Compaq Airlife 100: Android Smartbook Passes FCC


HP had a little bit of Android to show off at CES 2010 but some things they only share with the FCC – like the Compaq Airlife 100 smartbook. Lucky for us the FCC is pretty much an open book:


There isn’t anything in the way of details, unfortunately. With Apple bringing a tablet to market, I think we’ll start seeing a lot more interesting form factors created and mass manufactured by the more popular, top-tier guys and an HP/Compaq Android Smartbook would be a great addition to the fam.

[FCC via Engadget]

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  1. You should probably stop mentioning the Apple tablet as if it has been confirmed.

  2. YEah for all we kow, the so called apple tablet could turnout to be some new ipod.

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