Boxee “Might” Make An Android App


Boxee – the web-centric media aggregator (it’s like Windows Media Center, only better and not exclusive to Microsoft) – might be getting an Android up in the future. The company updated their job listings to show that they’re looking for a lead iPhone and iPad developer. This isn’t the relevant bit, obviously, but at the end of the “Requirements” list, they state that “Android development experience is a plus”.


I’m guessing we’ll be getting something more akin to the iPhone’s app: a remote that will be able to control your Boxee interface via WiFi. The sad thing is that having Android experience for this job is a “plus” and not a “must”: meaning if they end up hiring someone without Android experience, then we might not be getting an Android app.

Tough, but I imagine they’d begin looking for a dedicated Android developer at that point, anyway. If you want to see what all the fuss is about Boxee, head over to their site now.

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  1. There’s already a Boxee wifi remote control app. It’s not very fancy, but it works…

  2. Until Boxee can use a TV card or even simple live playlists/queuing in the music app it’s a long way from better than MCE.

  3. @Fourth True, but I guess it depends on who you are. For instance, I’m not into TV much, but I do still watch certain shows and I have a large collection of video files on my PC. Both Boxee and Windows Media Center enables me to access this easily and effortlessly, but Boxee gives me that added benefit of aggregating all that web content. For a TV tuner manager? No, Boxee is not better than WMC – but that’s because that’s not what it’s aiming for.

  4. So i wounder if this means XBMC will have a Android App too. Now that would be AWESOME!

  5. Boxee on my phone? No interest for me. I love it on a BIG screen, which is why I use it with a micro PC attached to my TV.

    As a person who is new to media center stuff, boxee is far more exciting to me, especially for web content where it is miles beyond what microsoft can do, or should I say, what they allow you to do. TED, YouTube, RSS, Facebook, etc etc…

    i have a large web-friendly TV so i do not see the point of a tv card, and playlists? I always thought playlists were for teenagers. More serious music fans listen to entire albums, not single tracks!
    my opinion of course.

  6. lol My bad i had Boxee confused with Boxxy. I was gonna say who would want that girl on their phone?

  7. Found 6 remote apps for Boxee: Boxee Wifi Remote, Boxee/XBMC Remote, Remote+ for Plex/XBMC, XBMC/Boxee Remote, CloudoTV beta, QueueIt! Like Boxee Wifi Remote and CloudoTV, they auto-discover my Boxees and I can use them as remote keyboard for Boxee, on top of the usual navigation buttons. CloudoTV seems to offer content not in Boxee, and integrate wake-on lan and streaming from PC to phone indirectly. The others try to be universal remote. QueueIt! is not really a remote but a Boxee queue manager.

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