Xperia X10: Smoking Hot and Strutting It’s Stuff


The Xperia X10 is official and just waiting to leap out of retailing packaging into the laps of yearnful Android owners. But until then, it seems the X10’s makers are making the most of the remaining time, parading the device to media in various locations to entice them with it sexy looks and awesome features.

Rikard Skogberg, Sony Ericsson’s product manager for the X10, gave a presentation about the device to local media and among the attendees was Michell Bak from se-blog.com who called the X10 “Smoking Hot” and “no doubt whatsoever that it’s the most powerful and impressive device announced to date”.

That last one might be a bit of an overstatement but we appreciate his enthusiasm. Here are some of the pics he snagged from the event:

For those of you that can’t get enough, click on through to SEBlog to get the author’s impressions about the event and the phone itself!

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  1. I like the bit in his comments where he appears to quote them “ships with 1.6 but will be upgraded to 2.0” … hope this is true and not just hopeful thinking.

  2. Looks AMAZING…Can’t wait for an android phone on At&t !!!

  3. I hope to god this not coming out for ATT only. If it is on Tmobile I will be preordering this!

  4. £480? Isn’t that a lot cheaper than it’s been reported previously? If it gets subsidized that should hit in around the $200 mark on a US carrier right?

  5. Please update your mobile phones listing for upcoming and rumored.

    Need a updated place to check out the new and soon to be available phones

  6. @Eric

    You are right, it hasn’t been updated in a while. Cobwebs are forming

  7. My Verizon contract will be up in February/March… Hopefully there will be more android 2.0 choices.

  8. I wouldn’t touch it with my worst enemies hands. From all the reviews I’ve seen from trusted sources this thing is a dog. And I’ve never had good luck with SE phones in the past. But on a positive note, more Android phones on the market is a good thing!

  9. well is this phone going to work as saito and aino?

  10. What carrier is this thing going to again?

  11. @Eric: http://www.androphones.com/confirmed-android-phones.php

    @Rob: if you don’t feel confortable with this link just don’t approve this comment, I ain’t trying to promote it, just thought it might be usefull.

  12. It’s going to AT&T.

    I’ve had good experiences with my past SE phones…solid build and excellent call quality and reception.

    Looking forward to this…better be as good as it should be give its specs. Would be nice if it shipped with 2.0, but as long as it gets it within a few months.

    Of course in a few months we may have Flan…

  13. I really don’t get your “The Xperia X10 is official and just waiting to leap out of retailing packaging into the laps of yearnful Android owners. But until then, it seems the X10’s makers are making the most of the remaining time”
    …Since it’s THREE MONTHS left before its release, a lot of things can change, and frankly – I think it’s almost too early to start hyping this mobile. Especially since it’s mostly betas and unoptimized versions of the OS being displayed.

  14. Three months is not far away. And, any changes to this phone will be for the better not worse. Every updated video has the OS operating faster and smoother…and we STILL HAVE three months left to go.

    It’s no question analysts were calling this phone the Android Flagship phone on Nov 3.

  15. 3 Months before it’s release date? By then it will be old news:) I wonder if ATT will mess up the phone with their garbage-ware?

  16. Looks like the xperia X1 hype all over again.
    Hope this phone won’t be delayed as often as the X1.
    (and I hope it won’t have as much problems as the X1)

  17. Anyone know how hard it would be to wipe it of the Timescape stuff and just install straight up vanilla 2.0? Or would that not be possible?

  18. @Ian
    That depends on how long it takes to root the phone for the community.
    Also, you can turn off time and mediascape and run standard android if you feel like it.

  19. @CJ
    And by running like a dog you mean slow?
    That is old news. Its running pretty well now, and they still have a few months to optimise it.
    Either way, its just time and mediascape that runs slow, standard android doesnt.

  20. @ Ulvhamne
    Thanks! Yeah, this phone is killer, but I think I like standard android UI better. I’d test both, but I’d like the option to run standard 2.0 over 1.6+scape.

  21. AT&T is a deal breaker for me I can’t stand their Craptacular Network!!!!

  22. The more i see it the less i like it. Looks very brickish when pictured in a hand. Something with that much surface area should probably be thinner. The side view looks about right but seems to hide the chunkiness in the center.

  23. So is this phone really goint to AT&T??? But i thought that it had both att’s and tmo’s frequencies…??

  24. Looking good. I hope it makes it over to AT&T- it really looks like a great phone and a phone that will make other Android makers step up their game.

  25. The Droid is an excellent phone. One of best made by Motorola, and carried by Verizon. The only drawback I have seen so far is that it doesn’t have the speed dial option. But the phone is great for the 3G network.

  26. its.

  27. I think the phone itself is ugly as sin. Not a whole lot that looks “sexy” to me. At least it’s running the best mobile OS.

  28. Nothing makes a website look unprofessional like misspellings IN THE HEADLINE. Jesus.


  29. @lil_ana_d
    Yes, it looks like it will go to AT&T, but that isn’t set it stone yet. When they announce which carrier it will go to, that’s when it is set in stone. You can still get the one on the T-Mo frequencies, but you’ll have to import it from Europe to do that. I am going to do that, I think.

    Anyone know how to get the amazon music store on your phone if it isn’t preloaded?

  30. can’t wait to hold this phone! this is soooo impressive phone..from OS to Hardware.

  31. vfdee, your wrong about tmo freq. It wont work on Tmo Freq. Only att for USA. Tmo need to use 1700 and 2100mhz for 3g network. The in europe is 1900/2100 and austrialia is 900/1700 and USA is 800/850/1900. you still can get it and use it on EDGE.

  32. all the carriers need to have android phones with the latest cpu’s. So if ATT says they can do voice and data at the same time and people want that, they don’t have to leave the android world.

  33. Easily the most promising android phone out there.
    Really don’t care about what US carriers supports it, since it will work with every european carrier, and that’s the important part.
    Bugs and optimization will surely progress during the upcoming 3 months, and I’d be surprised if there’s no 2.0 patch available in time for release.
    600 euro isn’t to much either, but what’s standard to pay for a high end smartphone. So I really don’t get all Phandroid fuzz about its pricetag.

  34. I seriously HATE that T-Mobile isn’t getting this phone. This is killing me. I’ve been following this phone since the first rumors about it… salivating at the thought of getting it, and I refuse to switch to AT&T just to have this phone. This is killing me… Why, Sony Ericsson?! WHY?!!

  35. Im wit u tech. .but I’m gonna get dis fone one way or the other. .hopefully tmobile gets it.

  36. i cant wait to get this phone, i had an X1 and thats gathering dust, now using the Hero but my god this phone looks amazing, abeit it does look a bit cheap?….

  37. @techie

    The European version of the phone includes the 1700mhz and 2100mhz bands. The X10a, the americas version, as you have noticed does not. There are two separate pieces of hardware here.

  38. @Mr.Fry
    Go to Sony Ericcson main site, they have it up. I got my info from it. So 1700 will be on one and 2100 will be on another device. Tmo 3g need both of them together to work.

  39. I love most everything Sony develops, but hopefully it’s just temporary. A cell enabled PSP device makes way more sense for Sony as well as the consumer. The Android OS still looks like the cartoon version of the iPhone OS, no innovation or attempt to bring something new to the market. This is just another iPhone knock off with the same limitations as other Android devices, nice try though.

  40. Would be nice if phone makers just made phones for consumers and you could just dial in the correct frequency for your carrier (like a radio).
    I’d buy this phone and then could decide whether I want TMO or ATT and even switch carriers depending on their rate plan.

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