Best Android Tablets [March 2014]

Mar 3rd - Last week we talked about what the best Android phone to buy this month was and highlighted the top announcements from Mobile World Congress 2014, and now it's time to go over the best Android tablets your hard-earned money can buy in 2014. The year is already off to a hot start with the latest announcements out of MWC2014, so we should be seeing some exciting movement on this list before too long.

Hands-on: Huawei MediaPad X1 [VIDEO]

Mar 2nd - The MediaPad M1 is Huawei's new higher-end tablet. It also doubles as a phone! Check out our hands on video and find out if this bad boy is worth your cash.

Hands-on: Huawei MediaPad M1 [VIDEO]

Mar 2nd - We go hands-on with the Huawei MediaPad M1 at MWC 2014. The device looks a lot like an HTC One, which automatically makes it a good-looking tablet. Is it worth your money, though?

Best Android Phones [March 2014 / MWC Edition]

Feb 28th - We're heading home from Mobile World Congress, folks (read through all the exciting coverage here) and the dust is finally settling. With most of the great phones for the first half of 2014 announced, it's time to take a look at all of them in our March edition of Best Android Phones.

8 biggest announcements of Mobile World Congress 2014

Feb 28th - #MWC2014 has come and gone, leaving behind it a trail of highly anticipated mobile releases. With big announcements from Samsung, LG, Sony, and more, we’re running down our favorites. If you missed any of our coverage throughout the week, these are the smartphones (and smartwatches) you need to know about.

Samsung’s Gear Fit named ‘Best Mobile Device’ at Mobile World Congress

Feb 28th - Of all the devices announced at Mobile World Congress, it was one little wearable that has drawn the most attention. Samsung’s new Gear Fit, part of a revamped smartwatch lineup, was named “Best Mobile Device” of Mobile World Congress as the annual show drew to a close.

Hands-on: Samsung Tizen prototype smartphone [VIDEO]

Feb 27th - With Samsung sitting high upon their throne as Android’s #1 manufacturer, it’s interesting to see them playing around with another open source mobile operating system. Although not specifically “Android” related, when we heard that Samsung was showing off and advertising Tizen — their rival mobile OS — at this year’s Mobile World Congress, we simply […]

Hands-on: Huawei Ascend G6 [VIDEO]

Feb 27th - Don't you hate turning your phone around to get a better-quality selfie? Huawei aims to alleviate this issue with the affordable Ascend G6!

Hands-on: Impala app offers true smart photography [VIDEO]

Feb 27th - Impala is the kind of app that can easily go unnoticed at huge events like MWC, but we have uncovered the hidden treasure and love it!

Hands-on: Qualcomm’s 4K reference tablet and the Snapdragon 805 processor [VIDEO]

Feb 27th - It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that mobile tech is advancing fast. With Android tablets now hitting the market with 2K resolution displays, we’d guess that it wont be very long before 4K displays soon becomes the norm. Qualcomm sees that future closing in fast and while touring the halls of Mobile World […]

Hands-on with the Jolla Phone and SailFish OS [VIDEO]

Feb 26th - The Jolla smartphone has long been announced, but the project was revealed so early that the team didn’t even have any prototypes ready to show the world. All these months later, though, we’ve finally gotten a chance to see the thing in person. We caught up with Jolla at Mobile World Congress to take a […]

Moto G is Motorola’s most successful smartphone yet; new Moto X due late summer

Feb 26th - What do you get when you combine quality hardware, fast software updates and a super affordable price? A smartphone that nearly instantly shoots up to the top of your company’s list in terms of success. That’s exactly what Motorola got with the Moto G, as the company has revealed that the Moto G is their […]

Eyes-on: Blackphone and PrivateOS [VIDEO]

Feb 26th - We’ve been following the Blackphone since it was first announced back in January. A joint effort between Spanish-based Geeksphone and Silent Circle, the Blackphone promises to address consumers ever growing concerns over privacy and security by providing consumers with a locked down version of Android they’re calling “PrivateOS.” Essentially a suite of apps (provided by […]

Hands-on: Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10 HD+ [VIDEO]

Feb 26th - The Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10 HD+ will bring you mid-end specs and a very interesting design for a good price point. Is it the tablet for you, though?

Hands-on: Huawei TalkBand B1 [VIDEO]

Feb 26th - The Huawei TalkBand B1 comes to the smartwatch market with an interesting concept, but is it good enough to make it big?