Get Ready For HP’s AirLife 100: Official Specs Revealed


HP Compaq gave us a sneak peak at their Android-powered netbook at the most recent CES and Mobile World Congress, but they’ve remained rather tight-lipped on the device’s specifications (even after it’s passed FCC). We’ve already gotten our taste at an initial list of expected specs, but HP has officially confirmed them today.

hp airlife 100

As expected, it’ll run on Qualcomm’s 1ghz Snapdragon processor, 3G connectivity, 512mb of RAM and ROM, and 16 gigs of internal flash storage. The netbook does house a touchscreen (interesting, but sensible) though it looks to be resistive. Not sure how that’ll fair with some of you guys, but I suspect HP has a good reason for that decision.

You can head over to their site now to check out the full run-down for yourself, including a list of preinstalled apps that you’ll be able to use (we’re still not sure if this thing will have access to the Android Market, but it’d be hard to consider this a computing device without software extensibility).

[via Engadget]

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  1. I assume the touch screen is to make things easier to “customize” your home screen and maybe as a mouse(since the pad on laptops suck in my opinion)

  2. the resistive touchscreen sounds like a bit of a disappointment, i could be proven wrong

  3. Don’t forget that laptop-size capacitive touchscreens are a really recent consumer technology. Expect capacitive versions in the future.

  4. I hope this is under $300

  5. Looks okay.

    Not very good specs wise though.

  6. I need one… :D…

  7. Netbooks running Android really need to be much cheaper than $300. Otherwise might as well get an Acer Aspire Windows netbook for about that price and it can do so much more.

  8. if this is 250 or less I’m getting one for sure. I wonder how the battery life will be on it.

  9. This looks really cool; however, it lacks a very important detail. The screen is attached in such a way that one must hold both the screen and keyboard open at the same time to use it. This will make the touchscreen very uncomfortable to use, let alone affecting the mobility issue of a netbook.

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