May 17th, 2010

I always urge a degree of precaution when trying to extract facts from conversations with a customer service representative (a majority of the time, they are not adequately trained to answer questions regarding unreleased devices.) That won’t stop us from reporting on rumors that come out of these conversations, though, as the latest comes from a chat with AT&T.

Ingrid: Welcome to AT&T online Sales support. How may I assist you with placing your order today?
Jim: Do you carry the HTC Pure new anymore? All I see is refurbished, there isn’t even a page for the new device.
Ingrid: I will be happy to assist.
Ingrid: HTC is coming out with new phones pretty soon.
Jim: Will they be similar to the Pure?
Ingrid: Better since they will have Android technology.
Jim: Wow, that sounds great. Do you know if they will be touchscreen like the Pure, or have a keyboard?
Ingrid: Touch screen.
Jim: When might I expect to be able to get one? I’m looking to buy soon, but I could wait a few weeks
Ingrid: Anytime now or summer.
Jim: Sounds great. Thanks for the heads up. I just did a quick web search, would this happen to be one of the devices?
Ingrid: The Hero is one of them the second one we do not have official word yet.
Jim: Would it possibly be the Legend or the Desire? I’m a little confused about the Hero, since that’s an older device, the Legend is basically the successor to it. So might they be the Legend and Desire?
Ingrid: Maybe if you type upcoming phones to AT&T you may get additional information.
Jim: So you cannot confirm if either the Legend or Desire are one of these devices?
Ingrid: Not yet since we do not have official Information, we are getting a new iPhone by June.
Jim: Just wondering do you know the date on that?
Ingrid: By the end of June.
Jim: Thanks
Jim: Have a great day


The chat was all over the place (not sure how the representative deemed it necessary to inform the customer about the new iPhone), but if it’s to be believed, we may be seeing an HTC phone with the Sense UI coming sometime this summer. Like the chatter stated, it’d be odd if they did release the HTC Hero considering its boat has already sailed in favor of other Sense phones like the HTC Legend and the HTC Desire, but it’s not uncommon for a phone to get a refresh on a different market (the Palm Pre, for instance, has enjoyed a similar refresh with other carriers.)

Whatever the case may be, we expect to learn more when AT&T is ready to open the books on their new Android line-up some time this summer.

[via Android Guys]

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