Motorola Shadow Gets an Inventory Listing Too


Not to be outdone by the Motorola Droid 2 getting its very own Verizon inventory listing today, the Motorola Shadow decided it wanted to mark out its territory in the annals of Verizon stock too. You’ll note it is only listed as the Motorola MB810, lending credence to the fact that this device will receive a new name upon release (most likely a variation of  “Droid Extreme”).


Just like the Droid 2 listing, we aren’t getting any super juicy info out of this, but it further reinforces the idea that these devices will most likely launch simultaneously. Verizon has a history of releasing two Android phones within a short time period (Droid/Droid Eris, Droid Incredible/LG Ally), and an updated Droid at a lower price would keep that line going strong without needing too much promotion (think Blackberry Storm/Storm 2) while a higher priced, higher specced phone like the MB810 would be the big market push. Just my two cents on the whole matter, anyway.

[via Droid Life]

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  1. Wow just got confirmation the vzw phone droid Ultra code name moto shadow will have not 1 but 2!!! Snap dragon processors!!! One for graphix and the other for the phone it’s self. He said also droid 2 is pretty cool 2 but the ultra will be the it phone to have …. Hhhmmmm should I get my deposit back for my Evo ??? Remember I broke this story!!! Lol seriously

  2. Nice, Nice, i read on engadget that the droid 2, will have a 3.7 inch screen


    This is cool. There will be some nice options when my wife joins me on Verizon. She will probably want the keyboard so I hope they do a clean design on the Droid 2.

  4. Please be vanilla… At least one of these 2 phones… Oh Moto and Big Red please just let it be all unmolested, beautiful, powerful, Android…

  5. Verizon gets all the good devices, both of these look good, I will have to see if them in person first before switching carriers to get one…

  6. I was hoping the Droid 2 would come with a larger screen. Looks like I’ll have to skip it for the Shadow or wait a little longer.

  7. OK, where is the Galaxy S. Thats the phone I am waiting for from verizon. Shadow would be a second choice, thanks to updated 45nm CPU, but really want the Super AMOLED screen too.

  8. All I got say is DROOOOID

  9. @ John,

    I feel you man. I was hoping that the update to the Samsung Moment (My phone) would have a bigger screen than my current. But it looks like the Moment 2 has the same screensize. :(

    I really want a 4inch or bigger screen phone with a keyboard. So far the 2 best phones on the horizon (Galaxy S and Evo 4G) dont have a physical keyboard. Ill have to keep waiting

  10. I don’t get all this stuff. I just ordered the Incredible through Verizon. Is this technology going to be in the next phone coming out or can I upload it to my Incredible?

  11. Hi,

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    “Samsung Needs to Stick to Their Word – Behold 2 Update”

    I really think this is an important cause, and I’d like to encourage you to add your signature, too. It’s free and takes just a few seconds of your time.


  12. @R

    -no, this is a new phone. You can’t update your incredible. It will be obsolete before it even ships to you ;-)

  13. The Incredible will upgrade to DROID 2.2. As far as the Shadow is concerned, I bought a Q. It will take YEARS before I trust MOTO again.

  14. @Eli
    Wait, isn’t the Android firmware upgradable by the customer?

  15. @R your phone wont be obsolete it wont be the best one out and you still have the 15 days to return it once you get it so if you want the latest return the incredible

  16. So in the performance test on Android 2.1 the incredible comes in just slower the the nexus one, and now nexus is way ahead of everyone else. But a few days back the shadow got a froyo update speed test and came in a bit slower. Well I don’t think the Droid 2 will be much faster then the shadow. That b eing said when the incredible gets froyo I believe it will be up there with the nexus running identical speeds. Plus you get the 8mp camera with the incredible. And why does everyone here hate HTC so much? It may possible be the best company around to compete with Apple. And even tho Google and HTC may not have been eye to eye on previous updates they will be now. Google knows HTC is in a good spot and let’s not forget suing Apple. I think Google probably likes that. MOTO might have had a one hit wonder with the Droid.

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