Report: Kindle Fire HD now makes up 11 percent of web traffic from Amazon’s tablets


According to a new report from ad analytics firm Chitika Insights, the Kindle Fire HD is off to a good start for Amazon. Only a week removed from its commercial availability, the new slate now accounts for 11 percent of all web ad impressions clocked for Amazon’s Kindle Fire family. But Amazon still has a ways to go to catch Google’s Nexus 7, which launched over the summer to high demand. Chitika calculates that the 7-inch Jelly Bean tablet accounts for a 68.5 percent web share when compared to the Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD.

[via Mashable]

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  1. Chitika? woah, Baldur’s Gate 2 flashbacks: only heard Aerie say “Faster than Chitika Quickpaws” about a million times >.<

  2. This graph is confusing, what percent? 68% of what?

    1. Web share of the kindle fire, kindle hd, and nexus 7 combined.


  4. not bad amazon, still the N7 is very impressive, especially since the kindles actually are built to route traffic to amazon, where the N7 routes users to Google play. I do like the kindle e readers, but personally for a tablet I’d take an N7.

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