Amazon Kindle Fire

5 things to expect from the Amazon phone

Jun 17th - Amazon has popular e-readers, tablets, and most recently they added a set-top box. A smartphone seems like the obvious next step. Right?

HBO content starts trickling into Amazon Instant Video

May 21st - HBO content has arrived in Amazon Instant Video. All episodes of some classic HBO series, and select episodes of newer series are being offered up to those opting to pay $99 per year for Amazon Prime.

Android devices rank high on iFixit’s tablet repairability list, Apple at bottom

Mar 1st - iFixit has ranked top tablets by their repairability, and the results were positive for Android. Apple’s iPad line, however, took the opposite honors. While Dell’s XPS 10 Windows slate took top accolades, second place belonged to the Android-based Amazon Kindle Fire. The now ancient Dell Streak tied with that device, as did the Motorola XOOM […]

Amazon announces virtual currency for use with Kindle Fire, Appstore

Feb 5th - Amazon has announced their very own virtual currency for use with their popular Kindle Fire series of tablets and Amazon Appstore. They are calling it — wait for it — Amazon Coins. The virtual coins will enter circulation with the purpose to drive monetization for developers, allowing users to purchase apps, games, and in-app bonuses […]

Amazon Mom Prime members can get up to $50 off a Kindle Fire device [DEALS]

Dec 12th - Moms who want to get some holiday reading done or nice gift for children will be happy to know that Amazon has cooked up some nice deals for you. You can get up to $50 off a Kindle Fire device for being a member of Amazon’s Mom program with Prime access. You can get the […]

Amazon launches Kindle FreeTime, monthly subscription brings kid-safe content

Dec 5th - Amazon has launched a new subscription service for their Kindle Fire lineup offering content that will keep kids occupied and mom and dad free of worry. Kindle FreeTime Unlimited provides a menu of apps, games, and media for $2.99 per month per child or $6.99 for a family pass. The service will password lock kids […]

Get the Amazon Kindle fire for $130 today only [DEAL]

Nov 26th - Black Friday is over, but that doesn’t mean the deals have stopped flowing. It’s Cyber Monday, and Amazon has posted a great deal for those who need to stock up on a Kindle Fire or two. Using the coupon code “FIREDEAL” you can take an extra $30 off the normal price of $160, making it […]

Amazon Prime now available for monthly installments of $8

Nov 6th - Amazon Prime is a very important service to many people. For some, the shipping benefits alone more than pays for the entirety of the membership. Throw in things like Amazon Instant Video and the book rentals and you’re looking at a lot of savings for cheap. The only problem with Amazon Prime up to this […]

The 7-inch factor: Has Google beaten Apple at their own game?

Oct 26th - Here’s a quote: “3.5 inch handset size is the ‘sweet spot’ for mobile phone design; big enough to produce detailed, legible graphics, but small enough to fit comfortably in the hand and pocket.” That was Steve Jobs speaking on his belief that consumers were not and should not be interested in a smartphone with a […]

Kindle Fire HD now Amazon’s newest best-seller, OTA update brings Free-Time

Oct 22nd - The Amazon Kindle Fire HD promised to make waves in the tablet game when it was introduced starting at $200, and Amazon is celebrating another new milestone. The Amazon Kindle Fire HD has supposedly become the retailer’s best-selling device since it’s launched. It seems Amazon’s devices never give up that top spot so we weren’t […]

Competitive Intelligence: iPad Mini to be revealed October 23rd, Microsoft Surface priced [POLL]

Oct 16th - It’s hard for us not to notice what’s going on in the grand scheme of things when it comes to mobile — after all, we do share space with Windows and iOS sites under the same umbrella Phandroid enjoys. Imagine our surprise, then, when two major announcements were made in the mobile landscape on the […]

Report: Kindle Fire HD now makes up 11 percent of web traffic from Amazon’s tablets

Sep 25th - According to a new report from ad analytics firm Chitika Insights, the Kindle Fire HD is off to a good start for Amazon. Only a week removed from its commercial availability, the new slate now accounts for 11 percent of all web ad impressions clocked for Amazon’s Kindle Fire family. But Amazon still has a […]

Amazon Kindle Fire root now available

Sep 17th - Although hopes of an unlocked bootloader will have to subside until the development community can figure a way past it, the Amazon Kindle Fire does now have root unit. There are little advantages to doing it just yet, but it’s worth applying anyway if you want to make sure you can root your device before […]

Latest Kindle Fire devices have high-security bootloader, workaround methods may be tricky

Sep 17th - The new Amazon Kindle Frie devices announced last week look to be coming to market with bad news for developers. An XDA contributor has spoken to fellow developers about the new Kindle Fire devices, and according to them the devices’ bootloaders are locked up very tight with techniques used for “HS,” or high-security, devices. The […]

Amazon introduces mapping API as alternative to Google

Sep 17th - Amazon is giving developers a pathway to bucking Google from their mobile apps if they so choose. As part of their mobile app SDK, the retailer-turned-tablet-maker has introduced a new maps API, which developers can utilize in their own applications to provide mapping functionality. The new API will provide similar capabilities to what Google offers, […]