Verizon Publishes Two New Droid Ads


droidAh, the man-hungry, pure-testosterone driven Droid ads – gotta love them! And now there is more to love as Verizon Wireless has just published a few more Droid ads to their YouTube account. I’m assuming these are also rolling out nationwide in commercials, as every 3 seconds it seems like I’m still hearing that DROIIIIIIIIIIIID sound.

I’m sure its paying off for Verizon/MOTO too, as the Droid stats seem to be outstanding in terms of sales and mobile traffic:

It’s not McDonald’s… but bada bah bah baaahhhhh – I’m lovin’ it.

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  1. Saw them last night during Flash Forward on ABC. Each played twice during the one hour episode. I thought they were fantastic.

    Funny aside, the next show was Gray’s Anatomy and the iPhone had that hour.

    Hmmm, any conclusions about users and show types you can think of? :D

  2. Ka ching !!! There goes another million Droids ! Motorola knows how to make and sell a phone.

  3. I love the Droid!

  4. What happened to the other narrator? His voice was better in my opinion.

  5. More Droid commercials, even saw a Kindle commercial. Any doubt this is a response to all the attention the iPad and Apple’s OS is getting?

  6. Nice. Really love them!

  7. I like these Ads, they are pretty good, very bare bones.

  8. I’m fed up with these Droids comercials, “can your phone do this, this, and this?” Yep and pretty much every other Android phone too, My Nexus One does plus talk and surf

  9. PS. Im Not hating on the Droid itself but at Motorola for being greedy with Verizon (really wanted a Droid but didn’t want to switch and almost made the mistake switching to at&t for the Milestone)

  10. I think the ads are a good thing. It keeps the Droid and Android in the public eye and mind. Also, none of HTC’s great new Android phones have a physical keyboard. Droid may not have the Snapdragon CPU, but for most things it’s still plenty fast. Thus, I would still consider the Droid/Milestone, even after the release of the latest round of Android phones, even without the 2.1 upgrade yet, within the top-ranked Android phones. I’m an HTC Hero owner, and I love Sense, but there’s just something very cool and different about the Droid’s sturdiness, sharp corners and austere lines.

  11. Awesome little dig at Apple (I hope)

  12. I think the Droid is their best phone and they know it too :D

  13. Love the green android lurking in the background, was he in the earlier ads?

  14. Droid is just an all-out many phone. Awesome.

  15. Kudos to Aldiko. How awesome would it be to see your application featured in a commercial.

  16. I love the green android robot in the background :) (second commercial, at 0:02)

  17. Is that lance Henriksen’s voice on the new commercials? Either way, the droid commercials rock.

  18. It really is a solid phone. Too bad the keyboard makes me want to cry. Droid 2 maybe? :D

  19. @asqwerth: got my 2.1 upgrade sometime last night. Yours should be there soon!

  20. Sorry but I’m ready for the next Droid device ie. Nexus 1 or Incredible. At this point, the Droid is old news.

  21. Nice commercial. Especially since not only does it advertise the droid, it also pushes the Android OS (multitasking) and apps. There will be some good spillover to other android devices.

  22. is there flash on the new update we got??? email me with the answer: [email protected]

  23. Hummmm being how good this Droid thing is doing for Verizon it seems like they would have Droid in the names of there new phones. But then maybe Droid twos around the corner.

  24. Pretty sure that’s Lance Henriksen’s voice. Also, sweet android logo on the wall in the ‘all corners’ comercial. Going to watch ‘Aliens’ now to make my day even more awesome.

  25. “Off Topic” did anyone notice the Yahoo mail change with the 2.1 update? I deleted my email before I installed the update thinking it would just let me sign in with email and password but that wasnt the case. Just wondering?

  26. I see this as “look what droid finally DOES do.. that n1 did for a long time..”

    I think pushing droid is bad for android, because it’s an underpowered device. Let’s see some sprint EVO 4G commercials..

    We’ll all be curious to see how the (vapoware) flash 10.1 will run on the droids 533Mhz processor.

    Let’s hope that hulu is indeed serious about h.264 and HTML5.. it’s the only way we’ll have any chance of seeing it on the android platform in any usable way. Ipad app today means android app tomorrow–we can only hope. Nothing stopping netflix from having an app for android tablets at this point.. Give me netflix on a $250 tablet and boy– now we’re talking about some REAL competition.

  27. It’s clear that the 2nd ad relates to the e-book functionality in the iPad. Good ones!
    Love the “electromagnetic field” thingy…

  28. Well done VZW! The commercials show and demonstrate visually what’s good about Android and what’s better about it than the iPhone. It focuses on the fact that they’ve been updating it quickly with more than just 3rd party apps, with new built-in features. Yeah, its a little sci-fi focussed, but geeks are the new cool.

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