May 17th, 2010

As we move closer to the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S on its first carrier (presumably Vodafone), we expect Samsung to continue pushing forward on their marketing campaign for the phone, as well. Being their first Android superphone, if you will, they are more than likely going to get highly aggressive with showing the phone off and making it appeal to a wide range of users.

That’s why Samsung has released some more promo videos (after their initial post-CTIA ad) showcasing the phone’s different features for different lifestyles and needs. The campaign features 4 themes: at home (morning), on the move, at work, and at home again (this time, in the evening). Samsung’s playing it smart in not just trying to show off how pretty this phone is, but also how it can help you in your every day life and be a crucial part of your operations.

We posted the video that consolidates all four themes into one (which, for some reason, is missing a sound track), but you can head over to SamsungHub now to check out the other four videos that gets more detailed with each theme individually.

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