LG G Watch R

Exclusive: The next version of Android Wear to support interactive watch faces and watch to watch communications

Jul 12th - Google’s next platform update for Android Wear plans to bring tap gestures to the most prominent user interface on your smartwatch and launch a brand new watch to watch communication method. Thanks to the information provided to us, we’re able to get an early first look at these upcoming features.

It is now possible to hack WiFi support into your LG G Watch R

Jun 1st - You can now enable that dormant WiFi radio inside the LG G Watch R if you're hankering to use WiFi on the Android Wear watch, granted your watch has an unlocked and TWRP recovery.

LG G Watch R doesn’t support WiFi right now, but it will later this year

May 22nd - According to an LG spokesperson, a future maintenance release will activate the LG G Watch R's hidden WiFi functionality. They even gave us a rough release date.

Moto 360 and LG G Watch R prices cut on the Google Store

Apr 27th - A couple of smart watches have gotten permanent price cuts on Google Play! The LG G Watch R has been cut by a nice $50 following the release of its much more beautiful follow-up today, making it just $250 to buy one. Meanwhile, the Motorola Moto 360 is now $70 cheaper.

[Updated] LG G Watch, G Watch R, and Asus ZenWatch are all missing WiFi, others safe

Apr 21st - Yesterday, Google announced that Android Wear smartwatches would be getting WiFi support in the next coming weeks. The question remains, does every Android Wear smartwatch support WiFi? Sadly, no.

5 Android Wear watches you can buy right now for a fraction of the cost of the $10k Apple Watch

Mar 9th - The Apple Watch’s availability was just announced with a price range starting at $349 for an aluminum and rubber Sport version all the way to the scale-tipping $10k+ for the high fashion Edition variant. You can get yours starting April 24th, or you can grab any number of Android Wear watches available right now for a fraction of Apple’s inflated price.

What the April 24th arrival of the Apple Watch means for Android Wear Smartwatches

Mar 9th - Apple already gave us a peak at their first ever smart watch back in 2014, we haven't gotten many hard details until just now. This is the Apple Watch, and its arrival could have implications on Android Wear's future.

DIY: Transform your LG G Watch R into a Watch Urbane using a little sandpaper

Feb 17th - A determined LG G Watch R owner successfully managed to convert his smartwatch into the LG Watch Urbane. All he used was a little sandpaper and equal amounts elbow grease.

Over 720,000 Android Wear smartwatches shipped in 2014, Moto 360 was the most popular

Feb 11th - 720,000 Android Wear smartwatches were reportedly shipped in 2014. Out of all them, can you guess which was the most popular? That's right: the Motorola Moto 360.

Start 2015 off right: with Flappy Bird on your Android Wear smartwatch [DOWNLOAD]

Jan 2nd - It was only inevitable, you can now play Flappy Bird on your Android Wear device. If you're adept in ADB, you can download the apk and start killing time right now.

Readers’ Choice Awards: Best Smartwatch of 2014

Dec 27th - As we continue through our Readers’ Choice Awards countdown, we have reached the results for Best Smartwatch of 2014 as voted on by 1700 of our readers. This category is awarded to the top smartwatch released this year (Android Wear or otherwise).

Win the Android smartwatch of your choosing from AndroidArea.com!

Dec 19th - You want a smartwatch, but you just can’t justify spending the dough. We get it, but that’s no excuse. Not when you can win the smart wearable of your choosing from AndroidArea.com.

LG G Watch R Review

Dec 9th - While LG was quick to jump into the Android Wear ecosystem with the original G Watch, the G Watch R feels more like their first true attempt at an Android smartwatch. It refines much of what was introduced with the original G Watch while opting for a circular form factor that serves to merge the traditional with the futuristic.

Google Play’s Black Friday surge includes $50 credit for buying devices, $50 off Nest, $130 off LG G Watch and more

Nov 28th - Google didn't drum up a lot of noise leading to Black Friday, but that doesn't mean they weren't planning on putting up some great deals. Google Play is offering up deals on a good morsel of devices (mostly smart watches) from today all the way through Cyber Monday.

Amazon update lets you shop straight from your Android Wear smartwatch

Nov 18th - Hitting the Play Store today is an update to the Amazon app which adds Android Wear support and the ability to search by items by voice and make purchases straight from your smartwatch.