Droid Incredible Shipments Resume June 22nd


If you were a little late pulling the trigger on the Droid Incredible for Verizon, chances are you’re regretting your decision a bit. Strong demand for the phone has caused shortages, which were initially reflected by a June 16th ship date on Verizon’s website. Today it looks as if shipments were pushed back again, this time to June 22nd:


The Motorola Droid was an absolute sensation and now, with the HTC Incredible, Verizon is becoming a main player in the Android game. It’ll be interesting to see how demand for the HTC EVO 4G on Sprint compares as the two CDMA carriers in the US are beefing up their robot arsenal.

Rather than fall into a depression that you have to wait almost a month for the Incredible, get your order on before that date slips any more!

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  1. Actually, I’m falling into a depression because I’m with TMobile who initially lead the charge and sadly is finishing the race to have desirable phones in last place.

  2. Sorry to hear that. Maybe it is time to upgrade to the big V

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  4. @ NRBovee : I went by a T-Mobile store here just east of Tampa this past thursday to look at a 3G Slide a sales rep was beta testing. While I do like the 3g Slide I told him I wanted a “superphone” like the Incredible or Evo, and I asked him about the Nexus One being sold by Vodafone and other carriers directly from their stores in Europe.
    He said the T-Mobile will be selling the Nexus One soon and there are some other major phone releases due over the summer. I liked the 3G Slide a little better than my current phone the G1, but its just not a superphone so I am waiting on the N1 or something at least as good.

    So TMO, while a bit late, does look like it will be stepping up to bat real soon. And thats good because I have no love whatsoever for Verizon.


  5. If you have to wait until 6/22 you might as well a few additional weeks and see what the Motos will bring.

  6. That’s good to hear going_home! I have a G1 as well that I want to chuck out my house but I am waiting on a T-Mobile HTC powered super phone.

  7. Anyone who has ordered this phone over the internet or in-store didn’t play it smart.

    You HAVE to keep checking your local Best Buys and Verizon stores to see if shipments get it.

    I laugh at the people who fork over $300 to Verizon and then sit around a month waiting for a package. Gotta play it smart guys…


  9. I wasn’t due for my upgrade till the 10th so I’ve been suffering having to wait, only 7 more days till it arrives. It has been a long three weeks. @JR: I’m glad to know that the phone is everything I’m hoping for. What kind of battery did you buy to supplement the extreme power usage?

  10. dont worry NRBovee Tmobile has a ‘something big’ coming next month. Plus you can still get a Nexus One it is a great phone and currently the only phone you can put 2.2 on!

  11. Too late for HTC. We may as well wait for the MOTOROLA SHADOW. It’s due out in July, so if we have to wait until June 22nd, I may as well wait another week or two for a better device.

  12. Well, it said “shipping 6/16” when I ordered on 5/25 but it actually shipped 5/28. Meaning, I should have it in my hot little hands by 6/1; not too bad. So, I say if you want one, just order it.

  13. @android_dude: The INC comes with a (laughable) 1300 mAh battery. Most of the ‘heavy users’ I know have switched to the 1750 mAh by Seidio. The great thing (besides more life) is the fact that it fits under the stock cover! Seidio is working on 3500 mAh (passing on that one — gonna be friggin’ huge). HTC is working on a 2150 mAh… THAT’s the one I’m holding out for. It will be just a bit bigger than stock and I’m hoping the new back cover will come out as far as the camera…thereby making the camera ‘flush’ with the back.

    My INC never fails to amaze me…get one if/when you can!

  14. Probably got the Eris battery for longer life in the Incredible.

  15. I would have bought this one already if it had been available. Now I’m glad the supply issues forced me to wait. It sounds like the reception and call quality are problematic.

  16. is the phone out of stock in stores, too? Or is it just on the website?

  17. I had to wait till May 14th to save up some money and order my droid, It is supposed to get here sometime next week i agree android_dude its been a very long 2 weeks! I have been dreaming about this phone :)



  20. Vzw told my cousin that an Incredible shipment was coming around June 1st. His DInc was delivered 5/27/10. So, they might come sooner.

  21. Its wierd after hearing about all the incredible shipping issues…i work at Best buy and we just recently got a few shipped to our store.

  22. How does the Ship By date work on the Verizon Wireless website? I ordered my Droid Incredible in-store a week ago when the ship-by date was June 11. Does that mean I’ll get my Droid before June 11, or do I go by the current ship-by date of June 22?

  23. I went to Best Buy and they were stacked with the Incredible. I asked the sales associate how come you have so many in stock but Verizon which was a few stores down were sold out. He explained that when Verizon customers such as myself come in looking for the Incredible they cannot do an early upgrade. The only way you can get the phone at the discount rate is if you are due for a new every two year upgrade or you are a brand new customer to Verizon or you pay the full retail price for the phone. He stated that since most of the people that walk in the store are trying to get the phone on an early upgrade Best Buy cannot give it them at the discounted price resulting in customers deciding to just wait or order it through Big Red.

  24. Maybe Verizon is not interested in selling the incredible, they want to sell more Moto phones, they make more money with Moto

  25. As I understand it, the Incredible has been shipping right along, albeit slowly. However, if you order one today, =(5/29) it won’t ship until 6/22.

    I ordered mine on 5/18, the website at that time said 6/4 shipping, and that’s when mine will ship.

    That explains why “13G” see’s them arriving at BB & 12.louisdamani was told of a shipment on June 1st.

    Am I mis-informed?

  26. @Marty

    I think you’re right. That’s (kind of) the way the Verizon salesperson explained it to me at the store, but she was saying it in such a roundabout way that I thought she was messing with me. Thanks for the clarification!

  27. Verizon has a special agreement with Motorola for the Droid phones they provide, Moto requires Verizon to have a very strict marketing campaign for the Droid, and Moto recently in an interview revealed that Verizon is the one doing the marketing and Moto expects highly of them in order to keep the Moto Droid phones on top. So my guess is, if they want to keep Moto Droid’s they have to keep Moto happy, its all about money, they don’t care

  28. I got lucky. i had an incredible on order with Verizon. Yesterday (4/29/10) we stopped into Best Buy for lunch. My buddy asked if they had any incredibles. The lady said they didn’t but a store across town just got a couple, but they were already gone. 30 seconds later a guy walks up with a small package. she opens it and it had an incredible in it. i took it :)

    She called a few other stores and found one about 20 miles away. my buddy drove and picked it up :)

    so…… there are a few out in the wild.

  29. Ordered incredible from dell on 5/18 and got the shipping email today. I will have mine June 2

  30. Tmo coverage sux in KY but VZW absolutely rocks. I was with Tmo for eight years and now never lose signal and have 3G everywhere. G1 was outdated before release and now MTS is released with same old hardwa…. Wait a sec, VZW has the Ally which is even weaker ;)

    At least my Inc is rocks! :)

  31. sooooo the droid sells well with advertising, yet the droid incredible is thought to be seeling better (if stock was available) without advertising?

    Looks like verizon needs to rethink their motorola strategy.

  32. i love the droind incredible it is awesome people r waiting for the iphone in verizon wireless im not i love the incredible do u

  33. Sucks for Verizon, since they were hoping to churn out as many of these as they could before the release of the new iPhone and even the Evo. In a matter of days, it’s going to be old tech.

  34. Old Tech? I don’t think so, the new iPhone is still behind the crowd, so if you want old tech, it’s it.

  35. In a matter of days, it might be old NEWS, but not old tech. It’s still right up there with the best of them, and will be for quite some time as other rumored smartphones suggest.

  36. Yeah, it’s hardly old tech, even the Nexus One is still a top of the line phone (imo) and it came out 5 months ago… Maybe amongst us geeks it could be considered old-ish, but if you look at the broader picture there’s still people using AND buying lower end phones like the Hero, Eris, Moment, Devour, MyTouch, Ally, etc. The N1, EVO, Inc, etc. are all still head and shoulders above those phones.

  37. As far as Moto/VWZ’s relationship… I dunno, I think either VZW is getting more out of it than Moto is, or the relationship doesn’t go as deep as some of you think. Sure VZW does a lot of advertising for Moto’s phones, BUT they still tag their entire Android line with the Droid moniker whether it’s made by Moto or not… So in effect, any and all Droid-branded PR helps the entire line and VZW’s bottom line (as well as Moto, HTC, etc.). Moto’s exclusivity w/VZW may be due simply to the fact that they don’t have a strong relationship w/Sprint and not because they’re getting some great PR funding from VZW.

  38. The Iphone 4g come on Iphone fans the features they are putting in the new iphone are features you could get when you jailbreak them, apple just stealing ideas they suck, go DROID

  39. You’d think they might want to tone down the advertising for the Incredible a bit if they can’t keep up with demand. I see an ad for one on this page even

  40. except for the fact that when people hear “Droid” they immediately think of the Moto Droid, even in the commercials. I read an article about the Verizon/Moto partnership is why I suggested what I said. The article said about Verizon planning to step up advertising for the Droid 2 launch at the request of Motorola in order to maintain there partnership for the Droid phones they make.
    Ever wonder why Verizon always uses the Droid in its Droid commercials? ever wonder why the other Droid phones don’t get the same marketing treatment? Ever wonder why Droid Incredible and Droid Eris never got the marketing attention or launch they deserved? The Droid Incredible kicks the Moto Droid’s @$$ with its performance, better screen and better camera.

  41. I ordered my Droid Incredible 5 days ago and it shipped yesterday. So you guys will probably get it much much sooner than anticipated. I CAN’T WAIT!!!

  42. Alright so I purchased it about a week or two ago and it was scheduled to ship about June 9th. I’m a bit confused, does this new date go into effect for all orders that haven’t been shipped yet? If so, I’m starting to get a little impatient with Verizon, between this and them stalling on announcing a BlackBerry Bold 9650 release date. Ridiculous!

  43. I called around to 3 or 4 store in my area 2nd week of May and found a store that had a few in stock. I walked right in an bought it, used my upgrade from my second line and sold my Eris for $200. BEST PHONE EVER!! KILLS MY FRIENDS iPHONE AND NEXUS. UNREAL PHONE! TOTALLY WORTH THE WAIT!!

  44. The wait isn’t that big a deal any more now that I have heard from verizon where I stand in this whole slipping shipment date process. What gets me is posts of people saying they walked into a best buy and walked out with an Incredible while I have been waiting for almost 3 weeks.

    Anyone on the wait list tried going to the Verizon store they bought it from to see if they have one to give you? Or is best buy some how immune to these shortages?

  45. Best Buy Mobile has them in stock and no mail in rebate so everyone should go there

  46. I’m in limbo myself looking at phones to upgrade from my crappy locked down VZW LG Voyager.My notepad has a freaking character limit FFS….are you kidding me? I can’t even make a TO DO List for a month because I run out of room for text??? I end up making these cryptic little notes that have no details whatsoever, and there are no reminders linked into calendars or anything… LOLZ ASTRID will wtfpwn this.

    I keep hearing over and over that Best Buy has Dinc’s in so I will have to call around to some places.

    Thought about doing the buy 1 droid , get 1, but I only qualify for hte early upgrade as I am the main line, and I am NOT paying $60 total for data, when one phone at that price is more than too much already. I pay $10 for my little data plan for my multimedia phone LG Voyager, so $20 more for apps, 8mp camera(voyager 2mp), blazing fast internet/software etc etc is worth it.

    Just too bad I have to eat $100-150, but waiting 6 months or more for better deals just ain’t gonna happen, these prices will stay around that for awhile to come, and even places like Wirefly where you pay your insurance upfront comes out to $100+ for high-end phones.

  47. I preordered my Dinc on 4/13.. I remember it vividly..

    Anyhoo, this phone is awesome and bottom line in my opinion if you don’t like/need a physical keyboard then sit tight for the Dinc. It really is some raw power. If I need something, press the search button, speak my request..

    Viola! Here’s your answer, sir.

    People will make their remarks about the battery life. Honestly, I’d say 6-8 hard hours on your phone will probably drain it.. but the battery itself should be bigger. This bad boy needs the juice.. I haven’t sold out for the 1750mAh yet.. seeing if we can get a same-thickness 2500mAh.

    Others have issues with the keyboard. Some say inaccurate, clumsy, etc.. Honestly I turn that sucker landscape and I can drill out a paragraph in no time. Wanna get fancy? Install Swype, you remember the commercial for “Worlds Fastest Text” (even though it lies!).. Then you can just get silly, but you also have to nearly learn a new input method for your fingers to be fluid with Swype. Regular keyboard works fine for me tbh.

    I’m a server in an extremely busy restaurant and I find myself pulling my phone out to help a guest, check weather/score of the BOSvORL game..etc.. Seriously though, I use the hell out of this phone for more then I would have ever expected.

    And to finish, Moto’s Droids don’t have Sense. And yeah, that makes for a world of a difference.

    Like I say to my tables, I’m not telling you what to do.. I’m just telling you whats good.

  48. Folks, the incredible is incredible and there is no other way to say it. if you want the cream of the crop get the incredible. If your willing to settle for second best then the Moto lineup is for you.

    This device is in no way old tech, and I am willing to bet that the 1ghz snapdragon processor will still be a viable competitor to any of the new devices to hit the market this year. So to wrap it up here and get off my soapbox, if your willing to wait, the Incredible truly is worth it.

  49. The Droid incredible and the Eris use the same exact battery , we owned both phones , I have the incredible and now my wife has the Motorola Droid . 2 GREAT phones !!!! The incredible is the best phone I have ever owned by far !!

  50. Well, it seems that HTC’s doing one mistake after another. Seems that just making good phones is not enough.

  51. Don’t worry. Even though this will increase suicides at whatever Chinese factory filled with underpaid stressed out workers is building it. I’m sure they will be able to increase production and get one of these phones to you soon enough. And that is all that matters.

  52. The incredible rocks. To heck with the iPhone. I don’t care if vz ever gets it. Steve Jobs blew it by keeping it away too long.

  53. @JR Why are you screaming? Feeling bad?

  54. They made a nice phone, but knowone can get one. More people are picking other phones like LG Ally and Devour. Nice phones too.

  55. @ Fred, actually Taiwan is very westernized and is where HTC phones are made. Bye bye now.


  56. cant wait for my incredible to get here.

  57. I’ll just keep my Eris, I still love the little bastard

  58. I’m on a waiting list as of 5/28 at BB and I have been inundated with Droid Incredible ads on TV. There are at least two different commercials and it’s fricking torture while I wait!!

  59. I went into the Verizon store and made a deposit on my new Incredible in mid-May and they told me it would be shipped on May 28th. So even though it says that the new Incredibles will not be shipped until June 22nd, I should still be getting mine this week, right? Somebody help me out! I am extremely anxious and have been waiting for my new phone to arrive and I am hoping I don’t need to wait much longer.

  60. The folks that say they are going to wait longer for the next big phone, to me, are foolish…you’ll forever be waiting…as soon as you land “the next great technology” in your hot little hands…it will within weeks or months be outtdated with yet “the NEXT” great technology…If it does what you want it to do then get it…enjoy it till the next upgrade.

  61. Ordered HTC Inc on May 15th with “ship by 6/1 date” and got Fedex # last night, so it’s right on schedule for me.

  62. I ordered the incredible last week from a vz store. When/Where can I find the fedex #?

  63. I ordered my incredible on the 10th and got it the 27th so not too Kong to wait. But for those trying to decide on the incredible or wait to see what MOTO is bringing I suggest waiting. as much as I love the new HTC it has major signal issues and this is coming from someone that loves Verizon and lives in a big city. I buy a new phone about every 4 months so about then ill have whatever else is new. But with signal issues and bad battery life I should’ve waited.

  64. ok well i ordered my droid on the morning of may 19 i believe the date at that time was june 7? but i’m not so sure, the guy in the verizon store said i would get it by today, but i never recieved a shipment notification :( i really hope i’ll get it soon

  65. I just spoke to a Verizon Rep today 6/2 and he stated that if you ordered your droid incredible between 5/21 – 5/23 then it is scheduled to ship 6/11. When I ordered it on 5/22 both the website and the Verizon Live Chat Rep stated that it would ship no later than 6/14 – only time will reveal the truth.

  66. @mike i ordered mine as well in 5/22 and the rep told me is should be shipped no later than 6/11 so i am hoping that it will be shipped a little earlier if not on time :P

  67. o and i hope that i comes with the 2gb sd card. Plz verizon spare us all!!!!

  68. I ordered my droid on 5/20 and the shipping date was 6/10 and thats also what the rep said at vzw. Im still waiting on my phone and haven’t received a confrimation.

  69. Is there any way to “track” your Verizon order? Ordered mine today, they say it will ship 6/23. For those of you waiting for yours… keep us posted to let us know if they are “on time” Thanks!

  70. My fiancé ordered his the 22nd while I ordered mine the 25th. Mine just came in today but he has yet to even receive a shipping confirmation. How did that happen? His was supposed to be a birthday present so I let him take mine. What I’m wondering other than why mine already shipped is how long do we have to wait for the one he ordered because we keep getting different dates all the time.

  71. I’ve heard left and right about people ordering on the same dates and some getting the phone within a week and others getting them three weeks later. What the hell? Why is Best Buy getting shipments over Verizon? Doesn’t make any sense whatsoever and I’m very disappointed in the management of the entire shipping process. Someone dropped the ball. Anyways, I ordered mine May 23rd and was told I would have it by June 10th. Called a rep and was told it would be shipped by June 1st. Called another rep on June 1st and was told it wouldn’t ship til June 11th. No ones on the same page. So by other posts I assume its an average of 13-17 days before you get a shipping confirm. I’m starting to regret using my new every two on this when I could of waited two or three more weeks for a potentially better phone. But I guess that’s what 30 day return policy’s are used for. I still have to wait to mail in the rebate cause I don’t have a damn phone!

  72. went to Best Buy and they were stacked with the Incredible. I asked the sales associate how come you have so many in stock but Verizon which was a few stores down were sold out. He explained that when Verizon customers such as myself come in looking for the Incredible they cannot do an early upgrade. The only way you can get the phone at the discount rate is if you are due for a new every two year upgrade or you are a brand new customer to Verizon or you pay the full retail price for the phone. He stated that since most of the people that walk in the store are trying to get the phone on an early upgrade Best Buy cannot give it them at the discounted price resulting in customers deciding to just wait or order it through Big Red.

    This is GREAT INFO. thanks. I called BB and never thought to ask this. Wirefly has similar deal, you have to wait till 20th month to buy through them. And with me that would be December/Jan I would get an Android phone lol. Too long to wait I think at this point, I am too fanatatical about getting one sooner than later, spent too much time researching, adn I have the money to burn on it now, so rather see it slip away with some crazy misfortune like car repairs or something, maybe best to get it now and prep for the worst as usuall.

  73. ok everybody!! i posted a few days ago hoping that i was gonna get my phone soon and i did!! i received my order confirmation this morning and my incredible shipped yesterday afternoon! so i’m going to get it today!! i so EXCITED! just to all those waiting on theirs, keep waiting just a lil longer i know its hard lol but it really does come when you least expect as i was expecting mines to be delivered on the 7th lol but today is the 4th :)

  74. It’s been pushed back to the 25th now. I just placed an order yesterday. The suspense is killing me!

  75. where do you receive shipping confirmation? i bought the phone in a retail store, and they will be shipping it to me. do they email or text you?

  76. they will email you the shipping confirmation.

  77. I ordered my droid may 23rd from verizon and I got my shipping confirmation today (6/8) and will receive it by 6/10.

  78. i ordered mine around may 20-22 and at the time it said june 7th was the ship date. here it is june 8th and i have yet to recive any word about my phone. i am really close to cancel my order and wait it out. if you buy a $600 phone they should get it to you in at least 3 days…

  79. i ordered my dinc on may 30..just wanted to know about how long do i have to wait until i receive a e-mail confirmation. they said i should have it by the 22.

  80. I ordered mine May 30th. I’ve been calling Verizon daily to get an update on it. They told me it should be in on the 14th or 15th. I hope so.

  81. I ordered my Droid I at a Verizon store on 6/2. According to the Verizon store and the 1-800 #; there is NO way of tracking your order if you order it at the store; unless you call in and ask for a status. I have tried to “link” up the order # from my receipt with my acct. and you can’t. Therefore, I will NOT be emailed any confirmation info when it ships. I have to keep calling back. ;o( I was told I had a June 23rd ship; we shall see.

  82. micheal that gives me some kinda hope that i’ll get it soon =)

  83. Michael – Keep us updated when you get it.

  84. Hey Guys,

    Can you help me out here? If I am upgrading to a smartphone should I go with the incredible or wait for the shadow to come out?

  85. I ordered my phone from a store on 5/25, and received a shipment confirmation via email today. I will receive the phone 6/16.

  86. I ordered my phone on the 30 of may. At that time online it said 6/22. By now it says end of july on the site. Does that mean I will get it then??? Please help I have such crappy flip phone and I am so desperate to get a smartphone. Please help!!!

  87. Fred,
    I ordered the Incredible June 7th and at that time the website said June 28th so that means the phone will ship no later than June 28th. I am guessing you should get your phone any day now.
    People ordering the phone now will have to wait till the end of July.

  88. Ship by date is based on the order date. I ordered mine on 6/2, which at the time was supposed to ship by 6/22 like yours. I called Verizon Customer Service on 6/22 and they said the ship by date had been moved to 6/24 (today). I still haven’t received an email with the tracking info, but hopefully it arrives before the weekend!

  89. Well… No phone today. I was really hoping for it. I guess that means I’ll get it on monday since they don’t deliver on weekends. Right? I’m disappointed at Verizon. I think everyone should get a free accessory or something for all the trouble we’ve gone through to get this damn phone.

  90. I ordered on the first of June at the store, a day after they pushed the wait to June 22nd from I believe June, 14th. I’m still waiting for this phone and haven’t received any shipping information via e-mail!

    At the time I was initially told a shipped by June, 22 date. I called the 23rd asking for a status update and no one seemed to know when they were shipping out. One guy that I spoke to on the phone said that they take a couple days to get processed and shipped out via the projected ship date. However, when I went to the store a couple days ago, the 23rd and asked a rep, they said my phone was sitting at the warehouse pending processing. I asked her if they are shipped overnight and she said yes. I hope it’s here tomorrow, Saturday the 26. If not, I’ll be frustrated as the lead times don’t seem to be getting any shorter! I was expecting my phone to come closer to the previous quoted ship day than June 22nd…but I guess not.

    BTW, the rep was very rude about the whole thing and didn’t seem to know how to ‘find’ my phone in the first place. I’ve come to the conclusion that when it gets here, it gets here.

  91. I ordered my Incredible, in-store, On 6/6/2010. I was told it would ship by 6/28/10 by both the in-store representative and by a Verizon customer support worker when I called. It is 6/29/10, and the phone has not arrived. I called and after spending thirty minutes on the phone with someone it was determined that “the manufacturer has put a ship-delay on the phone equally approx. 5 days”. Disappointing, especially since they told me I would just have to call back in 5 days if the phone didn’t arrive to check again. The VZ customer support worker was quick to offer me the option to cancel. I wonder if the Incredible is being side-lined at this point due to all the problems with demand and shipping.

    Another maddening issue is that the phone, if it ever arrives, will have an LCD screen and not the OLED screen that was originally advertised with the phone. I worry about the rushed nature of the change and suspect the phone may suffer from issues as a result.

    All in all, I am very disappointed with the entire process and will never buy a phone that can not be walked out of the store with again. The salesman told me the phone would be billed to my July bill — after I got the phone — and it was, in fact, billed in mid-June, far in advance of the phone’s arrival. What the salesman said is not directly Verizon’s fault but still reflects poorly, in my opinion, on Verizon as a whole.

    Likely I will cancel my order at the end of the week and just get a Blackberry. I’ve had a Blackberry for two years and I tell you what — there aren’t any ridiculous supply issues like this. It is nice to pursue the “latest and greatest” but it isn’t worth all this headache.

  92. I ordered my Incredible on 6/10 and just received notification that it has shipped. Hopefully that’s true.

  93. I received my Incredible on Thursday 7/1/2010. The shipping notification came 6/30.

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