Droid Incredible Now Shipping In Two Weeks, Chaos Ensues


Remember the first time the HTC Droid Incredible’s shipping date got pushed back? Yea, it happened again. This time, the wait will be much longer, though, with the lot of you not being able to get your piece of Verizon’s scrumptious new pie until May 14th, at the earliest.


I wouldn’t let that keep you down, though. Call every VZW store within reasonable driving distance and scream until you can’t. If that gets you nowhere (and it probably won’t, considering people don’t respond well to obnoxious shouting) then Phandroid’s still got you covered! We’re offering the Droid Incredible at our very own store for a special introductory price! Head 0ver there now to claim yours if you simply can’t wait any longer for Verizon to stock back up.

[Credit Androinica for the image]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Too late. There’s a new Android phone coming out anyway.

  2. Not impressed at all.

  3. Not only every Verizon store… but Best Buy has them too… plenty of them.

  4. HTC Evo…next 3-4 weeks, I can wait to get a phone with a thousand more features. Can’t wait!!!

  5. If you call customer service, you can get them that way.

    I ordered mine Friday 4/30 when they said they wouldn’t be shipping until 5/5.

  6. um, the response isn’t “there is a new phone coming out”.
    the Incredible is for VERIZON, whereas the HTC Evo is for Sprint. Yes, they are both CDMA, but you can’t just unlock for use on the other network.

    you guys are so dumb.

  7. I ordered mine Saturday evening (with the 5-14 ship-by date warning) and it shipped yesterday, and is supposed to arrive Tuesday.

  8. Good ‘old Phandroid, ensuring everyone gets a good piece of pie. ;] Too bad the HTC Evo is Sprint exclusive… otherwise I probably would’ve waited for it.

  9. i wonder if the price will be lower then since this is getting pushed back so much……

  10. Its kinda funny to see folk say “wait on the Evo”. You all do realize HTC makes that as well right? They’ve had shortages on Desires, Nexus Ones and now Incredibles. What do you think is going to happen with the Evo lol? It looks like maybe HTC’s Android devices are in such high demand that they aren’t keeping up in production. Maybe they are at capacity. It certainly seems to explain the shortages.

  11. I love this phone. Traveled 45 minutes by bus (more out of boredom) to find this thing. Worth it. Yes there is the issue with signal strength, but I haven’t had a dropped call and considering how fast they fixed the email issue, I can only assume they will fix this soon.

  12. I can’t speak for everyone but I don’t think there is actually a problem. I ordered mine on Saturday through the website, it was shipped on Sunday, and set to arrive on Wednesday according to FedEx.

  13. I ordered mine on Saturday, it had the same estimated ship date as pictured above, 5/14. I received a shipment confirmation yesterday and it is scheduled to arrive on tomorrow, 5/4. I would take that shipping estimate to be a worst-case scenario.

  14. I had to go to the next town over but I got one.. They are out there!

  15. I got mine on 4/30. Love this with all its bells n whistles plus I got.free.2gb memory card

  16. mine is shipping now as we speak, so order away! i think its just to have a good bit of breathing room for orders to be shipped.

  17. Got my 4/29 I’m disappointed in the signal strength, very low compared with other Verizon phone at same location, but only one dropped call so far. May have to return it is if signal doesn’t improve.

  18. Wonder if the Incredible will go to Amazon for $20 like the Droid?

  19. I ordered mine yesterday and received a shipment confirmation today and it is scheduled to arrive tomorrow, 5/4. What shipping delay? WOOHOO!!!

  20. I thought this was going to be an issue for me. I lost my phone around the first week of april and have been dying to get an Incredible… but going without a phone for a little over 3 weeks wasn’t going to happen (At the time I was following the rumors for awhile and knew it was going to be released April 29).

    Anyway I ended up getting a moto droid and just returned it in the store and picked up an Incredible. If you goto your local verizon store, ask one of the employees to check nearby stores if they don’t have the incredible in stock. My local store just sold the last one when I walked in, but the nearby one (in a hick town) had 20 of them in stock. A lot of stores are still getting shipments despite what the website says.

    I’ve been loving my incredible since :D! So much faster and better in pretty much everyway than the Droid. Good luck ;)

  21. For those complaining about the signal strength you do realize there is no issue with the strength, it’s an issue with the notification’s calibration. You said it yourself no or only 1 dropped call even though the notification is low. You don’t deserve this phone if you are going to let 1 dropped call (and no real issue)be the reason you return the phone.

  22. @Phil
    I do not think they are running at capacity. Yes they are selling out of new phones but I think it is a ploy. If people think things are in such high demand, when really they were just released in short supply, it creates more hype around them and they do end up selling more. It has become all about marketing and if you can keep demand high for an item even if it is artifical you keep your buzz. And since things change so fast in the tech world you have to try and hold onto that buzz as long as you can.

  23. Ordered mine from website on Saturday, fedex will deliver on Tuesday. Had the same pic as above when I ordered it.

  24. cousin got his thursday, its a nice piece of hardware.

  25. Got mine Friday morning at my Costco. Free activation, full-price, yes, but no second tier contract to deal with. I dunno how Phandroid or amazon or best buy are with their contracts…but I know briefly can be murder if you don’t know exactly what you need.
    Other note: I LOVE my incredible! Reports back one bar, but no signal drops or even sketchy calls.
    Sent from my Incredible. ^_^

  26. We ordered the Incredible on Saturday, and my Moto Droid, which was free, already shipped should be here tomorrow.

  27. Got mine the first day it came out ! It’s an awesome phone, but there are some shortcomings. One, the call quality is not what u would expect from a phone running on Verizon, and my screen seems a little washed out, meaning blacks don’t look as black as they should. Other then that its a beast. Stores will have then this week! This is typical hype, the store I went to said they only got 10 in, as compared to about 50 blackberry storms when it was released. so this is just Verizon playing it safe. stores will be fully stocked by later this week I imagine.

  28. Interesting that VZW keeps pushing the ship by date farther and farther back. I agree with tsanuri that they are using this as a tactic to help build the hype behind the phone. It doesn’t seem like they are having too many problems shipping Incredibles out since I finally jumped into the pool and ordered one yesterday AM. My phone left Memphis about 5 hours ago and as of right now it is on a truck out for delivery to my doorstep this AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Uhm…. isn’t this phone already out? My brother got it on the 29th, and mine comes today.

    Where are people getting it’s not coming out until the 14th? It clearly says on Verizon’s website that it is available now.

  30. I’m jealous of you guys who got yours shipped early. I ordered mine in store on 4/30 and they said I’d have it by 5/4, which didn’t happen.

    Called the store and they said it hasn’t shipped yet because there’s no tracking info and that I shouldn’t expect it to ship out again until the 11th :(. Getting tired of waiting!

  31. I ordered mine at Amazon on May 4th. They said it would be delivered by the 14th. The next day my order at Amazon’s website said it wouldn’t be delivered until the 18th or 19th. Today is the 15tj and it still hasn’t shipped. Amazon is obviously yanking my proverbial chain. They suck.

  32. Got mine on the 29th and wished I’d waited…great phone but WAY TO MANY software bugs that need to be worked out as well as battery drain not to mention VERY CRAPPY CALL QUALITY!! The reception SUCKS and I’m in urban Milwaukee, WI. Definitely WAIT until they work the bugs out!

  33. I ordered mine from my local Verizon store on May 16 and on website and store says it will be shipped by 6/4. I hope it doesn’t take that long. think it will??

  34. Yea I’m with Mary. I ordered mine May 9th, and still haven’t gotten it. I called Verizon, and they told me the latest possible ship date is 5/31. SO sick of waiting!

  35. I ordered mine from a Verizon store on May 13th. They said it would be overnighted. When it didn’t arrive, I contacted the store and they said it should be in the next batch which would be shipped by May 29th. I now have to keep calling the sales rep each week and see if there are any new developments because she entered my email in wrong and can’t correct it. Oh well. I’ll just wait and someday it will show up.

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