Qik Update Adds DVD Quality Video!


A few weeks ago we saw a private beta Qik for Android made available by the live-streaming video company. If you weren’t one of the first ones to request a beta-invite chances are you didn’t get one – they were inundated with requests. But now the ability to record and stream high resolution videos is no longer a privilege of many but a right for all: Qik has updated their application on Android Market for EVERYONE can enjoy the new features. If you’ve got a DROID of course…


In addition to the DVD resolution (720 x 480)  video Qik has also added support for Chinese. Not something that I’ll be using but hey – the more the merrier! Here is an example of a video created with the awesome updated kick-butt app (that “kick butt” was for a special someone!):

If you’ve already got the private beta you’re going to want to uninstall it and then download/install the official update from Android Market. Ready, set, QIK!

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  1. are the g1 cameras too shit for high resolution?

  2. I’ve been using the beta for the MotoDroid and it totally rocks. If you’re into streaming video from your cell this is a must have!

  3. Much better than the beta which I found to be worthless. Being able to stream over wifi made it usable.

  4. That is so kick butt

  5. I feel Like I am looking through a window its crazy! I have to touch my tv to make sure this is real lol

  6. Just….dandy. Droids does dandy

  7. Just played around with this a bit and must admit it’s very cool. I can think of several places where this will come in handy, e.g. streaming non-televised parts of sporting events to forums.

  8. I tried the beta. To be honest I don’t get this app. Why stream live? I mean, it’s not instant anyways. I was getting anywhere from a 30 second delay to a full minute. Might as well just make a video and then upload it to YouTube for everyone’s viewing pleasure. Oh well, to each their own.

  9. Qik should be very useful to capture those police brutality videos. When they ask you to delete the video, you can just delete the local one (if it has a local copy) :)

  10. i dont think its suck. more kick butt like. (I live in Thailand right now and have to hear this every day :X)

  11. I was just wondering, will this connect/upload through a wifi if the 3g is not available? Haven’t been able to test that part yet myself.

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