CoPilot Live 8 for Android Takes a Trip to South Africa


ALK has released a version of its CoPilot Live 8 navigation software featuring built-in support for South Africa. Offering turn-by-turn voice-guided navigation, CoPilot Live 8 South Africa installs the South African map set directly to your Android device, making it a great choice for those traveling to the area for the FIFA World Cup taking place this summer. Native installation of the  map set means no need to access a mobile network when navigating, thus saving users from incurring the wrath of expensive roaming fees.


For this reason, it is a good alternative to using Google Maps over a mobile connection; the £29.99 up-front cost could save you a pretty penny on those roaming charges. CoPilot Live 8 is fully equipped for World Cup visitors, featuring thousands of points of interest as well as specific on-foot directions to stadium gates and amenities.

If you are a soccer fan and Android lover who plans on making the trip to South Africa, this may be a good option for you. But you better hope those pesky aliens from District 9 are under control when you head out to Johannesburg.

[via The Unwired]

Kevin Krause
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  1. is there a canada version available that works on nexus one?

  2. For USA travel is this better than google maps? thanks

  3. @ Kevin: Have you tested CoPilot lately on Android 2.1? I was thinking about buying it, but I’d read lots of bad reports from users who say CoPilot is broken in Android 2.1.

    Also, does the South African version have a Prawn-avoidance mode?

  4. @Gunner. Probably no Prawn-avoidance, but will likely have all supermarkets located that sell cat-food.

  5. bahaha. prawns…we have already locked them all up.

  6. Do they have “Hijack hotspot” warnings?
    ‘You are now entering a dangerous area, please lock your doors’

    As an ex South African i can joke about it, but it is something to be considered and something they tell you about on the news – carjacking hotspots.

  7. Finally! I have been looking for a couple of months now for a South African map. This really helps. Currently in South Africa and i really need a good map.

  8. The North America version of CoPilot works great on my Nexus 1. I have not used it in Canada.

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