Android Wear 2.9 will bring an unread notification indicator


The updates for Android Wear have been coming out a little more consistently lately. Last week, we talked about Android Wear 2.8 bringing a new black UI theme. The next incremental update includes a few more little additions. Android Wear 2.9 brings a new unread notification indicator to every watch face.

The default unread notification indicator is a simple dot at the bottom of the screen. Developers will be able to customize it to match the design and color scheme of the watch face. They can change the accent color or use an unread number instead. You can see a couple of examples above. This should make it much easier to see what’s going on with a quick glance.

These new features are available in the Android Wear SDK 2.2.0. We’ll have to wait a little longer before the update hits smartwatches.

[via Android Developers]

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