Japanese Hikari iFrame with Android [VIDEO]


Android Netbooks didn’t exactly get off to the running start we may have thought after the initial hype, but the latest emerging Android devices are tablets of sorts that are marketed with alterior motives. You’ve got the Archos 5 which touts its media playing capabilities, the Grande Specchio which is an upscale photo frame, the just announced Vega which claims it is kitchen-friendly, and now we’re seeing the Hikari iFrame in Japan which doubles as a photo frame and tablet PC for use in your Living Room.

Unfortunately I can’t read Japanese, because the company issued a press release and has a mini-site for the product. Luckily Google Translate helped us translate both. Unluckily it was still confusing as all heck. The see-saw continues.


One cool thing about this Widget + Digital Photo Frame as it seems to be called, is that it will only cost between $220 and $330 bucks and the company said using Android saved them 20 to 30 percent. That means Android not only brings the device awesomeness, but also saved you up to about $100. Nice!

[Via CrunchGear]

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