Nov 5th, 2009

The Samsung Behold II sounded like an ordinary Android phone when it first peaked its head from the depths of the hidden mobile phone world, but soon after learning about the new device, we learned something even more peculiar about it: the Behold II would be the first Samsung Android phone to house the TouchWiz interface (which already has its own implementation on select Windows Mobile phones).


Even more enthralling was the fact that Samsung went with a completely new direction with the Behold 2’s TouchWiz, bringing us cube-based goodness for navigational purposes. For a long time, this was just imagined in images and snapshots of the phone, but Tmonews was blessed with a video from one of their sources that shows the TouchWiz interface in full action.

Don’t be alarmed, the choppiness that you see is because of the poor quality of the video itself: the source assures everyone that the TouchWiz interface is in fact very smooth and usable in its current state. Overall, I’m not sure how I feel about this yet. Being a Linux user, I’ve had my fair share of cubes. While cool, I’d hope Samsung would give the option to disable the cube altogether, as I’m sure it won’t be practical for everyone (giving users the freedom of choice is never a bad thing, either).

What do you guys think about the TouchWiz interface? Feel free to talk about it in the comment section!

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