Android Wear

Android Wear update brings support for WiFi, always-on apps and more

Apr 20th - Google has detailed a forthcoming upgrade for Android Wear that allows users to finally break away from their phones. The big change being outed today is full support for WiFi, as well as always-on apps and new gestures.

Best Buy is taking $100 off the Moto 360 when you buy it with any Android smartphone

Apr 13th - There aren't likely to be many people in the market for both a new smartphone and a Moto 360, but if you are then Best Buy has the sale you'll want to take advantage of. The company is taking $100 off the combination of said purchases.

Google said to be close to making Android Wear compatible with iOS

Apr 9th - According to information received by The Verge, Google is quite close on finishing the technical implementation that will allow Android Wear to work with the iPhone.

LG shows off the Watch Urbane’s stylish good looks in new promo video

Apr 8th - The LG Watch Urbane is challenging for the crown of best Android Wear smart watch, and they're campaigning for that crown with a new video.

A Motorola Android Wear device codenamed ‘Smelt’ could be a Moto 360 followup

Apr 2nd - A mysterious Motorola-built Android Wear device carrying the codename "Smelt" was discovered pinging a popular app developer's Android developer console. Running Android 5.1, this could be Motorola's follow up to the Moto 360.

Tesla App designers prefer Android Wear over Apple Watch

Mar 20th - Apple may be trying to attack a niche portion of the wearable market by creating a more "premium" option, but premium hardware doesn't always equate to blissful software. The developers of the Tesla app for the Apple Watch found that out in their latest project.

Here’s the full version of the Android “Wear what you want” ad by Google [VIDEO]

Mar 20th - Google attempted to steal some thunder away from Apple when the Cupertino company unveiled their first ever smart watch. They did so by posting a quick video urging folks to "wear what you want," but what we didn't know is that it was only a partial video. Here's the full thing.

You can now find your Android phone using your Android Wear smart watch

Mar 19th - Your phone and smart watch should rarely be parted, so Google's doing something to lower the chances of that happening. The company has announced a forthcoming update to Android Wear that will add support for Android Device Manager.

Code found in Android Wear suggests Google is already working on iOS compatibility

Mar 18th - Platform affiliations aside, iOS compatibility is a smart move if Google hopes to get Android Wear off the ground and in the ring with the overpriced Apple Watch.

Pick up a Nexus 6, 9, or Android Wear smartwatch and get $50 Google Play credit for a limited time

Mar 17th - Starting today, you can get $50 in Google Play credit when purchasing a Nexus 6, Nexus 9, or any Android Wear smartwatch from the all new Google Store.

Google releases their own watch face for Android Wear called “Street Art”

Mar 12th - Back in December Google officially opened the doors for custom Android Wear watch faces. Now, three months later, they have released their own watch face.

Incoming Android Wear update could add support for standalone WiFi and new gesture controls

Mar 10th - Not that we needed a report to know that Google was working on some new updates for Android Wear, but The Verge claims to have some fine detail about what's coming in the next upgrade.

5 Android Wear watches you can buy right now for a fraction of the cost of the $10k Apple Watch

Mar 9th - The Apple Watch’s availability was just announced with a price range starting at $349 for an aluminum and rubber Sport version all the way to the scale-tipping $10k+ for the high fashion Edition variant. You can get yours starting April 24th, or you can grab any number of Android Wear watches available right now for a fraction of Apple’s inflated price.

What the April 24th arrival of the Apple Watch means for Android Wear Smartwatches

Mar 9th - Apple already gave us a peak at their first ever smart watch back in 2014, we haven't gotten many hard details until just now. This is the Apple Watch, and its arrival could have implications on Android Wear's future.

Minutes before the Apple Watch event, Google posts an awesome new Android Wear promo [VIDEO]

Mar 9th - Be together, not the same. That's the message Google has been spreading in the latest era of Android. Another ad with that message has popped up today, and this one is all about Android Wear.