These Korean Android Commercials Make Me Smile


I can’t understand what’s being said in these commercials, but they make me happy. Our beloved Android mascot dancing about to some hot music all for the sake of showing off the awesomeness that is him (and, in turn, his operating system). SK Telecom has launched a massive Android campaign – which I understand may have been running for a few weeks now – to market their smartphone offerings and it makes me wish the US market were just as creative with their marketing efforts.

Here are just a few of the videos featuring the adorable little robot:

That little guy has some moves! I’ve always loved Asian media: they always seem to create the stuff that gets people feeling all warm inside. SK Telecom: please ring up AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint to offer your creative services. I’d mention Verizon, but they seem to have hit their own unique stride with the Droid marketing. If you want more, head over to SK Telecom’s Android promotional site. It’s in Korean, but navigation is mostly driven by images.

[Thanks, LeakDroid!]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Those silly Koreans. Who knew androids could suffer from lactose intolerance.

  2. I’m more than a little upset that my American Android never farts.
    Koreans have all the fun… unless they’re North Koreans

  3. Lol thats a cute commercial

  4. Who knew they loved KC & the Sunshine Band so much.

  5. instead we get gay commercials from tmobile and crappy ones from sprint and at&t great… we could learn somthing from korean marketing. At least verizon has their head on straight…

  6. Man, this is hilarious!
    Great commercials!

  7. Cool… :)

  8. Is it totally wrong for me to want an Android plushy for my desk at work? :-) I am a total sucker for cute mascots. Especially ones that dance, fart, and burp. Our commercials in the US need more of this cuteness.

  9. “At least verizon has their head on straight…”

    Verizon commercials suck so bad! They are terrible for android os and everything that is android related. To me Verizon killed the name “droid”.

    Love these commercials!!

  10. I didn’t know Andy has such sharp teeth! I guess better to bite the Apple with….LOL

  11. these clips are really cute!

  12. They are awesome! T-mo learn some bitch!
    And I still think Verizon’s campaign is cleaver.

  13. i love that he has a bit of Stitch in him from “Lilo&Stitch”

  14. Just a quick comment. And my apologies for a bit ( ok a lot ) off topic but when we see a title such as “These Korean Android Commercials…” we don’t really see just “Korean” do we? We see “South Korean” am I right? Hey maybe I’m soooo way off here but what’s the North done lately? Sorry, just kinda felt wrong somehow.

  15. Love that cute jingle in the end!

  16. That short cute jingle in the end is a sort of symbolic sound representing SK Telecom. SKT is a marketing genius. What they’ve done in marketing really made a huge contribution to what they are now. I’m sure even themselves would agree with my opinion. And, it is true these commercials heated up the public interest in Android in Korea.

  17. A little birdie whispered to me the following:

    Korean translation I was told:
    – video 1: ask the robot to open his mouth and then it says something like Android excites everyone.
    – video 2: “you guys waited a long time”
    – video 3: “android ate everything”

  18. > Is it totally wrong for me to want an Android plushy for my desk at work? :-)
    > I am a total sucker for cute mascots.

    Then you’ll probably like:

    (I’m not affiliated with Dead Zebra.)

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