Droid Does Campaign Keeps Going And Going… And Going


The now-popular phrase “when there’s no limit to what Droid gets, there’s no limit to what Droid does” has been stuck in my head for a long time, now, and – while the phrase applies to Verizon’s Android phones and the Android Market – it’s beginning to apply to these ads from Verizon, as well.

There truly is no limit to how many ads they can put out promoting Android and its “ever-expanding” market, and their continued push to bring Android to the mainstream smartphone crowd is highly effective – and not to mention appreciated. To that, I say to Verizon: keep going! Go until your strong little marketing legs can go no further – because when there’s no limit to how much support Verizon throws behind Android, there’s no limit to how much bigger Android’s install base will grow.

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Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I have to say, FINALLY these guys are getting it right with the commercials. They’re now showing iPhone users and potential iPhone users that “hey, we have some hot shit too”. “We can do what your iPhone can do.” I’m finally happy with the advertising. Even Palm Pre (WebOS) starting making commercials that actually did a better job touting what the phone was capable of. Unlike their original commercials with the pale albino chic.

  2. The apps are now what people care about most. But I still think they need to slide that damn keyboard out on the Droid for people like me who demand a physical QWERTY. That could also be a major selling point in the commercial. Show the touch screen and keyboard.

  3. That’s a popular phrase? In what delusional fantasy world?

  4. I guess only in my circle of geeky Android-crazy friends =/.

  5. it’s a shame that google doesnt take advantage of TV advertising. it’s a big popular segment of the population to leave out, especially since it’s more common for house holds to own a tv set over a computer.

    but i guess google has its reasons. but yes @Derrick i have to agree. Just imagine if t-mobile, att and sprint done something similar advertisement? the number of ads will defiantly out number iphone. i just hope they dont go into a whole this android phone is better than that android phone war.

  6. Lucas arts is makin shitloads of money off of this, watch how ppl will begin calling android phones as droid…

  7. @Inspiron41

    i would love to see the different carriers fight over who has the better android phone, out of competition comes innovation, and we the consumer will be the clear winners. if android can muscle out the iphone and blackberry, than the real fun will start.

  8. Now that you mention it, besides the iPhone this is the only phone that I’ve seen commercials for this long after its launch (with the exception of phones that have been “re-released” for other carriers, like the Palm Pre)

  9. Their adverts are really good.

  10. I may own a couple of TV’s both HD models, but I do not have cable and do not watch “TV” there are about 6 shows I like and I either stream them from Netflix, or watch on hulu. TV ads may not be the best way… most of my friends who have kids also got rid of cable, and use educational (and pixar/disney) movies to keep the kids entertained. since they started doing that they almost never have fast food anymore and the kids ask for christmas presents that are things THEY like (read “will continue to play with after a week or two…), not what they saw advertised on TV every commercial break!

  11. i know that i always refer to the phone as droid and not android haha.

    i love these commercials. I did a photo montage similar to the globe once.

  12. @Derrick

    They do one that slides out the keyboard, during a Skype IM. Youtube only had the spanish version but the English is the same: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lmtyy-P1t84

  13. The whole “Droid” thing is good marketing I guess but it is annoying. Now everyone is referring to the different “Droids” referring to all Android phones. I mention the Evo and people look confused. “Is that the Droid with the keyboard or that other smaller Droid with no keyboard?”

  14. Portland, represent!

    As an aside note, I’ve actually eaten at that Super Dog before. pretty good. I recommend the the potato soup, oddly enough.

  15. I hate Verizon but I have to say these commercials are unlimited in thier scope, way better than the “Theres an App for that” spots. Props to Verizon for getting it right.

  16. I like the commercials and the promotion of Android, but the name representation has non Android nuts like the rest of us confused. Like someone commented earlier, a lot of people think that all Androids are Droid codenamed.(Incredible, Eris). There needs to be other adverts touting Android to at least help balance it out. Att doesn’t even mention that the back flip is an Android device. Hopefully they’ll start to do so with upcoming devices.

  17. Verizon is the one spending the money to do the advertising, so why shouldn’t they use it to push their brand? I’m impressed that they took a look at the technology, saw how good it was, and were willing to put serious marketing muscle behind it to build their own Droid brand. If others want to push the Android brand or connect it to their own offerings, let them step up.

    At least Verizon is showing people what Android can do. If they think it’s cool and desirable, they might be willing to listen when you explain that Android is the name of the platform, Droid is the brand that Verizon uses for its Android offerings, and the other mobile carriers all have Android phones available, too.

  18. So why is the DROID getting all the represented love in these commercials?

    I hate the DROID moniker attached to my Incredible but if they are going to do it they can at least feature the damn thing in adverts.

  19. I’m interested to know how many android owners hear people referring to android phones as:
    – phones with google
    -android phones
    Hey phandroid, run a poll!

  20. Where are the Incredible commercials? The chicks dig the DROID and Iphone, but they don’t care for my phone cause they think its some second-rate phone….but it whoops the DROID and Iphone! dumb blondes.

    Also makes me feel like my Incredible is only a temporary gadget, like the Eris. Iphone and Droid are apparently the here to stay phones.

  21. Is there an app for that? Yes, whatever I-don’t, Droid Does!

    ;o) LOL

  22. @ Capt Mike– I heard “the droid phones”

    @ everyone else, I do get excited over these ads. It is amazing. I hate consumerism. I hate brands. I tend to hate advertising. But I frickin love my android phone and frickin love the ad campaigns to go with them.

  23. thanks verizon for advertising android!

  24. My understanding, from my Verizon sources, is that these ads are actually commissioned and funded largely by Motorola, not Verizon. Which explains why there is ONLY a Motorola product featured in all of them… My source goes on to say that HTC has only commissioned print ads, thus far, but Verizon wants to keep all of it’s Android based smart phones associated with the DROID branding (save the Motorola Devour)! This allows them (VZW) and the other phone mfgs. to capitalize on the marketing synergy of the Motorola based commercials. Wise move on Verizon’s part, if you ask me! C’mon HTC, show us that you can equally market, just as well as Motorola and capitalize on the current Verizon/Lucas Films licensing agreement! I have only seen 1 HTC Droid Incredible commerical so far…. and they used a Matrix theme! So does that mean that HTC/Verizon had to pay the Wachowski brothers too, to do that commercial?!?!

  25. Watch the Droid Incredible Commercial here!

  26. The Omega Man, what does your VZW sources say about the Ally, that currently does not have the Droid name with it, maybe its just for new higher performing Android phones.

  27. @ Trainwreck,actually the Incredible isnt that much faster than the DROID, I had the chance to actually use one in a store and it was only about a half second faster at going on same websites, and when I ran LinPack I got the same MFLOPS and Im only running at 800mhz, and at stock 550mhz it still wasnt much faster, DROID still has a better resolution, but I do like the way the Incredible looks, maybe if Sense wasnt on the Incredible it would be slowed down so much.

  28. Hey Seattle-ites, anyone notice Greenlake in that second commercial? ;)

  29. Droid doesn’t…. buy music downloads. At least not on the Incredible.

  30. I remember seeing an advertising wonk saying that these ads would be losers because they were too “geeky”. Obviously, that idiot hadn’t gotten the news that the geeks have won. I knew Tmo was on the wrong track with their touchy-feely “make it your own” and “see what celebrities are using this phone” campaigns (being a Tmo customer). sigh…

  31. Phydeaux, you can’t buy music downloads using Amazon’s MP3 app on the Droid Incredible? Why not?

  32. hey Boxcar – i did notice Greenlake. I was in NYC for a work trip when I saw it the 1st time. Saw it again with my wife back in seattle and we both were amazed. Great running route, for sure.

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