Nov 11th, 2009

Part of Android’s lure is it reduces device costs due to its free and open source nature. Unless of course you’re buying some type of upscale designer home decor piece that just so happens to have Android crammed into it. Such is the case with the Parrot Grande Specchio, an Android-based photo frame designed by French artist Martin Szekely.


The 10.4-inch screen doubles as a mirror and you can either rest the frame on a flat surface or hang it on the wall, easily adding new pictures in the slideshow by sending them to an Email address that comes handcuffed to the device. It doesn’t seem like there is much to the device beyond what you would expect from a photo frame, but the company is developing more applications and we did see one pretty darn cool feature:

Parrot is opting to let you embrace the generic photo frame picture to the max by selecting a “People” mode that will automatically search the internet for a “never-ending slide show of faces of the world”. Those not fussed with random people can opt instead for Holidays whereby you choose a place on Google Maps and it will then grab a selection of images associated to that place (slough anyone?).

I would be a little teeny bit nervous about exactly what pictures show up depending on the company kept… Google images DOES in fact index images that are, shall we say inappropriate. In any case it comes with USB, SD, Wi-FI and Bluetooth connectivity with a capacity of 200MB. It launches on November 17th, but at $650 you’ve got to wonder who will snag this. I guess we can assume the people who like the finer things in life… and by “finer” we mean “more expensive”… otherwise I’d just as soon buy two of these for $50 less.

[Via Pocket-Lint]

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