EVO type phone that is rumored to be on its way as well? OR might they be one in the same?

  17. @Chris So the Behold II isnt a fail and does deserve a great deal of work on upgrading to 2.x? I cant vouche for the customer/device support thats just wrong with any phone/company. I can’t have too much arguement about the SGS tho since I’ve never held it but from what I’ve seen on video its nothing but amazing. If Samie wants to commit suicide in this market then they will just pass up on FroYo. And if they do? Is it not one of the top 5 best phones out in this caliber?

  18. HTC, 2.2+ or nothing for me, come TM mhe substandard Android phones arent cutting it anymore. I love your service, dont want to change, but really want a better phone. I know the N1 is available, but it isnt the phone I’m looking for, especially with all the problems its had.

  19. I agree… I wouldn’t get so excited about another Samsung after the behold 2 news. Every samsung phone I have had, or have demoed in store was crap, regardless of the carrier (ie Sprint, VZW, Tmobile). My girlfriend also has a samsung and has had 2 get it replaced numerous times. I have also heard before that LG and Samsung are part of the same company overall. It’d be nice if HTC and Tmobile had some big plans… perhaps the N2 :) lol with the option of HTC Sense or not and w/ Froyo :)

  20. when the hell is t-mobil comming out with the G2 or a sidekick with android….i wouldnt buy either phone but its just about time they update those dead models.

  21. Do I smell a Behold III in the making?

  22. I would steer clear away from any samsung phone from now.

  23. @Waldo Brown: The MyTouch Slide is basically the G2. And before you start trashing the specs, go handle one. I have, and it’s all kinds of quick. Add the speed boost of Froyo to that and you’ve got a really competitive phone.

  24. I’d love to see Nexus1 come to TMO for family plans not just individul. Samsung Galaxy…not excited. Bring us a 1 GHZ HTC Android phone and we’ll be happy. Physical keyboard as well as virtual keyboard would be a huge bonus. Maybe something with these specs will be out by the end of the year. I’m considering picking up a mytouch slide as stop gap phone, but that will get pricey unless I can recoup most of the cost on ebay if/when they finally release something better. Maybe I’m one of the few that actually wants to stay with TMO. Great prices and customer service and no coverage issues in Atlanta area.

  25. @fidget – I want to move to T-mobile but I still haven’t seen any phone that qualifies. I would jump on a Nexus One in a heartbeat if they would sell it in store. Although prefered something with a bigger screen. I am just wishing that the Project Emerald is true and hope it will come soon.

  26. @swehes. I’m the eternal optimist. I believe there’ll be good options for all consumers; low-end, mid-range, high-end. Lots of speculation about the high-end, but there’ll be 1-2 strong choices within 3 months. TMO is best carrier by far IMHO.

    Sprint sucked, worst customer service and CDMA not GSM. For anyone who travels internationally, especially Europe, GSM carrier such as TMO is much better. I don’t travel much but I can be guaranteed to step off the plane in London and have my TMO phone work. With Sprint they used to offer really crappy GSM rental phones (bricks) for exorbitant fees. Perhaps they’ve improved in this area. My point is, I think you’ll be very happy to join the TMO family. I’ve been very happy with them for 7-8 years now, both on individual and family plans. I’m off contract in a few months and have no plans on moving. Having said that I have no plans on renewing my contract either. I’d rather pay full price for the phones and have lower monthly charges.

    Mytouch slide seems like a GREAT mid-range (bordering on high-end) phone that will meet the needs of 80% consumers.

    Nexus1 meets the higher-end market and will likely be in TMO stores soon along with the Samsung Galaxy or equivalent.

    My wish would be a new 1GHZ HTC sidekick phone running Froyo. I wouldn’t doubt we’ll get that by Christmas if not sooner.

  27. @Waldo Brown / @JaylanPHNX:
    You both just showed an extreme ignorance in the android world. 1) The “G2” Was created. It launched at T-Mobile Europe and is commonly known as the HTC Hero. Don’t Believe me, look it up (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTC_Hero). Unfortunately, for some reason it was never brought to America. My personal belief is that T-mobile just decided not to cut into the profit margins of the My-Touch 3G.
    2) The My-Touch never was intended to be the “G2” and you can’t pretend you believe Google would associate with a second rate device like that.
    3) Obviously, the “Nexus One” came out and was Not called the “G-2” even though it had a syndication deal with T-mobile. This therefore gives credence to the belief that there was a Trademark dispute between Google and Gatorade, thus ending the G-phone line.

    4) http://phandroid.com/2009/07/13/t-mobile-g2-touch-htc-hero/

  28. Whether you like Samsung or not you can’t deny that this will be the most powerful phone running Android that is poised to release this year. GSM Arena states it is on top of the Android food chain and it’s screen is far Superior than the Nexus Ones or any other phone available right now. Here is the review stating that this is will be the most powerful Android device released this year. http://www.gsmarena.com/samsung_i9000_galaxy_s-review-478.php

  29. I was really looking forward to the SGS, but after the Behold II news, the decision to buy has definitely been put on hold. Sammy really doesn’t get the whole “forest for the trees” argument when they made that decision.

    Look at all the people across all the blogosphere who now have a negative view of Sammy. It takes early adopters to make your product/service a success and they certainly seemed to turn off a lot of would-be early adopters, myself included, with the Behold II news. But hey, maybe no one will pay attention to us and it will succeed and maybe that will get Sammy to commit real resources to support the SGS. I might still get one, but it won’t be on launch day and let’s face it, both Tmo and Sammy needed that. Now, I might be hoping over to Sprint, despite the fact I rather have a gsm phone.

  30. i’m using motorola cliq right now but i’m going to change it back to samsung behold 2 that’s been flashed with BH_MAN’s take 5 rom because cliq is so slow and sometimes it dials people by itself and my signal just goes out randomly (maybe it’s t-mobile?) i used mytouch before and that phone is a total disaster (my coworker agrees) it froze up on me so many times i had to do warranty exchangeS!! meaning i did warranty exchanges 3 times already!!! but i when i had samsung behold 2 i really didn’t have any of these problems like i’m having with Motorola Cliq or HTC Mytouch i think i’ll stick with Samsung (if this major launch is all about the GALAXY S!!!!) this phone is going to be the greatest!!!

  31. @fidget The Samsung is 1 ghz and reportedly faster than the HTC models and current iphone since they use a different chip constructed by Samsung. A keyboard just adds bulk and weight which is more of a preference. Most friends i know with the Droid don’t even use the keyboard. The touch screen works fine and a keyboard is not necessary. The Nexus 1 is a good phone but starting to look dated with the new phones coming out.

  32. @ricknexus

    sorry man but I have to disagree with the Nexus 1 being the high-end phone that TMO offers… TMO doesn’t carry it in the store, they did not print one word of advertisement for it, they do not offer insurance on it… the only thing TMO does is take your money to use their service. The Nexus 1 is a HTC/GOOGLE phone only. TMO had absolutely no say in the production of this phone. Google, as a thank-you to TMO for believing in them and pushing Android with the G1, offered to include TMO 3G bands in the N1 so TMO customers can use the phone on their network. Because it’s GSM, AT&T users can use this phone on their network as well. It’s exactly the same thing for them, minus the 3G, but you don’t see AT&T customers saying that the N1 is an AT&T phone. TMO has not officially had a “high-end” android phone ever. The SGS will be the first and hopefully not the last…

  33. @Zeo and anyone else who has the same thought process about Samsung not updating there hardware. WHO CARES!!! I will buy the Galaxy S and if Samsung does not upgrade it in a timely fashion then I will buy another phone.

  34. @ObsceneJester, not sure if you meant hardware or software, but I think you meant software. I’m glad you’re willing to go out and buy the SGS. Like I said they need early adopters. Hopefully that will encourage Sammy to update the Android underneath. But personally, I don’t want to go out and buy a new phone every year. That’s quite a bit of money after a while. Especially since Google keeps adding new features to each version of Android, it’d be nice to take advantage of those features without having to buy another phone. I want to opt out of signing up for a contract and want to purchase the phone outright and get the cheaper plan on Tmo so for me that means selecting a phone that will be well supported. More and more that looks like an N1, even though I would prefer the SGS because it’s hardware specs are a definite step up.

  35. @zeo, I did mean software. I usually buy 2 phones per year and never sign a contract. After using the phone for 6 months to 1 year I sell it on ebay. I usually end up losing between $100-$200 a phone. In my opinion that is a small price to pay for always having the latest technology.

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