LG G Watch R

Amazon update lets you shop straight from your Android Wear smartwatch

Nov 18th - Hitting the Play Store today is an update to the Amazon app which adds Android Wear support and the ability to search by items by voice and make purchases straight from your smartwatch.

6 new AT&T phones and smart watches go on sale today

Nov 7th - Remember that announcement blowout AT&T had earlier in the week? Well, all those devices are now on sale starting today. There are a lot of new goods to buy so let's hop right into the list of what's available on this fine Friday

7 things I hate about Android Wear

Nov 6th - ndroid Wear has already improved a lot since it was first announced. There is still a lot of room for improvement. Now that the hype and excitement has worn off I can look at my smartwatch more critically. I like Android Wear a lot, but it's far from perfect.

You can now buy an LG G Watch R on Google Play for $300

Nov 6th - Heads up! You can now buy an LG G Watch R on Google Play. $300 gets you a smartwatch that looks much like your average sports watch -- only powered by Android Wear.

You can now buy the LG G Watch R for $300 in the US, but only online from AT&T

Nov 5th - The LG G Watch R has made its US debut, but is only available online from AT&T. Just wait until Friday, and you can pick this up in AT&T retail stores (maybe even get to try it on).

AT&T gets LG G Watch R and Moto 360 ($50 off with Moto X purchase) starting November 5th

Nov 3rd - More announcements are storming in from AT&T this morning. The company has announced that they are planning to sell two of the first circular Android Wear smart watches beginning November 5th.

[Update: global launch details] LG G Watch R sales begin in the UK as early as tomorrow

Oct 23rd - Popular UK retailer Clove has given our first indication of launch plans for the LG G Watch R outside of South Korea. The company has updated their G Watch R listing to note that first stock is expected to land as early as tomorrow, with orders beginning to ship Monday, October 27th.

LG confirms G Watch R launch for next week

Oct 7th - In case the reports form Korean press didn't convince you, perhaps official word from LG will. The company has recently confirmed that the LG G Watch R will, in fact, be launching in their home country of South Korea starting next week, October 14th.

LG G Watch R launch could go down next week

Oct 6th - Should two separate South Korean reports be correct, LG could be looking to launch the LG G Watch R in their hometown starting next week.

LG working on a webOS smart watch platform

Oct 2nd - LG seemed to be all in with Android Wear as their first and second smart watches utilize Google's new wearables platform, but recent evidence suggests the company will be giving webOS a shot.

FCC filing suggests standalone 3G LG smart watch could be on its way

Sep 26th - With Samsung launching their Gear S standalone smart watch, other competitors could be ready to join the fray. An LG smart watch has recently passed FCC certification, and details on the filing suggest it could be a 3G-equipped smart watch.

Apple Watch vs Moto 360 & Android Wear: the smart watch wars are just beginning to heat up

Sep 9th - After a year of silence while all of their competitors have gotten moving on the smart watch arms race, Apple has finally decided to reveal their plans to launch a smart watch. This is the Apple Watch, and we put it up against the best that Android Wear has to offer.

Moto 360 vs Samsung Gear Live vs LG G Watch [VIDEO]

Sep 5th - Finally. After months of tortuous waiting all has been revealed about the Moto 360. Was the wait worth it? Back when the Moto 360 was first announced that was an easy answer. But now there is some stiffer competition in the smartwatch market, and even Apple is about to enter the game.

LG reportedly sets October 14th launch date for LG G Watch R

Sep 4th - LG fully unveiled their LG G Watch R this week. It's a circular smart watch with a sporty design that brings a different look and feel to the current roster of Android Wear smart watches. LG was so chatty that they even reportedly mentioned a solid release date to the Wall Street Journal.

Mobile Roar 60: Round and Round

Aug 29th - This week we're talking about new round (and square) smartwatches for IFA, poor Amazon Fire Phone sales, exploding OnePlus One, Swing Copters drama, and much more!