May 28th, 2010 publishUpdated   Jun 16th, 2010, 3:58 pm

Lenovo has already staked their claim in the Android smartphone market, but up until now had been working with other operating systems for a few of their upcoming smartbooks and tablets. The Skylight smartbook was originally shown off using a mostly complete version of a custom Linux build, while the U1 Hybrid was a bit more intersting. The detachable slate portion of the U1 would operate on the lighter-weight Linux, while it would run on Windows 7 when connected to its physical keyboard base to become a smartbook.


That has all changed, as Lenovo is opting to drop its own version of Linux in favor of Android. The Skylight will be delayed and likely make the move to Android, but the fate of the U1 is less clear. In the demos of the device at CES, Lenovo’s Linux would directly interact with Windows 7, so that when the slate was docked back in the keyboard base the same webpage would automatically load through Internet Explorer. Whether or not this type of integration could be achieved or if the dual-OS concept will be dropped altogether remains to be seen.

[via jkOnTheRun]

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