Official Verizon Staging Site Reveals HTC Incredible!


[UPDATE] Hey guys, we’ve reported on the new release date and naming information! Be sure to follow that link for the latest details. Also note that the staging site is now password protected. They’re onto us!

This is as good as it gets! It’s easy to dismiss all of the other evidence of the HTC Incredible’s existence up until this point, but something “incredible” has appeared out of nowhere today. An official staging site on the Verizon Wireless server is being used to set up a huge reveal for the HTC Incredible.


Currently, the site shows a pretty good promotional picture of the phone and a field that you can submit your email into for receiving updates about the phone. No release date yet, but a “coming soon” tag still gives us hope that a late April/Mid-May day could be on its way. There was also this piece of fine print:

Activation fee/line:$35 ($25 for secondary Family Shareplan lines w/2-yr Agmts).
IMPORTANT CONSUMER INFORMATION: Subject to Customer Agreement, Calling Plan & credit approval. Up to $175 early termination fee ($350 on Advanced Devices) & other charges.
Device capabilities: add’l charges & conditions apply. Offers & coverage, varying by service, not available everywhere. Some applications not available at this time.

By submitting the form, I agree that Verizon Wireless may contact me via email about the information I’ve selected above. I also agree that I am at least 13 years of age.

Other than that, the site is pretty bare, but there’s no denying it now: The Incredible is on its way and it’s coming to Big Red. I’m not particularly familiar with Verizon’s pricing across all their phones, but it looks like you will have to pay $35 on top of whatever the Incredible ends up costing to get it activated.

Everything else is pretty much a given. This is very exciting and I’m sure most of you who got put off by the fact that a Costco inventory system listed the Incredible with T-Mobile

as the vendor should be delighted to hear this. As usual, as soon as more flows in we’ll update you as soon as we can (that’s if our fingers don’t fall off).

Are you hyped yet?

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in from the Official HTC Incredible thread and forum user Zulucap over at our sister site, AndroidForums.com!]

[UPDATE]: If you look closely at the date on the picture of the phone, it says Wednesday, May 5th. Could we be seeing this thing early May? One can dream. We’ll keep this date in mind, though, until more concrete date information comes spiraling our way.

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  1. I just giggled like a schoolboy. >.<

  2. I still think something better is coming down the pipe. Im not gonna jump on this right away. I really want an android witha mobile hot spot feature because it would be amazingly handy for my job..

  3. When I got my Droid online I didn’t pay an activation fee. Maybe because it was the weekend?

  4. Excellent news! does that activation fee apply to all purchases or could that just mean for a new line? the latter would be my guess.

  5. @Robhimself – You know, I’ve been waiting for what seems like forever for this phone. Now that it’s almost here though, I’m starting to wonder the same thing. It’s taken so long to come out, that I wonder if there’s going to be a barrage of better phones released over the next few months. I realize no phone will ever be perfect, but I was hoping to get close this time around. I’d really like to have 720p video recording like the EVO, and was hoping for a better car mount. But I’m not sure if I can pass on this as trying to do anything fun on my BB Curve is impossible.

  6. The $35 fee is likely to only be charged when signing a 1 year contract. Typically Verizon will waive this fee when you sign a 2 year contract.

  7. The activation fee is for new lines only, that has been in place for quite a while.


  9. I’ve been waiting for this phone too but I’m starting to get tired of all the “leaked” crap. Verizon is always the last to get good phones so the least that they could do is to tell us when the stupid thing is releasing. Come on Big Red, everyone knows about it already so just tell us when it is coming out.

  10. Am I the only one that is wondering where the reported trackpad is on this picture?

  11. The activation fee is waived buying it online. Plus you get the phone next day by FedEx but must sign for package. Another bonus no waiting in store for a rep who has no clue about the phone.

  12. Waiting for “The Next Best Thing” is kinda like little orphan Annie waiting for tomorrow. It’s always a day away. Something better is always coming down the pipe. Look what’s available when you need to upgrade and make the best choice for your needs. A couple years down the road, you’ll just be trading it up for something much better no matter how perfect it is when you buy it. It’s a phone, not a wife.

  13. this website can’t be found by my browser! can anyone help??

  14. Same here topshelf.

    I’ve been waiting for the Incredible for months now, but over the last couple of weeks I’ve been seriously considering waiting for the Evo.

    Sprint is cheaper, and I have 4G in my area.

    It’s a tough call because I want something NOW

  15. It now says “The next chapter in the Droid saga begins April 29th” where it used to say “Introducing the newest Android Phone”

  16. 3 weeks! Not bad.

  17. April 29th :)

  18. You guys might want to click the link and or change the main picture… Top line, “The next chapter in the Droid saga begins April 29th”

    Looks like everyone was right! Also looks like they are keeping the Droid branding too which is awesome!

  19. Hey, it says “The Next Chapter in the DROID saga begins April 29th” pretty solid release date now.

  20. Here is the link for the staged website. It now has April 29th as the date.

  21. It now says APRIL 29!!!!!!!!

  22. Woohoo, keep with the Droid does campaign. Super Sweet!

  23. hey i just noticed they changed the name to “droid incredible by htc”. i guess they aren’t ditching the droid branding.

  24. Hmmm…smells fishy to me!

  25. oh and it also has April 29th listed… guess the mystery is solved?

  26. I’ve been waiting for this phone since November, and look how long it’s taken to get here… I think people who decide to wait for the next big thing are going to have to wait several months, as we’ve seen how drawn-out the process was for the Incredible. If someone comes along and says “but the Moto Shadow is going to be released this summer!” or something like that, I’ll say “yeah, but we thought we were getting the Incredible months ago, so be prepared to wait months past when you think it’s going to show up.”

    I’ve been waiting for a Snapdragon-powered Android device with a large capacitative touch screen and a slim, no-physical-keyboard design, all on VZW. This phone fits that bill beautifully; the extra storage (8GB rumored to be onboard), optical trackpad instead of trackball, 8MP camera, soft-touch back, etc. are bonuses. But personally, I’m not willing to wait another 6 months (you never know) for features like 720p video recording (which I myself will rarely use) or a mobile hotspot feature (which I will approximate with a tethering app, possibly through bluetooth).

  27. Confirmed 04/29/10!

  28. They updated that page with a date. It says April 29th.

    I will be the first one on line for that phone!!!

  29. Cool, glad to see they updated the phone with Droid branding and a firm announcement date. I’m still keeping my hopes up for the Nexus One on Verizon, but this is a lovely option itself.

  30. Nice looking phone but Sprint and the EVO just seem where to go now for me. I like Sprint 1 year upgrades and i can try it for 30 days for free if i like them or not.

  31. If you go to the site now it has a date of April 29th.

  32. If only this will be released in Europe. I guess it’s US-only?

  33. Really sucks if they are going to call it the Droid Incredible as the site has now been changed to. That’s just awful.

  34. You can wait around for the next best thing but there will always be something better in time. If you play that game you will never be satisfied.

  35. You need to update your screen shot….It now says April 29th and Droid Incredible by HTC

  36. That staging page now says April 29th. comfirmed finally!

  37. $35 activation only applies to new lines of service

  38. I’m pretty sure the date on the picture of the Incredible isn’t referring to the release date. The staging site even says that it will be released on the 29th of April..

  39. Was just about to report….the staging site has changed to show a date of the 29th which coincides with the Best Buy news so it looks like the 29th is the date.

    I’m also happy to see it will be a Droid family phone. At first I was skeptical about that but now I see that it can really build on the marketing making Droid a household name like iPhone while allowing a choice of devices. Now off to plan when I’m going to get mine.

  40. @Phill:
    They already have a new article up.

  41. ok, how come i cant find that verizon page? help

  42. Where oh where are you Verizon Nexus One???? This is PREPOSTEROUS! It takes less time to make a COMPLETELY NEW phone then just convert an existing phone to CDMA!! It is maddening!

  43. @Scoots:

    this might be the nexus one in disguise. obviously by now they would have release some info on the nexus one.

  44. HMMM pretty exciting news!! Anyone else having troubles with the link to the stage phones? Went once and went back and asks for a password? then I get an error page??

  45. My nipples are hard like diamond cutters.

  46. the site is password protected now.

  47. stage.phones.verizonwireless.com/htc/incredible/

    This site is prompting me for a login. I tried my vw.com login, but it didn’t work. Can anyone help?

  48. Glad to hear all the reports coming in. Hopefully all the “OMG Verizon’s taking forever I’m switching to Sprint for EVO!” crowd will finally chill out. I’m excited.

    As for calling it Droid Incredible, it makes sense. They just started new droid does ads. Why stopa fter sinking so much money into the campaign? I expect all the higher end Android phones to be a “Droid ______.”

  49. I was actually excited to see it listed for t-mobile :(

  50. scoots,

    Why would you want the Nexus?

    1. Multi-touch is messed up
    2. Microsd is behind the battery (no swap)
    3. No FM radio
    4. Inredible has 8gb built-in, so more overall space on device.
    5. Weaker camera

    Same price, so why a Nexus. It is delayed on Verizon due to bugs.

  51. I wish I was more careful typing, but still- why a Nexus over an Incredible?????

  52. Happy to hear that VZW is getting their act together. Just dont understand all of the secret trap doors that they make you go through before getting down to the actual nitty gritty!!! I am using Nexus One on T-Mobile and as for the phone its pretty nice as for the service… Ouch!!! VZW needs to come to the table quickly. The problem with “Big Red” is they know that they have us all by the nads because of being the no. 1 carrier! So the teasing and the leaks are just fuel to their maddness… WTF Red! I guess that I will have to wait and see if the “Incredible” will really be here on the 29 of April, or May or June, etc, etc….

  53. The site is password protected now, Does anyone have a working user name and password?

  54. May 5th would be exactly 6 months after the Moto Droid launch. Thought I’d share.

  55. Leave my Iphone at home for this one,

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