Samsung’s Gear Fit named ‘Best Mobile Device’ at Mobile World Congress



Of all the devices announced at Mobile World Congress, it was one little wearable that has drawn the most attention. Samsung’s new Gear Fit, part of a revamped smartwatch lineup, was named “Best Mobile Device” of Mobile World Congress as the annual show drew to a close.

The Gear Fit was announced at the beginning of the show alongside the Samsung Galaxy S5, Gear 2, and Gear 2 Neo. The Fit pairs with Galaxy devices and combines smartwatch functionality with personal fitness tracking, all packaged in a compact wearable. Features include a 1.85-inch curved Super AMOLED display and a variety of fitness sensors, including heart rate monitor, pedometer, and sleep tracker. The Tizen-based smartwatch boasts a battery life of 3-4 days.

The award was handed out by the GSMA, the governing body behind the mobile technology trade show. Earlier in the week the group released a lengthy list of winners in other categories, which, much to the chagrin of some, included the iPad Air — a device not even represented at the show — as Best Mobile Tablet.

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  1. Due to their vote on best tablet I have to write off anything else they say. OS wars aside the Surface pro is by far the most functional tablet on the market.

    1. Too expensive!!

      1. I totally agree. MS makes their ads on TV look like the thing is so cheap, but then you get into the store and the pro version does not come with office, so you have to spend an extra 130 for that, PLUS you have to then buy a Keyboard as the Surface does not come with those keyboards as an accessory. So buy the time you add it up both Apple and Surface are like way up there in price. I mean Pro 799 + 130 + 80 for the whole package

      2. I agree, that is why I don’t have one :( But if it were more reasonably priced I would.

        1. Surface pro 1 is now affordable, the pro 2 is way too expensive though… Also look at the Dell Venue pro 8… Best mini tablet ever :)

          1. Whats the point of getting a Surface Pro 1 now when its just under a year old, plus the Pro 2 has major improvements.

            The Venue 8 is quite nice, but when I tried 3 of them… they all crashed!!! Put me off, although the price tag is adequate.

            I just hate W8

          2. What’s the point in getting an awesome tablet at a decent price?.. There being a better model out doesn’t somehow reduce surface pro 1.

            Out of the box venue firmware was a bit flaky but after installing Windows and dell driver updates it never has any problems at all.

    2. most functional doesn’t always equate to the best user experience

  2. Is there something useful these watches do? I do like the design, but Sleep tracker, pedometer?? They market these as things avid excercisers would want, but did they actually talk to someone who exercises regularly? Seems they are more just about making people who don’t exercise feel better about themselves. Basically a new high tech version of the electro stimulant exercise belts and Thighmasters.

    Give me something that does standalone gps, music, and possibly the ability to take phone calls and txts while leaving my phone at home, and then we’re talking.

    1. I’ve been looking for a sleep tracker, and this packed into a spiffy looking watch? I’m getting it as soon as it gets released.

      1. I think that’s my favorite feature on the fitbit as well, + the alarm clock is a vibration on the wrist instead of really loud sounds.

    2. I think if they put all of the above into a smartwatch, pricing/size/capabilities would be an issue. As it stands right now, a device that uses the capabilities of the smartphone in a compact design that is always visible to the user, and can be used for some applications (like heart rate, pedometer, alarm, clock) as a standalone is probably the way to go. Not that in a few years, technology might be able to give us all of the above in a smartwatch format.

      1. If they are going to market it as a fitness device, I want something that is going to reduce what I have to drag with me on a run, not something that adds to it. Starting with a watch like the Garmins, and adding music, and alerting would be a better start than anything out there now.

    3. Then what’s the point of owning a smartphone?

    4. Actually they can do standalone music , 4gb of memory inside. Idk if I would like to text on a 1.6-1.8 inch screen. Wouldn’t seem like a pleasant experience. GPS and calls sounds good though lol

  3. How can you use it with that screen orientation on your wrist? Seems very awkward.

    1. I don’t get why it is so confusing…. go ride a bike and look down at your wrist….Start jogging and look down at your wrist….type and look down at your wrist…get on the treadmill/elliptical/cycle and look down at your wrist….are you understanding? It is pretty simple geometry, so if it seems awkward, go try all those things above with a “typical” watch face direction….tell me which is better

      1. Look at the video at 2:30. The time is displayed at best sideways. The screen orientation is sideways. I’m not saying you can’t read it, or orient your wrist in a manner to read it. I’m saying its a watch, it defeats the purpose if you have to take the watch off to use it or orient your whole arm in an uncomfortable manner just to look at it straight.

        1. like @woodygrape said… reading a “normal” watch, you would place the arm horizontally. To read on the fit, you place the arm vertically (either up or down). not much difference, nor do I see it as awkward. I guess to make sure, we should just wait for it to come out and test it out :)

  4. This thing is horrific looking… wow

  5. Too bad it only works with their ugly line of phones, bring it to the nexus and I’ll think about it


  7. Enough already, Samsung! Make this compatible with ANY android device or it will fail just like the Gear!

  8. It looks good. Does it work with any android phone? If it only works with samsung phones, they can forget it.

    1. It only works with Galaxy phones. Shame as it does indeed look good.

      1. Actually, it doesn’t only work with just Galaxy phones. But it DOES only work with Samsung phones. 20 Samsung phones, to be exact.

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