Droid Incredible Live on Verizon Website


We saw the staging site, we’ve seen the online store listing, we even had an early confirmation of the pre-order date, but now the DROID Incredible by HTC has gone live for the public on the Verizon website. The page is an updated version of the earlier-mentioned staging site, but with some nice Droid-esque touches such as a brushed steel background. Also new is the official confirmation of the April 19th pre-order date.


You can sign up for a mailing list to receive more information about this hot handset arriving on the 29th of April. Verizon just put out a press release and is going live with their Incredible push, and you only have to wait a few more days to reserve your hot piece of Droid action.

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OFFICIAL: Droid Incredible Press Release Published!

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  1. oh man good news. i cant wait! i held out on a droid for this phone.

  2. Yay ANOTHER Verizon Android phone….

  3. i had a fart today and it was ‘incredible’.. mind writing an article about it?

  4. A single tear might roll down my face when the EVO finally comes out, but I’ve cast my lot in with Verizon. And I can barely wait till the 29th, let alone some time this summer. Maybe I’ll pay the extra cash for just a 1-year contract.

  5. Well, unless AT&T acts quick, this will be my next phone.

  6. I agree with you elijah. Att needs to come up with a new android phone and not mess it up like they did with e backflip. Even then I wouldn’t of gotten the backflip its weird

  7. Anyone else notice the black notification bar?? Gotta love how VZW roots their phones :)

  8. I wish they would of kept the HTC logo on top instead of the Verizon.

  9. AT&T and quick do not seem to go together. Oh boy does this phone look sick!

  10. There is now too much over use of the word “incredible.” There is an online bank called Incredible Bank (their Web address is that name, as well)…and I can tell you that while the bank is very good, it’s not all that incredible.

    And now we have a phone that I’d bet will not turn out to be incredible. It might be excellent. But incredible? Incredible means “beyond belief,” as we all know.

  11. Now, if only they didn’t copy the crapPhone and that ONE BUTTON feature, I’d be more apt to buy it. Ugh..I’m going to hear it from the Appletard friends of mine when I pull this out and they say, “hey, looks like HTC copied the iPhone”. ::hang head::

    Didn’t Apple just patent their phone design? won’t they recall this phone now?

  12. How does the preorder system work for Verizon? Will it be delivered to my door on the 29th?

  13. Nice! but i think ill hold out for the EVO.

  14. I am confused. All this talk about the EVO. Am I wrong, but won’t the EVO be just exclusively for Sprint? Will there be an EVO for Verizon?

  15. To O-Qua Tangin Wann

    Maybe they should have called it the “Average” or the “Not so special” or maybe used some real hype like “The pretty good phone”

    You kids are amazingly stupid, it’s called marketing hype, and yes it works.

  16. @O-Qua Tangin Wann–Evo will be on Sprint

    And can you actually actually navigate to this page from Verizon’s home page? I don’t think so. It seems this page is not password-protected anymore, but there is no way to get to it by following the links on the home page.

  17. Can’t wait for the campaign…

  18. @Todd- we know it’s marketing, do you think the “Super Sonic” actually moves at super-sonic speeds? You’re incredibly stupid, as in “beyond belief”. Maybe instead of reading into the name you should try reading the specs. Or just keep quiet and let the adults talk, here’s a coloring book go away.

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