Droid Eris Lands On BestBuy.com, $499.99


Verizon Wireless is launching the Motorola Droid and HTC Droid Eris tomorrow, but that hasn’t stopped BestBuy from pre-selling the first and plopping the latter on their website. That’s right, the Droid Eris just popped up on the BestBuy.com website listed for $499.99:


It’s only a matter of time until that “Coming Soon” is replaced with a “Buy It Now”… and when it does… will you?

[Via BestBuy, Thanks Terry!]

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  1. Nothing about it being in the stores though huh???

  2. Its funny though because it just replaces the picture of the Droid Eris with the “sholes” picture LOL
    All the other info is Eris info. Must be the sequence in the URL

  3. Cheaper at Verizon by far

  4. since at least monday they have been offering 50 dollar gift cards at my local store that are used as a deposit for friday morning delivery of 199 with 2 year activation when doors open.

  5. Or you could just get the Droid from Wal Mart off contract for the same price….

  6. @tinker
    Actually it is not cheaper at Verizon. This is the non-contract or month-to-month price. Best Buy will match the Verizon w/contract pricing if you sing up for a contract at the same time.

  7. I just got back from Walmart, and I have a Droid in each hand! woooowoooooo $188 each

  8. Really?…How much would it cost with a 1 year contract at walmart?

  9. hahaha…sorry, i should’ve posted this on another thread, but i got a little excited.

    I picked up two motorola droids at walmart for $188 each on two year contract. I believe he said it was an additional $100 per phone for 1 year contract.

    Also, he said they only received two Motorola Droids at this walmart and don’t have any Eris yet, but the Eris are in the system, so they will be selling them.

  10. LoL…Dang…I want a 1 year so I won’t be bonded to them for 2 years…Like I was with sprint(which I’m never doing with sprint again)

  11. How did u get the phone early Bryan??

  12. I read a post at engadget that said some bestbuys and walmarts were selling them early. Called my local walmart, and they said come on in and get ’em. (They only had two)

  13. Wait? So their is regualr droid and droid eris. So that’s 2 different phones?

  14. $500???? I like my brother’s $99 iphone instead.

    5 *TIMES* the price… is just too much.

  15. this is the off contact price. it is only 99 with a new contract. the iphone is like 700 something off contract.

  16. Is this what Nexus One early adopters have to look forward to…?

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