Xperia X10 Launching January 18th?


We’ve seen and heard about the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 since we were about X10 years old. A few short weeks ago the company held events to showcase the phone and we already knew it was coming 1st quarter 2010… although Sony Ericsson initially (and accidentally) let slip a February 10th release date. So why does Play.com have the device for pre-order with a January 18th, 2010 release date for £529.99 ($860)?


Play.com is no teeny-tiny retailer so they must know what they’re talking about… right? Do they know something we don’t? Did they slip-up? How quickly will this be pulled – or will it?

There are plenty of Droids to ensure a happy holiday season but I’m guessing lots of New Years Resolutions will be resolving to purchase the Xperia X10. Start saving cost this isn’t a cheap catch.

[Thanks Jonathan!]

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  1. F that f’in interface

  2. Im very tempted to buy this phone

  3. Well the date for release is still not certain. Either way the price is still way to high for the x10. And expecting it to release on AT&T’s network is also going to hurt sales. AT&T can’t even handle the iphone’s data traffic. How do they expect to add another data heavy phone to their arsenal? This phone has brought me tears of joy and sadness all at the same time. I’ve already written it off as a waste of time. I think other phones coming out next spring will provide more functionality and enjoyment. X10=Fail again….I wish I didn’t think that :(

  4. Dis phone will be mine. ..hopefully it comes to tmobile

  5. If I did not already have an Android phone, this is what I would get. Sony Ericsson phones are always very stylish with a well designed interface. I doubt this will come to Japan, much less my carrier, but it would be on my list if it ever were to.

  6. sigh, what can i say that hasn’t already been mumbled?.. nuthing. Reverse psychology with an idea that someone who has power at Sony is reading ppls comments and will suddenly make this phone everything ppl want it to be, and actually come out with the carriers that matter – is wasted time. Knowing this, and knowing it will eventually come out sometime in the period ill be buying an android phone (4moths) all i can do is hope that its quick like the HD2, robust like the Hero and sexy smooth good hardware like many other Sony products. Its clearly either this or the Dragon/Passion. Anyone who thinks differently is a fool. Either device will render Droid and the hype, moot.

  7. I feel like it would do better with T-Mobile than any other carrier because it’s so expensive. T-Mobile offers the best plans which may allow customers to spend more on the actual phone. That’s just my theory

  8. I would have got the Milestone if it had been released properly this month but now Sony are finally getting the X10 out there I’m going to wait.

  9. “Start saving”? “Isn’t cheap”?
    The X10 costs exactly the same as the “oooh so cheap” iPhone 3GS here in Sweden.
    I bet even the stated cost in the US will be on the same, if not even cheaper level, when the rumors have settled and the phone has actually been released.

  10. Lol buy the time this phone comes out….many more more badass android Phones will be out there…and the new Droid next year….its got to be a bigger beast then the first Droid

  11. I was tempted by this phone…from the UI to the camera..very bad I cant get out from it…hmmmm

    jan 18 2010? maybe true but certainly I will trust SONY!

  12. with his propietary UI, and all the good purposes,
    sony make us wait…a bit too long.

    why not make a pure android device with the same specs and launch it 3 month ago?then a updade (optional) to beautifize the UI?


  13. The release date of the Xperia X1 was shifted for at least a month too. About this far before release as well.

    They said October 10, then end of October and I got it at November 15..

  14. The most recent rumors have stated it going to T-Mobile. I for one hope so.

  15. the hardware of this phone is great. will it support fully functioning multi touch? can it be as multimedia friendly as the iphone? anyone know why they have an american version and euro version?

  16. SE better price this thing right. With Google’s Nexus One releasing around the same time with very similar hardware specs (except for the camera – but who really cares about that) it will be a toss up for me which to choose. I think the deciding factor for me will be price. Big plus to Google/HTC for the OLED screen too: that should give a pretty descent boost to the battery life. Also shipping with the freshest version of Android may steer me more in the Nexus One’s direction. I was really looking forward to the X10, but, as usual, SE is off their game.

  17. If you don’t mind being stuck with Android 1.5 or 1.6 (whatever this has) for the next 5 or 6 months then I guess it’s a good deal. I myself will always stay away from proprietary UI’s because you will always be 3+ months behind the current Android build. HTC has been known to keep it’s new versions of Touch Flo on new devices and not offer upgrades to older ones that are capable of running them, that might be changing with them updating Sense to 2.1 and releasing the update to Hero users, but a company like SE isn’t well known for this type of thing. Plus with the Android dev community it’s only a matter of time till your favorite UI is ported to almost any Android phone capable of running it.

    AT&T’s 3G is bogged down if your in NYC, SF, Chicago and some other major cities from all the iPhone traffic, so a phone that relies heavily on 3G like this one is going to be troublesome, T-Mobile’s network might not be as bogged down, but you better live in a 3G area because if not your stuck with lame GPRS or maybe EDGE……or maybe NOTHING like most of the USA.

  18. People saying expensive, you do realize this is pretty much the same price as EVERY smart phone out there. The iPhone included. When you buy it from a company they subsidize it because they make money from you every month on the 2 year contracts. If T-mobile or AT&T picked it up in the US to sell in their store they would likely charge 200 bucks for it, eat the rest, and make it up in the following months from your bill.

  19. Goodbye Moto Droid, Hello Sony Xperia X10. Can’t wait for this device to release. Hopefully Android 2.0 isn’t too far off in the horizon. I can deal with 1.6 for a little bit.

    The best part of the entire deal, bye bye Verizon.

  20. Im gonna rape this phone hard!

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