Verizon Sells Out Online Stock Of HTC Droid Incredible, Next Batch Coming May 4th


One of our readers woke up this morning and attempted to purchase a new HTC Droid Incredible. Ready to take the plunge on ordering this thing, he realized that Verizon wasn’t kidding about needing to get your preorders in: the phone has already sold out online.


A bummer for anyone not keen on heading to a Verizon Wireless store this morning (or for anyone that doesn’t have a store near them). You could wait until the 4th to claim your Incredible, but Phandroid has you covered. We’re offering the phone at a special introductory price, and you won’t have to wait! The deal you’ll get with a new 2-year contract is a lot more lucrative than what you would’ve gotten form Verizon, anyway. Head over to our online store now to see how much you can grab the Incredible for.

[Thanks, Robert!] [Verizon]

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  1. Should’ve been expected. I had a friend order his Sunday. He was going to wait to play with it in store. What a mistake that would’ve been. He even got it a day early

  2. I just got home from the VZW Store with mine!

  3. WIREFLY.COM has it for $150 out the door.

  4. I have an appointment at 10 am when Best buy opens today to get mine! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  5. Nope…I pre-ordered mine on the 19th and recieved it on the 28th…loving the phone…absolutely. Sorry for the folks that didn’t jump on the incredible band wagon…May 4th is little ways away.

  6. Just got mine from the verizon store went first thing this morning and was one of 3 in the store all who bought the incredible.

  7. I know a lot of us allow Verizon to ass rape us on a monthly basis in exchange for the “best coverage.” But this coverage map actually tells me Sprint has better coverage.. at least here in south Florida.


  8. Amazon has it listed for $99.99 for anyone that is interested. Personally I am going to give sprint a try when the Evo releases.

  9. Got mine this morning. Absolutely no one else in the store.

  10. It isn’t sold out. I saw the same thing. It says ships “by May 4th”. I ordered anyway and it just shipped out for delivery tomorrow. They’re just giving themselves cushion.

  11. I pre-ordered and go mine yesterday. I popped into a Verizon Store this morning for an accessory, and there was a young couple with iPhones switching to Verizon and getting a pair of Incredibles. :)

  12. One of the guys here at work just picked one up. :) Looks very nifty! Lucky guys. Wished Sprint would get going on HTC EVO.

  13. not true, i ordered one this late afternoon and it will be arriving tomorrow (friday) before 3pm.

  14. Was first one in store which open hour early and got mine. Bought the first one. Had it on hold since last Friday. Manager text me Wednesday and told me they were opening early. NOT DISAPPOINTED!!!

  15. I was lucky enough to get my order in on Tue this week, in time to get it on Thurs. Of course, my luck ran out when my phone didn’t arrive. Called them today and found out that the moron that took my order, didn’t submit it. Now I have to wait until the 4th. You can imagine how pissed I am….

  16. Ordered four the day of debut. Got them Monday and lovin every minute of it. Where have you been all my life. Had a BB and will never go back. Wanted to get the new 4.0 iPhone, but wanted not to go with AT&T. Verizon you are clearly the champs. AWSOME and INCREDIBLE smartphone. Just think while everyone is working to get better HTC is steppin up the pace and I’m sure working on more inprovements to the INCREDIBLE. No complaints LOVIN_IT!

  17. I went online at verizon wireless today. It says will be shipped May 29th

  18. I went and bought mine on Sunday May 10th. Bought my mom a LG Chocolate touch and had no intention of buying me a phone then the associate was very sly and showed me this phone.. I was hooked and bought it.. only to find out it was on backorder I wont receive it till the 21st… ugh.. and I’m not the most patient in the world. He said there is a chance it could come early but I’m not going to hold my breath.

  19. Ordered May 9th. along with 3 other phones…3 arrived.. now i still wait. painfully and impatiently, i wait… each day i read and view more videos as I WAIT. …btw anyone notice the incredible is offically rated higher than the iPhone 3gs on cnet? somethin to check out AS YOU WAIT!!!!! GgrRRrrr.

  20. Shipping date per the VZ Website states 6/7…it moves out one day every day… Does anyone have any insight on this.

  21. I got mine at Best Buy Mobile at the Lakewood Mall on Sunday 5/16 in SoCal. One for me and one for my wife out the door for $75 each.

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