Sep 17th, 2012

The new Amazon Kindle Frie devices announced last week look to be coming to market with bad news for developers. An XDA contributor has spoken to fellow developers about the new Kindle Fire devices, and according to them the devices’ bootloaders are locked up very tight with techniques used for “HS,” or high-security, devices.

The technique is apparently similar to the Nook Tablet’s encryption, and while that device quickly received a workaround at the hands of the development community the Kindle Fire might be a lot more tricky. You see, the Nook Tablet’s workaround used an exploit that used the external SD card as an alternate boot device.

With the Kindle Fire’s lack of a memory card you can already see where the frustrations will set in. Fret not, though, as community discussions have already gone underway between developers to see what can be done about circumventing this unfortunate security. Whether or not they actually find something, however, remains to be seen. [Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]