Android Wear

We’re giving away 10 premium codes for one of the best new Android Wear watch faces

Jul 30th - Android Wear users looking for a simplistic new watch face should take notice of the one that's just entered Google Play. It's Masque Simplicity, and it's made by Alex Pasquarella, the man responsible for some of the beautiful wallpapers we've featured in the past.

Where was the Moto 360 (2015) today? Well, it may have just passed through the FCC

Jul 28th - It strangely wasn't on the bill today during Motorola's big Moto X/G event, but we still have hopes that Motorola is building a sequel to last year's Moto 360 and that it's coming soon. How soon? Well, check out this mysterious Motorola smartwatch that just passed through the FCC...

Exclusive: The next version of Android Wear to support interactive watch faces and watch to watch communications

Jul 12th - Google’s next platform update for Android Wear plans to bring tap gestures to the most prominent user interface on your smartwatch and launch a brand new watch to watch communication method. Thanks to the information provided to us, we’re able to get an early first look at these upcoming features.

Moto 360 gets permanent price cut to $150

Jul 1st - Deals, sales and refurbs, be damned: the Moto 360 is now $150 at both Google Play and Motorola's website, and it won't be jumping back up in price from here on out.

Huawei Honor Band Zero is a minimalistic circular smartwatch

Jul 1st - Huawei is teasing a new smart watch today. It's being called the Huawei Honor Zero, with that name being chosen thanks to its minimalistic design. It's a circular smart watch that seemingly doesn't have any buttons, and appears to boast a steel chassis.

Google Play Music update brings a much improved method for adding music to your Android Wear device

Jun 23rd - In an update to Google Play Music that landed earlier today, the music streaming app added the ability for users to play ad-supported radio stations (a lot of ads) for free. While that was the main gist of the update, it wasn’t the whole story.

Google features 17 awesome new Android Wear watch faces in the Google Play Store

Jun 22nd - Joining the massive list of over 1,500 watch faces already available for Android Wear, Google is adding 17 new ones to the mix. The new watch faces range from cute (Hello Kitty) to classy (Lulu Frost) and everything in between (Gundam!).

It is now possible to hack WiFi support into your LG G Watch R

Jun 1st - You can now enable that dormant WiFi radio inside the LG G Watch R if you're hankering to use WiFi on the Android Wear watch, granted your watch has an unlocked and TWRP recovery.

I spent a week without Android Wear or how I turned into a savage without my smartwatch

May 22nd - I’ve been living like a savage barbarian the past week and I don’t like it one bit. In fact, my life has been inconvenienced more times than not, it’s been filled with various frustrations, and from time to time certain tasks that were once simple have been much harder. Next month will mark twelve months […]

Google announces Android Wear 5.1.1 again, confirms which devices will get WiFi support

May 19th - Today Google took to their Android Wear product forums to officially announce Android Wear 5.1.1 again, leading us to believe that the update is fixing to rollout for the rest of us.

Android 5.1.1 hits the ASUS ZenWatch with new gestures and always-on apps

May 15th - The ASUS ZenWatch is the latest Android Wear smartwatch to receive Android 5.1.1. In case you don't remember, this update brought a lot of great new goods such as support for always-on apps, WiFi (the ZenWatch doesn't have WiFi radios, though) and new hands-free gestures for navigating the user interface.

Watch 1987’s Apple Macintosh II being emulated on Samsung Gear Live [VIDEO]

May 8th - That crazy Android Wear hacking dev is at it again, this time with a new video showcasing his latest feat: emulating 1987's Apple Macintosh II on his Samsung Gear Live. It's like the Apple Watch we could have seen 28 years ago... in some kind of alternate reality where people run full OS on tiny screens.

Moto 360 on sale for $180 (that’s $70 off), limited time only

May 1st - In a sort of early Mother's Day promotion, Motorola is taking a cool $70 off the Moto 360, bringing the price down to a very reasonable $180.

LG Call app lets you dial anyone straight from your LG Watch Urbane

May 1st - A new app for LG's latest smartwatch -- the LG Watch Urbane -- has hit Google Play. It's LG Call, and it servers a simple function: letting you call people from your wrist.

LG Watch Urbane orders are beginning to ship from the Google Store

May 1st - Google's original estimate for shipping the LG Watch Urbane was May 8th, but orders are already starting to head out of the door. Many have reported seeing shipment notifications, which means it should arrive on folks' doorsteps within the week.