Android 2.1 Upgrade Now Coming to HTC Hero in June


HTC Hero owners in Europe will have to wait a bit longer to get their phones bumped up to Android 2.1. At an event focusing on Google Maps Navigation (which hit UK Androids today), HTC slipped in the announcement that the upgrade process for all European HTC Hero variants will begin in June. An initial update will be required to prep the phone for 2.1, followed shortly after by the OS update.


The Hero has been out for a while running on 1.5, so owners have been getting restless after updates have been continually delayed. Of course, we just heard Android 2.1 would be available by the end of April, so that seems to not be the case anymore. Time will only tell if June eventually becomes July, or August, or Q3 2010, or who knows with the rate of delays recently.

[via The Unwired]

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  1. Running on 1.6? Mine is 1.5

  2. Thanks for the heads up, meant to say 1.5 but with all these Android versions on all these different handsets it gets so confusing.

  3. Come on! It’ll be an eternity till we see this on Hero CDMA.

  4. Pleased? No not really

    First it was 2.0 in Q4 of 2009 then 2.1 at the end of March, then 3rd of April, then 16th of April, then end of April, now June? I know none of those were official announcements from HTC (though the end of April bits were people reporting communication from HTC support) but this is getting ridiculous.

  5. June? Good job I rooted my Hero so I’m up to date!

  6. Why no news at all about the Eris? Is the Eris considered a hero class phone? If so June is not very soon as we have heard.

  7. Weren’t we meant to get 1.6 last Summer, then 2.0 in Q4 last year or 2.1 last week? To say this is souring me from android is not exactly an understatement.

    So yeah, pleased? Far from it. I seriously wish I had just pony’d up for an iPhone now, at least Apple tend to keep to their promises with release dates.

  8. This is the 3rd announced delay for the 2.1 firmware…

    Really HTC, I love my Hero but I expect a way better service for this price.

  9. I have a T-mobile (UK) branded hero, so I guess it will be 2012 by the time I get 2.1!

  10. Everyone Head of to XDA Developers and get your 2.1 Roms quickly its legit I am running 2.1 sense on my hero its great!

  11. Everything works!

  12. @Bavarian Cave Monkey

    Can you provide a link to the 2.1 roms? I did some searching there and couldn’t find it. Maybe i’m dumb.

  13. not every phone can be rooted. Cellular South phones cannot be rooted easily, and if it is, lots of things do not work correctly. Rooting is not an option for us all.

  14. Blah, I’ll have my HTC Desire by then :P

  15. Stones, sticks, and transparents, and let’s go to the HTC Headquarters. This is getting Serious. Though I don’t know, which phone I’m getting next, I now know one for sure… It won’t be manufactured by HTC! At least, if this is confirmed to be true…

  16. @Jonathan
    Try VillainROM. its fast & reliable: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=654030

  17. Not to take away from Euro Hero owners – but what about the poor Telus HTC Hero? There’s never any mention of it w.r.t. updates.

  18. I was going to get an HTC Evo 4G, but I think I might give the Palm Pre or Pixi a try this time…

  19. I love my HTC HERO but enough is enough. Many of us paid over $500 for our Heros even when knowing we would only get edge here in the states. HTC has led us on and on and this is no way to treat your customers. I will be selling my Hero and moving on to a non HTC product.

  20. Is that official? What odds are you offering of it actually happening?

  21. Do not buy HTC product any more.

  22. Yeah, that’s it, I’m rooting. This is one delay too far. My Hero has been running outdated software for 7 of the 8 months I’ve owned it.

  23. We were first told by our carrier, late June, now they are saying it could possibly be delayed..Cellular South HTC Hero 1.5 STILL!!!

    The HTC Hero is the only Android phone they carry so no other choices. Not a happy camper, and many are not happy either because a lot of the new apps are 2.1 only. 2.2 is around the corner and we have not gotten 1.6, 2.01 or 2.1 and will not for awhile…Getting ridiculous, as well as the message, not enough storage room on phone, please delete apps and I only have 9 apps from the market downloaded.

  24. By the time we Hero owners get 2.1, 3.0 will be released! I wouldn’t have even bought a HTC branded phone had my carrier had the DROID.

  25. droids updates were delayed a couple times too.

  26. Well, I’m not sure about the GSM Hero, but I know that Sprint announced 1st half of 2010. So, that would mean June 30th would still be them meeting the promise. Is it something Sprint KNEW but the GSM vendors did not? Hmmmm…. Well, for those who might be impatient, there is always the ability to ROOT the phone and run 2.1 NOW! HTC is still TOP NOTCH in my book and wouldn’t spend a single brain cell to think about going back to PALM, Ewwwwwww! lol

  27. Droid updates were delayed… But not or a half of a freaking year, and droid is not running freaking 1.5

  28. Oh God just another coooooooollllll… news. Are we hero owner (currently outdated android users) should be waiting forever? Hey incredible owner(will) enjoy your time because you are (future outdated android users).I blame google for this ridiculously no strategy update for android phones.
    NOW after months (i waste my time).

  29. I blame HTC… 8 months for making an update? That’s ridiculous… The software is done! It’s running smoothly on Legend and Desire! So where it is? Nowhere. Yup, the fragmentation is also because of google, but the Hero update is mainly because of the HTC.

  30. Everyone in the US with wn HTC Hero got the update? I live in Puerto Rico and haven’t got anything yet.

  31. Did people in the US w/ HTC Hero get the update? I live in Puerto Rico and have not recieved any updates yet.

  32. OK. Not sure what to add to this discussion, except my utter disappointment. I have to echo the “I’m done with HTC” comments… and perhaps the “I’m done with Android” perspective too.

    When I bought my Sprint Hero in September 2009, it was right after the announcement that Android 2.x would be ported (before “the end of the year”). Otherwise, I never would have spent so much money on outdated hardware _and_ software. I’m beginning to feel like a real sucker for believing it would ever happen. Jeeze, their Evo is coming out this summer, right? Do you think they are willing to risk cannibalizing sales of the Evo by giving Hero users a reasonably recent Android version? Note the Hero is now down to $99 (2-year commit, mail-in, blah, blah, blah).

    I’ve been putting up with the constant delays, but this is getting utterly ridiculous. Do I really have to root the damn thing just so I might have a phone that doesn’t respond so slowly that I want to throw it out the window (yes, I’ve performed all the suggested tweaks and it still crawls)?

  33. right know this is tupid question but when it comes out how do i put the update on my phone, im a bit of a tard when it comes to these things, do i download of the htc website or get it off internet on my phone
    please help

  34. I would not suggest linking people to ROMs. There are plenty of people on various forums that have been linked to ROMs and not looked whether its CDMA or a GSM ROM.
    People who flash a GSM ROM on a CDMA Hero will be very disappointed. It fries your phone.

  35. HTC sucks d.
    This is my last htc phone , and my last android phone (if google didn’t fix the fragmentation problem) . Hopefully when the next iPhone comes out I will be changing ships , don’t get me wrong the android is great and all that , but there are many problems which is being ignored by this site such as the market problem(s), performance (lag) , languages issues and the apps to sd problem , so I guess you get the point .

  36. @Jonathan these are the actual sprint leaks for the supposed update in May. 1. http://forum.xda-developers.com/forumdisplay.php?f=519 2. http://geekfor.me/ I like the first one it has not one problem that I have notices its called the Damageless Rom 2.1 the second is also fine prettier but doesnt have live wallpapers.

  37. The 2.1 Rom I suggested is for the CDMA only!!!

  38. Android 2.2 will solve the fragmentation problem. at least, so Google says. They have quite a few awesome ideas to solve it.

  39. I believe it was only mentioned once but where does that leave Telus customers? We have the European version of the Hero so does that mean we’re s.o.l. as well or does the “first week in may” b.s. stand true. It’d be kick ass if that info could surface.

  40. At least u guys have an official date. Eris owners don’t even have that. But I understand y everyone is angry. This is unacceptable. End of story.

  41. look everyone,

    this is quiet simple. There is nothing wrong with the 2.1 Hero ROM that HTC have, its done, it polished and completed, this is all just a game. If you think that they are still figuring it out and tinkering about with it trying to get it to work efficiently, then you need to rub your eyes. This is basic economics (although very badly implemented by a company that is a media darling at the moment) in that HTC are holding back the release to push people onto new handsets.

    Yes some will leave HTC all together and buy an iPhone etc, but a lot will just buy a new HTC… and these people know this!

    They know people want 2.1, and every time they release a date, it gets them more publicity and us all focused more on HTC over other products. As for the leaked ROMs… personally i dont rate any of them, no offence to the programmers, because the custom ROMS of the official HTC roms are excellent.

    If you really want to have your voices heard, send the people at HTC a message. Heres the link


    Stop pissing and moaning about here on this site, the people from HTC wont care, keep emailing them looking for it, bog them down, demand it, pester them, inundate them with emails!!

  42. I feel sorry for all those affected. Why would you rush out and buy an Evo? – how long before FroYo is the standard? – again you will be waiting forever for an update – if one ever comes – it’s just like rushing back to a restaurant where the last time you ate you got food poisoning – you thought that because they changed the menu, it would be safe to eat there again!

  43. That’s it. no more HTC for me!
    to much is to much.
    I expected to get an update for every revision of Android.
    that is 1.6; 2.0; 2.1
    and not: Oh we’re to late for 1.6, will do 2.0; hm no to late for that again, we’ll skip that as well.
    Really htc, you’re not going to be able to release it before the next Android revision. Might prepare a press release that you’re going to skip 2.1 as well.
    HTC does not seem to be the best choice if you count on upgrades for your phone.
    No more HTC for me!

  44. When buying my phone, HTC had stated upgrades would
    Every release has been skipped so far!!!

    Don’t push me into buying new hardware to get a software upgrade!

    I won’t be HTC anymore.
    At least the IPhone releases updates regularly.
    I like Android, but HTC is the problem.
    Samsung is releasing the Galaxy S.

  45. OK Im going to buy and htc incredible or samsung galaxy s and enjoy android 2.1 but after a few months android 2.2 or whatever released and again I should waiting for another damn update.you know in android these damn waiting never ends.THE ALL USEFUL LIFE CYCLE OF A HIGH END ANDROID PHONE IS AT LAST 4 OR 6 MONTHS.

  46. HTC just loves taking a big dump on their customers apparently.

    Here’s a tip for HTC: Fire your entire PR-department, they suck ass. Get a new one and give us a press release about what the hell you’re doing. Make something up, I don’t care. Give us an official date and stick to it.

    But who am I kidding, I’m going to have a look if rooting is an option. I’m a geek so it should be a breeze.

  47. I think I will get a Palm WebOS phone but also BOLO the next Symbian 3^ phones too. If anything, just for the novelty, I’m not sure if Palm will stay afloat, but from everything I have heard and seen with Palm’s WebOS, it’s a pretty damn good OS.

  48. @melvin: Are you sane? who would possibly buy a new HTC phone to get 2.1, when it’s clear, that when next version of the system comes, he will be next in the line and will suffer just the same thing? People are not so easily manipulated. I haven’t seen anybody saying:”that’s it, I’m going for Desire”. I’ve seen only people saying: “that’s it, HTC no more.”

  49. Well the issue is very badly handled by htc no doubt. I have used a custom rom for 1.5 but due to fragmentation issues my phone is barely usable now and needs a flashing again. I don’t have the time to read the huge XDA forum to ensure a trouble free rooting I would like a simple upgrade, but nothing is google simple in this google os as promised. At least with HTC. Unfortunately here in Greece, Motorola hasn’t brought the Dext and Millestone is too expensive and came only now. For now I am using a no frills Nokia 2630 and waiting for an update. With my country heading for a default, my paycheck cut 30% due to general economic conditions, I have no money to spare for a new handset so I am locked in. Except from upgrade to 2.1 I wait for a decent navigation app (paid) as google one uses much data which is charged over here.
    In general HTC is a let down till now, I have emailed the support for SMS issues and for the update and got replies in unreadable giberish seemingly machine translation from taiwanese but not proper english for sure. I am not native speaker too but I can form simple phrases at least. For the time being the one month without Hero has given me more time with my kid, instead of spending it on internet forums chasing out problems…

  50. Echo previous comments, I bought my hero at the end of 2009 being reassured by the seller (and in various press articles) that 2.1 was to be released imminently and would open up the android market to newer and even better apps. I’ve been watching all the rumours fly around about Late march, April 16th, April 26th, Early May and now June release date. Meanwhile on the HTC site there are no clues as to what is happening or what might happen. It’s still a good phone but I was very much hoping to use a few of the features of 2.1 and I couldn’t be less impressed by HTC’s attitude to keeping owners informed about what’s going on. I have no confidence in a June release and am beginning to suspect that HTC are allowing these constant rumours to circulate to keep people buying heros whilst never actually bothering to update them at all. Why should they, with so many new phones to sell coming on line? It’s the last & only HTC phone that I will purchase.

  51. I can’t believe HTC, i spent £300 on the Hero last summer and it’s still running android 1.5 what a joke and the update keeps getting delayed! hopefully it’ll be released before xmas 2010 or even doomsday in 2012!

  52. If it’s any comfort to you guys other manufacturers are not much better when it comes to updating. Look at Samsung and Galaxy Spica update, it was announced in March and still very sporadicly available if at all. Sh@t, bundeled PC suite doesn’t even work for the phone… :( and that’s insane…….

    I finally gave up and did my own magic with Odin :) and have shiny Eclair on it now….

  53. This is the response I got from an HTC support droid today to my queries:

    Dear valued HTC customer,

    Thank you for contacting our Customer Support Center.

    HTC will be providing a free update to Éclair for European HTC Hero variants starting in June, anyone owning an HTC Hero will receive an initial preparatory update, shortly followed by the full Éclair update. For the full update, we would recommend using a free wi-fi hotspot or an unlimited data plan, otherwise standard data charges may apply

    Best Regards,

    Jonathan S

    Sounds like this is the official message now and we will have to wait until end of May/June to get any better idea of dates. I guess the initial update is to enable OTA as it doesn’t look like it’s enabled on the Hero right now.

  54. That’s it for me to. I’m rooting. Been waiting to long now! Incredible!

  55. HTC officially sucks. Villain 5.22 ROM is my new Hero! :)

  56. Hi all,

    I’m quite sick of this dragging along to. So i’ve founded ‘The Alliance of HTC Hero Users’ (TAHU). With this alliance i want to force HTC to come clean on what is going on with the ROM development for the Hero.

    Main goal is to get a statement on what the developments where until now and a news update every week starting from the first of May. Please sign up and support this initiative to force HTC to come clean on the road taken! link: http://www.androidworld.nl/forum/htc-toestellen/4010-alliance-htc-hero-users-tahu.html Thank you and thank yourself!!

  57. no more htc for me, this is just kidding customers

  58. @Chris: this is mine:

    Dear …,

    Thank you for your email regarding the Android Eclair upgrade for your HTC Hero.

    We understand that now that a phone running Android OS 2.1 is available that you are excited to get an update for your Hero. We are still hard at work building Sense for this new version but we expect to have the upgrade finished and ready to go soon. Please understand that it takes time to customize any Android version to ensure you have the intuitive experience Sense provides, and we hope you can be patient for just a little while longer.

    Best Regards,

    just crap, just kidding… no more HTC!!!

  59. Sign this petition to let HTC know we won’t take their crap!


  60. I know this is gonna sound so fake but.. at work today,(gamestation in Manchester UK) I actually served a guy who works for HTC and I asked him about the update, he said it was coming in May and that there will be some suprises. One making the internet faster. Also he gave me freebies!!

    That’s the long story short. Didn’t talk for long though.I’ve emailed HTC day before yesterday and I’ll check to see if I’ve got a response yet..


  61. Sprint is now heavily censoring commentary on their community bulletin board – a question why users were left to explain the how and why of the Hero upgrade process rather than and official from Sprint was rejected by the Sprint moderators. Sprint really lacks class! Can hardly wait to see how many more customers they lose this quarter!

  62. But in my email.. it says June.. grr


  63. Till now the only company that has behaved properly with the upgrades in time, albeit without much custom stuff (like htc sense for instance) is motorola. If I ever have money to buy another android handset it will be a motorola one.

  64. this is the email answer i got from the HTC.com support desk (release 1st of June):

    New Response
    Hello Thank you for contacting HTC regarding the Android 2.1 update. I can confirm that the update has been pushed back till the 1st of June. This I know this is frustrating with those as well as your self who have been waiting for the 2.1 update roll out. I can add that the reason is for a technical issue that our developers are making strides to fix in rolling out the software to the handsets, but I cannot state what the technical reason is. I would like to personally thank you along with HTC in having patience with this update, it was not something that was to happen and HTC had planned on the update being on your phone sometime ago. I hope that your image of HTC, our handsets and our support have not diminished while you have been an HTC customer. Hope this information helps Best Regards Gary Santana HTC

  65. HTC HERO sucks, HTC sucks, the worst customer service that I’ve ever seen…high quality menas nothing here…

  66. fuck this. rooting time

  67. If i will not see update for my Hero in start of June i will throw this phone and buy Nokia N900.
    Company who doesn’t follow their promises and doesn’t have clear update/upgrade policy, selling products with outdated functionality – should die.

  68. As an experienced hero user, rooted of course, I’d have to say the best advice is to root your phone. This will require a little bit of Linux navigation knowledge. They do have this set out so you know exactly what to type, but it’s still a good idea to know what you are doing. After rooting the hero it runs like a total champ. I am running 2.1 with the cdma hero with Sprint. Don’t blame Google, the code is out there…and if you take it into your own hands…this phone runs like a beast.

  69. I mean it, I will NEVER be another HTC phone EVER again!!! I have HTC Hero and I’ve been promised Android 2.1 for the past half a year. I’ve had it with this, why are they always lagging on releases? Oh yeah, I know why, they have so many different mobile devices that they need to release, they only hope that I sell my HTC Hero now and buy one of their other things. I regret not getting an iPhone instead of this.

  70. I have a TELUS Hero which runs on AT&T’s 3G and I have successfully hacked my phone with a different boot loader and now I can install any ROM, I am running a customized MoDaCo ROM right now. But that means when ANY Official GSM Hero 2.1 ROM is released I will be able to put it on my device regardless of how lazy and crappy TELUS will be at getting an update. Email me at [email protected] if you want me to do this to yours and for cost info. Will be rooted and allow for wireless tethering too!

  71. My phone has firmware vers. 1.5 . Should I upgrade? is upgrade available?

  72. sick of waiting, postponing after postponing
    i bought a sony x10… even if it runs on android 1.6…
    simply just can not accept the HTC policy and behavior on this upgrade

  73. will never buy a HTC product ever again…

  74. Hi Guys. i sent HTC AU a E-MAIL last week,and this is the reply i got back. HTC AU E-MAIL REPLY :Dear Steve, Thank you for contacting HTC regarding the Android 2.1 update. I can confirm that the update has been pushed back till the 1st of June. This I know this is frustrating with those as well as yourself who have been waiting for the 2.1 update roll out. I can add that the reason is for a technical issue that our developers are making strides to fix in rolling out the software to the handsets, but I cannot state what the technical reason is. I would like to personally thank you along with HTC in having patience with this update, it was not something that was to happen and HTC had planned on the update being on your phone sometime ago. I hope that your image of HTC, our handsets and our support have not diminished while you have been an HTC customer. Should you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 1300 482 482. Our business hours are from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm SYDNEY Time, from Mondays to Saturdays and close on Public Holidays. Thank you and kind regards.

  75. I’m running the fresh 2.1 rom from xda-dev on my HTC hero cdma. It is sooooo sick..especially broadcasting WiFi. The only thing that doesn’t work is the live wallpapers.
    @ jouten: go get an iPhone dude..if u don’t realize Android is the best OS ever u don’t deserve it.

  76. So I hear that a lot of people are asking the same question about TELUS HTC Hero’s. I know one guy actually provided information but is charging people for it? That is ridiculous. If you want to have 2.1 ROM and you don’t mind rooting your Hero, than simple check out the XDA forums. The actual method I used was from Unlockr. You have to do the Gold Card method. I’m willing to provide some help if you want, click on my name and than navigate my site to “contact” for any help.


  77. Software take the time it needs to be perfekt..
    Android is a much better mobile system then OS-X..
    And HTC did never PROMISE a real release date..
    The supporters just tells what they are informed to do..
    And HTC supporters always says “This is an estimated date”.. Witch means that the date not is a 100% real release date. ;)

  78. It’s June, where is our update?!!!!!! This is ridiculous

  79. HTC wants to sell phones with new versions of android OS.
    Promises or not promises of upgrades doesn’t matter.
    As usual, these upgrades only work when hardware and software come from the same place, like iPhone, of course.
    I should have known.

    Joao, HTC hero owner, Portugal

  80. It’s June 6th and yet still no update. I guarantee you we don’t see it this moth. I’m done with HTC.

  81. I have the HTC Hero. I did the upgrade and my phone runs like crap. Messaging force closes constantly and the phone generally runs slower…wtf!

  82. I am unable to download anything from android market to my HTC Hero phone (it continues with the start download and never moves) is this due to the software update you are all referring to ?

    I was happy with my phone for a short time, but it seems to be getting worse month after month. I paid (and due tot he contract still pay) a lot for this and it has really soured me towards purchasing something like this again.

  83. Hello all. I was wondering if the Sprint release of Android 2.1 will work on the telus HTC Hero if installed through Sync?

  84. Maybe they are holding off to get the 2.2 update? Just a thought.

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