Amazon Prime now available for monthly installments of $8


Amazon Prime is a very important service to many people. For some, the shipping benefits alone more than pays for the entirety of the membership. Throw in things like Amazon Instant Video and the book rentals and you’re looking at a lot of savings for cheap. The only problem with Amazon Prime up to this point was its pricing structure — $79 per year, outright.

I did the math a long time ago, and for Netflix’s cheapest streaming video option you’d be paying about $17 more per year, and you don’t get anything but streaming video from a (currently) very lacking library. But the problem is that you don’t have to pay for a year’s worth of Netflix outright, and for many people to see $7.99 instead of $79 on that checkout screen is a huge difference.

Well, Amazon’s figured this out and it has decided to introduce a new payment structure for those who would prefer to pay for the benefits of Amazon Prime monthly. You’ll be paying that same $7.99  that the cheapest Netflix streaming plan costs, which means you’ll be paying more for Prime than those who bought it outright. But considering you get instant video, $4 overnight shipping, free two-day shipping on all Prime-eligible merchandise, book rentals and more I’d say the value works itself out.

This service is no doubt very important for those who have an Amazon Kindle Fire as that device is all about media consumption, and Amazon has a fine ecosystem for that. I implore you to save yourself $17 over the course of the annual cost if you can, but if you need monthly installments or just don’t anticipate needing Amazon Prime for long then this is a great option to consider. Head to to get started.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Nice info for those interested. But I’m struggling to figure out how this is in any way related to Android.

    1. This is important for Amazon Kindle Fire owners, devices which run Android.

    2. Kindle App on Android? Some people use that on other Android devices. Some people also use the Amazon app store. Either way, I’m off to check their movie offerings. If they’re better than Netflix, I’ll finish what I’ve got in my queue there and dump them.

    3. “This service is no doubt very important for those who have an Amazon Kindle Fire as that device is all about media consumption” Fire = Android… albeit beat up and dragged through the mud Android

  2. I might consider this offer if Amazon would finally get around to releasing an Amazon Video app for Android.

    As it is, unless you have a Kindle or an iOS device, you are out of luck watching amazon movies on the go.

    Itunes movie service sucks as you have to download the videos to the device- and at HD file sizes, maybe you’ll get 2 or 3 on there at most. Try explaining that to a 5 year old in a car backseat who is bored of what you put on the iPad.

    Amazon movies will stream down from the cloud, which is great, but they advertise that you can watch purchased movies “anywhere: (including on Android devices) but aside form the Kindle, that is simply not true… there is no Amazon Video app in the play store.

    1. I’m not exactly sure what you mean. I watch Amazon Prime videos on Bionic allot. I go to the amazon website, get the movie and play it. I usually hook it up to my TV with an HDMI cable and watch that way.

      1. However, it would be allot nicer if they had an Amazon Video App.

      2. That doesnt work on all devices.. mine included (HTC Amaze)

        Besides having to surf to the desktop site on a phone sucks. There should be an android app, or its not really compatible.

  3. .

  4. What they really need to do is make an android app to watch prime videos

  5. This is a no-brainer. Sold.

  6. Amazon Prime is a no-brainer for anyone who buys stuff… I got it just for the free 2-day shipping and has paid for itself 1,000x times over. The video selection is just a bonus.

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    1. He says at the end, “I implore you to save 17$… ” Go Packers!

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