Over 720,000 Android Wear smartwatches shipped in 2014, Moto 360 was the most popular


Moto 360 DSC06958

Announced during last year’s Google I/O, 2014 was the official induction year for Android Wear smartwatches (or just wearables in general). After the holiday season came and went, we didn’t have any solid data reporting how well, if it all, these first gen Android Wear smartwatches were being adopted by consumers.

Industry analyst Canalys is now providing us some insight, reporting that out of 4.6 million wearables shipped last year, over 720,000 of them were Android Wear smartwatches. The most popular? You guessed it: the Moto 360. Canalys notes that the LG G Watch R came in a close second, outperforming the original square LG G Watch. By comparison, Pebble announced last week that they had officially sold 1 million of their smartwatches and is by far the most successful smartwatch to date. Meanwhile Samsung has hit the market hard, releasing 6 different wearables in as little as 14 months and is currently leading the smart band race.

Looking ahead, 2015 will be the year second generation Android Wear devices are expected to hit the market, with rumors that although HTC is finally ready to enter the smartwatch segment, they’ll be relying on their own OS to get the job done. With the Apple Watch looming on the horizon, we can’t wait to see how Android OEMs will differentiate and compete.

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  1. Android Wear OEMs do need to differentiate in some ways to compete with on another. Whether that be with hardware, software, or a combination of both. I’m very curious who the clear leader will be after Android Wear turns a year old and we continue to look to the future. One thing should be clear though, Android Wear and Apple Watch don’t need to compete, because they can’t. Neither work with their competing platform. We all know Apple will sell a metric fuck ton (it’s a legitimate unit of measurement) because they’re a great marketing and advertising company. Besides, if we really must compare numbers for the sake of having a penis contest, we can compare the global market share of the two platforms.

    1. Motorola 360 has auto-brightness, though it seems like it’s always at max brightness, even in the dark. LoL!!

    2. The most important way for them to differentiate is by style. The 360 sold more than the others because it was less bulky and looked more like a “normal” watch than any of the others. Specs and features are going to be less important than looks and form factor in this market.

      1. This is actually why I got the Motorola 360. I just liked the way it looked. I really didn’t see how a smartwatch would be better on the software level. I planned on charging the device every night anyways.

  2. im waiting for the HTC watch.

    1. The HTC watch will run RTOS which won’t stand a chance!

  3. I thought the LG G R was hideous. The moto 360 was very tempting, but after playing around in the local Best Buy, ended up getting the Asus. That was 2 weeks ago and no ragrets yet.

    1. I got the Asus ZenWatch back in December, love it.

    2. not even one letter?

  4. Moto 360 Connect alone has between 5M-10M downloads on Google Play. It is also used for more obscure things but reviews are primarily Moto 360. Wish they would announce actual sales.

  5. I have most of the watches and so fat the 360 stays on my wrist the longest with the Asus watching coming in a close second.

    1. Why do you own so many wearables? If anything I’d only have my current metal 360 and then the new Sony, but I only wear 1 at a time and I have multiple faces for my single device already.

      1. You only have one wrist?

        1. I wear a watch on both legs, both wrist, and a pocket watch.

        2. Haha! I totally missed that. You only wear 1 watch at a time.

  6. And I still have no interest in purchasing one!

    1. You sound like one of those people that wouldn’t buy something just to have it. And that’s good. Though there has to be us early adopter people. They’re like the beta testers.
      I got the watch because of the new Tmo plan. They lowered their prices on their plans and in order for old customers to take advantage of the new prices, you would have to purchase an accessory. So even after purchasing an accessory, my bill is like a few bucks cheaper than it originally was. I believe it’s about $10 cheaper for me. I got the Motorola 360. Yea, it’s really a coy to keep old customers for two more years. =.P
      I mainly use it to read the notification and have it opened by time I unlock my phone. It’s not “really” worth the $250. Though I do like the watch designs. Right now, though, I’m using a built in design and not a custom one. You get more battery life that way.
      But a smart watch wasn’t on my plans to get. It just wasn’t “functional” enough. But like I said, the Tmo plan change is why I got it.

      1. I’m not reading all that ⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆

        1. He’s just rambling about nothing

      2. Yeah I was going to get the 360 or the Asus watch. But I thought about it and I won’t use it. I have a Movado that I don’t even wear, so I know I won’t wear this one. That’s why I didn’t buy.

  7. Good job Moto…er… Lenovo!

  8. They need to be cheaper… To sell more

  9. Shipped but not sold. Where in work, there are more motor 360s in Stock then ever sold here.

  10. Still loving my SW3

  11. That is so sad when Apple will sell that many in 5 minutes.

  12. The Moto 360 has threat design by far. The Gear S would be the best if it wasn’t locked to Galaxy devices, got rid of Tizen for Android Wear, and dropped the price.

  13. I have a Moto 360, an while I do like it, Android Wear is severely lacking in useful features. Moreover, the last major update introduced annoyances and frustrations instead of improving things. It seems that Google doesn’t really spend R&D resources on Android Wear. Well, it’s quite hard to display ads on watches, so why bother.

  14. I am really excited about Android Wear, but none of the gen 1 devices are really doing it for me due to battery life, cost, and other shortcomings. I bought a 360 when it came out but I ended up returning it. Guess I am waiting for gen 2…

  15. I’m waiting for the 2nd Gen Moto 360 or something else that catches my eye.

  16. Battery life and overall specs & functionality need to drastically improve to warrant a purchase. 720,000 shipped is abysmal.

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