Amazon launches Kindle FreeTime, monthly subscription brings kid-safe content


Amazon has launched a new subscription service for their Kindle Fire lineup offering content that will keep kids occupied and mom and dad free of worry. Kindle FreeTime Unlimited provides a menu of apps, games, and media for $2.99 per month per child or $6.99 for a family pass.

The service will password lock kids out from the rest of the device, keeping them far from the dangers of the internet while still offering an experience complete with bookmarks, personalization, and additional parental controls. This includes the ability to set time limits that vary by category.

FreeTime is all-inclusive, so once you pay the monthly fee there is no limit to the amount of content, including streaming movies and TV shows, your little ones can consume. The service will be part of an upcoming OTA update for the Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD, and Kindle Fire HD 8.9.

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  1. There’s apps that lock apps. Amazon on top of making money where they can. Lol.

  2. Many of my friends with tweens and younger like the idea of a tablet for their kids, but many of them are technically challenged and fear their kids will get to content they shouldn’t. Not to mention the fees they can run up on apps!!! I like the idea.

  3. I wish stuff like this would come baked in to vanilla Android. Google really needs to focus on making Android more kid friendly. Even with the multi-user support in JB4.2 I still wouldn’t hand my Nexus 7 over to my 10 year old. There needs to be more parental controls baked in. There needs to be a kid-safe mode. And Google needs to encourage more developers to bring more kid friendly and edutainment centered apps to the platform.

  4. So they already have my with the Amazon Prime subscription now they want 2.99 on top of that to make my device more kid friendly why not just include this for prime members…

  5. There is already something out there for free called Kids Mode (Zoodles). You have to pay for books but all the youtube videos are free and you can setup what games they can get to

  6. This is actually a good idea, but my kids have been streaming cartoons and watching kid-friendly On Demand content for a while with DISH’s Blockbuster @Home. I got it for them after one of my supervisors at DISH told me that its value far surpasses what it actually costs. Aside from streaming, we can also rent DVDs, Blu-rays, and video games, so we always have something for the kids when my husband and I need some quiet time. I love that technology is making it easier to keep our kids occupied, but my husband and I still look to get the most from services we subscribe to and BB@H has been nothing but great for us.

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