Android Wear

Android Wear update brings support for offline GPS and Music; Verizon begins Sony SmartWatch 3 pre-sales

Oct 23rd - Android Wear just got a whole lot better today for those who don't fancy having their smart watches hooked up to their phones 24/7 -- offline GPS and music support. Verizon is also taking pre-orders for the Sony SmartWatch 3 starting today.

Google Glass gets Android Wear-like Notification Sync, update rolls out this week

Oct 14th - It's fixin' to be a busy week. The Google Glass team just announced an update rolling out this week for Google Glass that delivers all your smartphone notifications to the wearable headset.

Game Boy Color emulator and Bluetooth controller run flawlessly on Android Wear [VIDEO]

Oct 13th - Turns out Android Wear smartwatches make awesome gaming handhelds. Here's a Game Boy Color emulator running flawlessly on Android Wear (complete with Bluetooth controller).

LG G Watch on sale for $160 new, or $70 used through Best Buy [DEAL]

Oct 13th - This is a pretty good deal for those who've been wanting to try out Android Wear but didn't fancy dropping a minimum of $200 on a first generation smart watch. Best Buy has the LG G Watch on sale for a cool $160, or $70 pre-owned.

HTC confirms smartwatch was delayed, says other OEMs have yet to get it ‘right’

Oct 7th - HTC says although their smartwatch wasn't ready this year, so far nobody has gotten it "right." Lies in wait for the perfect time to strike.

How to make custom Moto 360 watch faces with Facer

Oct 7th - The Moto 360 comes with some attractive watch faces, and most of them can even be customized to your liking. Still, you might want something a little more personal. You can create your own custom watch face with an app called Facer.

Some wonderful bastard put Windows 95 on his Samsung Gear Live (Android Wear)

Oct 5th - It's not the first time we've seen Windows 95 make a surprise appearance on an Android device, but it's definitely the smallest.

The Moto 360 is back in stock through Motorola – hurry, supply is limited

Sep 30th - Availability of the Moto 360 has been tricky these past few weeks. Whether Motorola didn’t make enough, or demand has been so high they can’t keep ‘em on store shelves it’s clear Motorola didn’t properly gauge consumer demand for the new smartwatch. Today, after a bit of a dry spout, the Moto 360 is once […]

Why did Google demand the Com 1 Android Wear IndieGoGo campaign be taken down?

Sep 29th - The Com 1 Android Wear watch was poised to be the first crowd-funded watch of its kind, but it seems Google has a bit of a problem with that.

Confirmed: Silver Moto 360 shipments previously delayed are now arriving on time

Sep 19th - Last week, we reported on an inventory mixup causing Motorola to delay shipments of the silver Moto 360 with grey watch band. I'm happy to report that Motorola seems to have fixed the problem: we've just received a shipment (ordered from and to our surprise... it contained a silver Moto 360 with grey band.

TinyCam Monitor puts home surveillance on your wrist with Android Wear extension

Sep 19th - If you use an IP camera system for home surveillance and own an Android device, chances are you have used tinyCam Monitor. The software that brings live video feeds from supported cameras positioned around your home to your smartphone display can now do the same for your smartwatch.

Protip: Charge your Moto 360 using a portable charger when away from an outlet

Sep 12th - In the event you forget to charge your Moto 360 overnight and need to catch a flight the next morning, don't forget you can power the 360 charger using any regular 'ol portable charger.

Did Google create a better smartwatch interface than Apple?

Sep 11th - Earlier this week Apple finally took iOS to the smartwatch market, but the results are not as nice as people expected. In fact you can make a very strong argument that Google did a much better job at designing a smartwatch interface than Apple.

Com1 is the first Android Wear smart watch to be crowdfunded, and it needs your dollars

Sep 10th - We've seen major manufacturers with proven track records introduce several Android Wear smart watches since the wearable platform was announced, but we have yet to hear anything from independent entities looking to do the same... until now, that is.

Android Wear 4.4W.1 now rolling out to LG G Watch, Moto 360, and more

Sep 9th - A new software update is hitting Android Wear devices today. 4.4W.1 should be hitting your smartwatch any minute now and brings some minor (but much needed) tweaks to navigation and when setting alarms.