AT&T To carry The HTC Hero?


I always urge a degree of precaution when trying to extract facts from conversations with a customer service representative (a majority of the time, they are not adequately trained to answer questions regarding unreleased devices.) That won’t stop us from reporting on rumors that come out of these conversations, though, as the latest comes from a chat with AT&T.

Ingrid: Welcome to AT&T online Sales support. How may I assist you with placing your order today?
Jim: Do you carry the HTC Pure new anymore? All I see is refurbished, there isn’t even a page for the new device.
Ingrid: I will be happy to assist.
Ingrid: HTC is coming out with new phones pretty soon.
Jim: Will they be similar to the Pure?
Ingrid: Better since they will have Android technology.
Jim: Wow, that sounds great. Do you know if they will be touchscreen like the Pure, or have a keyboard?
Ingrid: Touch screen.
Jim: When might I expect to be able to get one? I’m looking to buy soon, but I could wait a few weeks
Ingrid: Anytime now or summer.
Jim: Sounds great. Thanks for the heads up. I just did a quick web search, would this happen to be one of the devices? http://pocketnow.com/tech-news/att-htc-pc70110-is-the-android-touch-pro2
Ingrid: The Hero is one of them the second one we do not have official word yet.
Jim: Would it possibly be the Legend or the Desire? I’m a little confused about the Hero, since that’s an older device, the Legend is basically the successor to it. So might they be the Legend and Desire?
Ingrid: Maybe if you type upcoming phones to AT&T you may get additional information.
Jim: So you cannot confirm if either the Legend or Desire are one of these devices?
Ingrid: Not yet since we do not have official Information, we are getting a new iPhone by June.
Jim: Just wondering do you know the date on that?
Ingrid: By the end of June.
Jim: Thanks
Jim: Have a great day


The chat was all over the place (not sure how the representative deemed it necessary to inform the customer about the new iPhone), but if it’s to be believed, we may be seeing an HTC phone with the Sense UI coming sometime this summer. Like the chatter stated, it’d be odd if they did release the HTC Hero considering its boat has already sailed in favor of other Sense phones like the HTC Legend and the HTC Desire, but it’s not uncommon for a phone to get a refresh on a different market (the Palm Pre, for instance, has enjoyed a similar refresh with other carriers.)

Whatever the case may be, we expect to learn more when AT&T is ready to open the books on their new Android line-up some time this summer.

[via Android Guys]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. lmao Hero? I dont believe it..

  2. Compared to the AT&T lineup, it is a superphone.

  3. OMG is this 2009?

  4. Let them have a 2-year old phone. I will have my EVO to keep me happy! :D

  5. does anyone know why my htc hero resends a bunch of old messages every time its turned off then turned back on? if so how do you stop it?

    example; i turned it off then back on, and it send 59 old text messages to one person in less than an hour and its starting to get really annoying

  6. Doubly tricky extracting usable technical information when the CSR is a chick…

  7. Zing!

  8. Wow, I hate AT&T. First they promised us 5 Android phones in the first half of 2010, of which we’re now learning are comprised of the backflop, dell aero, and the htc legend. I have a feeling the remaining two HTC phones are also going to be underpowered, which is why AT&T is waiting until the very end of 2010 Q2 to announce them – to string customers along as long as possible until we figure out that they don’t really have any desire to offer anything remotely high-end that might compete with their precious iPhone. I’ve had it with these assholes. My contract expired this month, I’m giving them until the beginning of June to unveil something worthwhile, or I’m jumping ship to a less retarded carrier.

  9. Woops, forgot to finish my thought there. Secondly, they told us they’d be available in the first half, of which we just learned might not happen.

  10. hmmm well in Canada, they’ve renamed the Desire….”Triumph”

    so, who’s to say that AT&T is simply renaming the Legend, Desire, Wildfire, HTC SMart etc…..”Hero”

    food for thought

  11. I have the HTC Hero (Euro GSM) and it is not a bad phone. However, knowing AT&T’s M.O., they will some how find a way to make it slower than it already is, AND take probably over half of its abilities away on top of all that.

    When it comes to unlocked GSM phones, AT&T is ‘ok’ as a service. But to actually one of THEIR branded phones…No thanks.

    I currently have AT&T and I can tell you that I will be switching to Sprint. I’m just tired of waiting for AT&T to get their act together.

  12. Hey Quentyn,

    While I love this site (even have an rss feed on one of my home screens), it would be great if you don’t post any articles which say “AT&T to be getting blah blah” until AT&T actually gets it. As an AT&T customer (though recently I got my phone unlocked online), I know how tiring it is to keep hearing these rumors and never seeing any of them come true. Even the Dell Aero which was announced by AT&T is looking bleak and that phone was outdated the day it was announced.

  13. “But to actually BUY one of THEIR branded phones…” is what I meant to say. Yes, if I go to Sprint, I will get the Evo 4G, might as well crash the party with the latest super phone.

    Anyone know if Phandroid will ever get an ‘edit’ option for this comment section?

  14. “(not sure how the representative deemed it necessary to inform the customer about the new iPhone)”

    They ALWAYS deem it necessary to talk about the iPhone. Prior to the backflip lauch (literally just a couple of weeks before) I went into an at&t store and asked them about Android and the salesman said he didn’t know anything and said “Most people that come in, if we don’t have what they want, they just get an iphone. They’re right over here.”
    He went to the iphones, I went to the door.

  15. Wait till this winter when they release their newest android, the HTC Dream/ …Now with Yahoo!


  17. I have had the Telus Hero on AT&T for 5 months now. This is one of the main reasons I dont wait for them to release anything. It is boarderline outdated before they get it, or just a POS all together (backflip)

  18. AT&T to get a Hero? Sounds about right for AT&T.
    If it isn’t Apple, they don’t care. Hence why he threw in the comment about an iPhone in June when you were talking about Android Phones…………

    AT&T/Apple Through & Through

  19. AT&T to get a Hero? Sounds about right for AT&T.
    If it isn’t Apple, they don’t care. Hence his need to threw in the comment about an iPhone in June when you were talking about Android Phones…………

    AT&T/Apple Through & Through

  20. The Hero ?.. That’s just nonsense, and more like a customer service agent screwing up a bit of information that she might have gotten.. I am having doubts that ATT will do anything new with Android until after the new iPhone is launched.. and that is a gamble they are playing.. The die hard Apple users will upgrade or hold out to see if upgrading is worth it anyway.. If the Incredible and EVO are hits then they probably have something similar looking in the works.. either the Desire or the Legend are most likely already ordered in small quantities, probably based on what they experienced sales wise with the backflip.. In some ways, you can’t blame them for a little loyalty to the cash cow that sold so well it was difficult for them to keep their network growing at the same pace.. But most certainly there is a backup plan.

  21. sounds more like HTC Wildfire… downsized version of Desire, with almost exact spec as Hero…

  22. Carrier representatives know nothing. Therefore, this article is completely useless.

  23. They should just get the legend. No sense in releasing a 1 year old phone….

  24. Unfortunately I believe this article is filed under the nonsense section of this site, due to the fact I wor at att mobility and I’m pretty sure att is not getting the htc hero…..

  25. @Lucas Oakley – believe it. This is AT&T we’re talking about.

  26. Too bad there going to cripple the hell out of it like they do with there other android phones. ATT+Android = bad combo.

  27. At&t reminds me of north korea. People with that carrier don’t know what a good phone service is. Apple acts in the same way too, preventing many users to experience the fullness of technology. I just wish that I hadn’t been born into an AT&T family. It’s too late now.

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