Palm Treo 650 Running Android


Who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Not the dude in the video below who, after staring blankly at the screen scrolling code for a minute or two, gets Android to boot up on his Palm Treo 650:

Sure… But can it run Crysis ChromeOS? Maybe Palm should start a little TreoDoes campaign. TreoDoes prefer Android to WebOS. Anyone? Takers?

Rob Jackson
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  1. Ha! Great /. reference Rob. My respect for you has just skyrocketed. You know, you got me thinking. Just imagine a beowulf cluster of treos running android. Now THAT could run Crysis!

  2. It’s so sad it’s almost cute. Ah I remember my old 650 when I had it 2 jobs ago. I think that’s why I left the job (not really but it’s a close 2nd). It was so cute how it would call other people from my face touching the screen. Oh you could disable that, but then you get to a dial by number directory to spell out a name and without touch enabled in a call, try racing through the alphabet in your head for what keys to press. Oh and how it locked up half the time and wasn’t really a functional phone. The lack of alarm clock was extremely fun (calendar appts for an alarm, uh no). The unreliable VPN and modem dialer…the disconnects, those were a joy. I’m sure Android is great with the crap touch support the Treo no doubt brings. But really, I think it’s the thrill of the chase for porting it and for that I give whoever put the work into it props, but seriously if you’re that smart, you must have a couple hundred $ for a decent Android phone don’t you? Cute though, like a puppy with kennel cough, I mean the little sneezes and coughs, kinda cute and laughable, but the poor thing is suffering.

  3. nice… but chromeos will probably not run on arm. My bet is x86.

  4. I’ve always maintained that Palm should use their craftsmanship to create a beautiful Android handset, not try to go it alone against entrenched competitors.

  5. Nice – being that I just replaced my treo 650 with a Droid yesterday, I may now have something to use the old Treo for :)

  6. from what i’ve read on google groups and xpda dev that its working on the 650 to the centro but Verizon is the only network that will authorize them to work on thier network. I was planning on doing this to my centro but since its my primary I’m going to wait until i get my Sammy Moment……Anyone know if the Droid will work on SPRINT?

  7. The Treo 650 was an awesome device actually. I really enjoyed mine quite a bit and that was what I had up until I got my G1 about a year ago. It looks kind of big an clunky now… but being able to read my email on the run, checking web pages (albeit slow and not 100%) and some decent apps… at the time it was about as good as it got.

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