Recurring reminders are supposedly fixed for Android Wear owners


Android Wear owners have had a tough year, as Google botched the launch of Android Wear 2.0, and there have been various issues plaguing devices. This has also been compounded by the fact there haven’t been that many Android Wear smartwatches launched over the course of 2017.

One of the biggest software issues plaguing smartwatches this year has been for those who set recurring reminders. Google has said that it has fixed the issue on multiple occasions, but that simply has not been the case as users have still been posting on Google’s product forums.

Today, Google confirmed that a fix has been implemented in Android Wear via the Google app. According to a Community Manager, the issue has been fixed with “Reminders marked as done”, provided that you have updated to the latest Google application via the Play Store.

The funny thing here is that folks have updated the Google app, but are still claiming that reminders are broken. Some instances state that it happens if the initial reminder is snoozed. If you want to chime in, hit the link below to state your case at the Google Product Forums, and let us know if the issues have been solved for you.

[Google Product Forums]


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