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We’ve been following the Blackphone since it was first announced back in January. A joint effort between Spanish-based Geeksphone and Silent Circle, the Blackphone promises to address consumers ever growing concerns over privacy and security by providing consumers with a locked down version of Android they’re calling “PrivateOS.”

Essentially a suite of apps (provided by Silent Circle) and various system level implementations, the Blackphone does everything from encrypting text messages, to denying applications of individual permissions on an app-by-app basis. Something that should help even tinfoil hat types sleep well at night.


When we found out Geeksphone would be showing off their upcoming device at this year’s Mobile World Congress, we decided to pay them a quick visit. Because no matter the range of services an Android phone offers, there’s always those that need to see some quick hardware specs. Here’s what the Geeksphone Blackphone offers.

Blackphone specs

  • 4.7-inch HD display (likely 720p)
  • 2GHz unspecified quad-core processor
  • 16GB of internal storage
  • 8MP/1.3MP cameras
  • Android 4.4 KitKat

With that out of the way, Blackphone’s VP of Engineering David Puron provided us with a hands-on demo of the device, showing us exactly how all those secure apps and services work.

Blackphone will be available in June for $630 unlocked, and is currently available for pre-order.

android at mwc

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  1. The NSA is probably behind this just waiting for you to act guilty by buying one

    1. Better grab a tinfoil hat before you buy it, then.

  2. 4.4 kitkat….it looks like ICE 4.1 maybe 4.2.

  3. “Tinfoil hat types”. I always enjoy Futurama and/or a funny reference to it, haha. Thanks, Chris.

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