Xperia X10 Launching February 10th


se-xperia-x10-250x450If you love Android and Android loves you, perhaps you can consummate your relationship with an early Valentine’s Day gift by purchasing the Xperia X10 on February 10th. That’s right folks – in their UK Sony Ericsson Store has an announcement that the Xperia x10 should be available on February 10th and you can pre-register for information about the device as well.

But that’s not all: we’ve also recently been blessed with a couple promotional videos and samples of pictures and videos taken with the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10.

First let us get the official angle with some X10 promotional vids:

And how about a video and a couple pictures taken with the Xperia X10 by none other than the Official SE Blog itself:





The picture quality seems nothing short of fantastic… but I would take that at face value. There isn’t any way the SE Blogger would have posted crappy pictures and you never know, maybe it took awhile to get pictures these good to come out. But no matter what, the phone at least has the capability of taking pretty awesome photos.

Also remember the video (which is pretty good too) and pictures were taken with an X10 running on preliminary software and beta hardware so the results might be better on an actual production unit. And if they’re WORSE on a production unit, someone has a big problem with quality control.

I’d like to remind you folks of something – the February 10th date was only a TARGET date and it was for the UK. There is not telling when it will come out elsewhere and furthermore, you can’t be positive it will come out in February in the UK either. Sony Ericsson has a history of being a bit late on their Xperia products and when you consider its also the first Sony Ericsson Android Phone… well, I just don’t want you to get your hopes up.

But all these official, inside looks are making us excited indeed. Here is the information from that pre-registration page:

Pre-Register – Expected launch: Feb , 10
Sony Ericsson Xperia™ X10

Sony Ericsson XPERIATM X10 – The most human and intuitive user experience yet.

The all new XPERIATM X10 showcase a revolution in mobile entertainment and highlights the world class abilities of Sony Ericsson technology.

Powered by the new Android operating system with 1 Gigabyte of internal memory and a superfast 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, the touch screen X10 provides quick access to social media services and contacts via a rich graphical user interface.

With a remarkable 8 megapixel camera, fitted with Smile detection, Touch focus and Send to web, the XPERIATM X10 breaks boundaries by being the first android phone to feature an 8 mega pixel camera.

The X10 also features a variety of social media applications such as Mediascape and TimescapeTM, allowing you to manage all of your communications in one place, browse conversations, check out your tweets on TwitterTM or photos, emails and texts.

The Sony Ericsson XperiaTM X10, raising the bar in mobile technology.

The XPERIATM X10 will be available in Sensuous Black from Q1.

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  1. Wow @ the pics

  2. Pictures aren’t bad, but that’s all you can say based on these small pictures really. There is plenty of light available. Let’s see how the camera performs when the available amount of light is reduced, that’s where you can seperate good camera’s from bad camera’s.

  3. Which provider will have it first?

  4. Wow! Those photos are fantastic. The ones linked to anyway. If you follow the links to the original blog post and look at the photos there…they’re huge and the pixelation and lens optical artifacts are faaaar less prevalent than the ones with the G1 and Cliq. The video is something like 480×800 in its original mp4 format and not bad. Pretty good for a phone, anyway. I’m more interested in its focus features. I’ve never had a phone with a focus like that on it. The G1 and Cliq don’t have very good depth of field focusing. That looks phenomenal for a phone.

  5. Oh snap! That’s on my birthday! =O

  6. When I look to buy a phone, I don’t buy it for the camera. If I wanted a good digital camera, or any camera for that matter…I’d buy a good camera. If the phone can handle all it’s functions and make clear sounding calls, does well handling multiple tasks, and has stability, that is what will make the phone.

    …and the ability to put applications on the SD card. XP

  7. Yeah, I hope to buy one in 2011, when it will be available in a affordable price in US.

  8. I hope it’ll b 4 tmobile!!

  9. Ok…..Great commercial, However is any of those commercial about the Xperia x10 ????. This is as bad as the Droid commercials.

  10. Jesus christ, please improve the battery life! all those goodies eg: camera, screen wont matter if you can’t add 5+ more batt life on top of the standard 5+ batt life when put in low settings. so again 10+ batt life is a must for these X10 devices under moderate 3G usage, and picture taking activities.

  11. battery life should be priority #1….and still no one talks price……..

  12. This is a SONY product. Price will be a premium. Sony always overprices their flagship devices. I say 350.00 (USD) with contract is most likely.

  13. @savage,

    the american version (x10a) only has AT&T frequencies
    UMTS/HSPA 800/850/1900/2100

    the uk version (x10) has T-Mobile USA frequencies, but I don’t know if it’ll work for T-Mobile though, let’s hope it does
    UMTS/HSPA 900/1700/2100

    p.s. T-Mobile USA requires both 1700 and 2100

  14. I wonder if they will support for remote access to your PS3.

  15. I am not impressed by the 2nd ad. Tells you absolutely nothing. Only cute touch was the wind-up robot toy.

  16. @Rozza C, mine too! :)

  17. sweet looking device, i sure hope i can get rid of that god awful “blue” theme they’re running on it.

    just ick

  18. I’ve always loved my Sony Ericsson phones, I really wished Verizon carried them. My last SE phone had a 3.2 mp camera w/a CyberShot autofocus. Completely blew away my 3.2 mp LG Dare, and def the 5.0 mp Motorola Droid.

    What’s also great is their media players. Music is always a key feature and the excel at it. This phone, like many of their others will also have an FM radio.

    Another phone they’re coming out w/, the Aino can sync w/ your Playstation 3, meaning you can access PSN and send and receive messages from your friend’s list.

  19. My Ericsson phones were always the BEST! And my Ericsson phone cameras were always better than my current digital camera. I will wait for this phone.

  20. del wrote “When I look to buy a phone, I don’t buy it for the camera. If I wanted a good digital camera, or any camera for that matter…I’d buy a good camera.”

    well, this is seems to be a very good camera with a computer with gps and internet so you can process your pic with advanced effects, geotag it and send it directly to the internet. You end up with a super camera instead of just a phone that happens to have a camera.

    I can’t wait to see what Camera zoom fx and camera pro will do with this.

  21. X10 announcement today in the Netherlands… more news to follow.

  22. HDBlog.it has a hands-on: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m19Lu-JUW1Q

    I can’t believe this blog hasn’t mentioned anything yet, it’s the first decent video.

    It’ll be available around february 10th as well, it’s not connected to any operator here.

    It’ll have 1.6 but an update to 2.0 will come.

    Timescape, Mediascape and Infinity are ‘unique’ features compared to other Android phones, but it’s not spectacular. I’m not a big fan of the look, Sense looks tons better.

  23. Whats wrong with a Xmas launch – aaagghhhh. Still, I am so fed up waiting for any news of a UK Droid, I guess this one will be it. Really wanted a built in Sat Nav feature, so will be interetsed to see who carries it and what they offer. The only thing DroidDoes for us is NOT exist.

    Looks sweet I must admit – No question that this will be a real competitor at last to the iPhone from a form factor perspective (Which much as I want Android, there is still nothing as sleek looking as an iPhone – and no I don’t have one, nor have I ever had one – I want Droid functionality in an iPhone shell).

  24. I want this phone, NOW!
    It’s a huge improvement compared to the G1, Magic etc.
    The droid is pretty good, too. But I don’t need no physical keyboard. The formfactor is much more importent for me.
    I now the price tag is only rumors, but it won’t be the first Sony product which is over-priced.

    (sry for poor english) greets didi

  25. Please please please launch it for Tmobile…

  26. We agree, that Xperia has a bitter history on older models. Hopefully, this X10 release will turned out to be a happy-ending.

    A detailed preview + official vid from Head of Xperia X10


    Kudus, to phandroid

  27. so when will this come out in the us? or when will a version with att 3g be avaible, regardless of contracts ect?

  28. Looks like it’s going to be the 2nd quarter before it’s out now :(


    phone looks gr8 though

  29. Also coming out with T-Mobile in the UK in April

  30. Getting my X10 on wednesday :) :) :) :) :) :)

    anyone got one yet ?

  31. this x10 has anti virus?

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