Lenovo Wants Android on Its Smartbooks, Delays Upcoming Skylight and U1 Hybrid


Lenovo has already staked their claim in the Android smartphone market, but up until now had been working with other operating systems for a few of their upcoming smartbooks and tablets. The Skylight smartbook was originally shown off using a mostly complete version of a custom Linux build, while the U1 Hybrid was a bit more intersting. The detachable slate portion of the U1 would operate on the lighter-weight Linux, while it would run on Windows 7 when connected to its physical keyboard base to become a smartbook.


That has all changed, as Lenovo is opting to drop its own version of Linux in favor of Android. The Skylight will be delayed and likely make the move to Android, but the fate of the U1 is less clear. In the demos of the device at CES, Lenovo’s Linux would directly interact with Windows 7, so that when the slate was docked back in the keyboard base the same webpage would automatically load through Internet Explorer. Whether or not this type of integration could be achieved or if the dual-OS concept will be dropped altogether remains to be seen.

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  1. i love the concept, its very ambitious and pleases everyone

  2. Do want.

  3. That looks really cool.

    What screen size?

  4. my guess is probably 10.1 inch

  5. Just drop Win7, seems way easier and better that way.

  6. agreed drop win7 and pick up dual android, just have alot more hardware so it runs faster when plugged in… or gut the keyboard and make it cheaper so its a tablet with JUST a KB dock

  7. Do Want! I have been iffy about getting a new laptop because I don’t feel like lugging one around all the time. They come in handy when you need to do some sort of work which requires typing, but a tablet device seems much more convenient for just browsing and looking things up. I would definitely be interested in something like this, you get the best of both!

  8. I’ve wanted the U1 since I first saw it at CES 2010, put it together with Andoid and it is just about the perfect tablet. Can’t wait until it comes out.

  9. It is 11.6 inch.

  10. Pointless for the US market, ppl buy 2 computers, they have tons of cash,

  11. I think I will wait and see what HP has up their sleeves with WebOS before I buy any other mobile computing device.

  12. @Rdx
    You mad?

  13. Hi,

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    “Samsung Needs to Stick to Their Word – Behold 2 Update”

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  14. Keep Windows 7 on the main netbook body and put Android on the slate.
    I would mostly use Android on the slate but nice to have the option of full Windows. Would be nice to be able to use the keyboard with Android.

  15. Linux and Android seems the best way to keep cost down. Being able to run open office is a great advantage for business users. It’s free so why not put both on?

  16. I think Win 7/Android optional on the conjoined one and Android only for the tablet is the best idea.

    Or atleast allow perihperal use with a docked tablet.

  17. nah, drop windoze7 for debian or ubuntu, and we’re game. i wanna know: is the main CPU ARM or x86?

  18. I wonder about the future of windows, looks like Linux will replace it after all.

  19. we’ll see more exciting android competition in this space because any traditional pc company can make one and they don’t have to worry about carrier adoption.

  20. Very cool concept. Best of both worlds.

  21. So why not just do the synchronisation through Chrome or somesuch, instead of IE? Very interested in this concept, and I think the sooner it can be released the better.

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